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Who are BoatSpeed?

BoatSpeed offer a small range of products with the sole aim of protecting and enhancing a boat hull. Simply put, BoatSpeed offer a simple and unique, all-inclusive 4-step process that does a lot more than simple hull polish ever could. The products are a perfect fit within the racing scene. If used in conjunction with one another, they all work together to help smooth the hull surface and fill the gaps and impurities leaving not only a perfectly smooth hull finish, but an incredibly hard surface finish which helps to protect the hull. Overall, using the BoatSpeed four step process help to optimises speed and gives long lasting protection.


BoatSpeed NanoWash - photo © BoatSpeed

A hull wash designed to clean the hull of any dirt and grime, as well as lay the beginnings of the 4 step process. Based on silicon, NanoWash leaves a slippy surface.


BoatSpeed NanoShine - photo © BoatSpeed

Once washed, NanoShine is used to clean and buff the surface down 1500 or greater level. This removes any larger 'bumps' in the hull, cleans any resistant marks and leaves a smooth finish.


BoatSpeed NanoSeal - photo © BoatSpeed

NanoSeal is used to fill in any microscopic 'dips' in the surface of the hull. This means the surface of the hull is left completely flush which stops any dirt entering the gaps in the hull and upsetting the water flow. Once applied and left to dry, NanoSeal offers a incredibly hard finish that protects the hull and increases laminar flow.


BoatSpeed NanoBoost - photo © BoatSpeed

NanoBoost is used to 'top-up' the hydrophobic finish of the hull quickly and easily before an event. Originally designed to be used for a sports boat while it is about to be launched into the water. Just spray and wipe.

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