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2014 -15 Volvo Ocean Race- Team Alvimedica pushing towards Southampton

by Team Alvimedica on 20 Jul 2014
Team Alvimedica Team Alvimedica
2014 -15 Volvo Ocean Race - Anyone that has done any amount of sailing around the English Channel must know that the four thousand horses now pushing us toward Southampton are anything but a shirking of duty. We had a beautiful sail past the Scilly Islands and along the Lizard, a welcoming coastline following any passage of that length. But as the wind died and currents turned it was engine on and this became a delivery to the dock because the last thing anyone here wants to do is drift back to Newport at four knots through the middle of the night!

In essence we've finished, crossing complete. And so too our round trip trans-Atlantic of Lisbon to Newport to the UK. That's heaps of tough miles and each of them valuable in so many ways. There will be plenty of discussion over the next few weeks as to how best to digest it all but I think it's safe to say that everyone feels they were extremely well spent, and the most difficult were probably the most beneficial. Unanimous opinion onboard: this is going to be a great Volvo Ocean Race for Team Alvimedica.

There's still a long motor along the southern coast of England to Southampton where we're expecting to arrive sometime Saturday morning or early afternoon. There will be plenty of work to be done but nothing out of the ordinary. Next time back on the water is for the Around Britain and Ireland race against a few other Volvo teams, and we're looking forward to the chance to see what we're capable of in a race setting.

I speak for everyone onboard Alvimedica when I say thanks to all of you for the gracious support over the busy last few months. The learning curve is massive but by no means insurmountable. We are really thrilled to be here, and taking it on!

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