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Auckland Council Marine Biosecurity Auckland Council Marine Biosecurity
The Auckland Council Biosecurity team undertake a variety of important pest animal, plant and pathogen work to protect our natural environment and biodiversity under the Biosecurity Act.  The ultimate challenge for our Marine Biosecurity Programme is preventing the introduction and spread of marine pests to, from and within the Auckland region.  Marine pests can have a wide variety of ecological impacts, substantial economic impacts (including marine farming profit loss), and can adversely impact on recreational, social and cultural values.
Auckland Council is an active partner of a marine biosecurity partnership that includes other Councils and the Ministry for Primary Industries working together; resource and information sharing, with a common aim to reduce the spread of marine pests.
Clean below? Good to go is a shared brand that has been collectively developed, and essentially advocates for cleaning before moving to a new area to avoid spreading pests - including boat hulls and equipment.  Visit to learn more about marine biosecurity and regional rules and requirements.