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Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) Maritime New Zealand (MNZ)

Maritime NZ is the national regulatory, compliance and response agency for maritime safety, security and marine environmental protection of coastal and inland waterways. As part of this role, we have a leadership role in regulating commercial shipping and recreational boating activity. We are a member of the New Zealand Safer Boating Forum, a formal network representing a cross-section of national and local government agencies, sector organisations and marine industry representatives, involved in promoting recreational boating safety in New Zealand.

Latest Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) news articles

Maritime NZ: Sea Change July 2022 newsletter
Maritime border opened July 31 to previously Prohibited Vessels - two categories for entry
Posted on 10 Aug
Maritime NZ: Sea Change June 2022 newsletter
Maritime NZ: Sea Change June 2022 - Maritime border opens; 11 rescued at sea
Posted on 6 Jul
Maritime NZ: Sea Change May 2022 newsletter
updates from Maritime NZ, including a diver checklist; heavy fines for auto-pilot collision
Posted on 7 Jun
Maritime NZ: Sea Change February 2022 newsletter
Sea Change February 2022 brings you news you can use to stay safe on the water
Posted on 29 Mar
Man sentenced to 2yrs 7mths jail for boating death
A 45-year-old skipper was sentenced to two years, seven months' imprisonment for manslaughter
Posted on 3 Mar 2021
Missing yacht found in Bream Bay
The yacht, Tribe, which broadcast a Mayday call Wednesday was found in Bream Bay
Posted on 19 Feb 2021
Request for sightings of yacht east of Coromandel
A major search and rescue operation underway after a mayday call was received from a sinking yacht
Posted on 17 Feb 2021
Maritime NZ urges boaties to take safety seriously
Maritime NZ is urging boaties to take safety seriously ahead of a busy long weekend
Posted on 5 Feb 2021
Prada Cup: Maritime Officers again on boat ramps
Maritime Officers will again be out on boat ramps and marinas when the Prada Cup gets underway
Posted on 14 Jan 2021
Flags signify approved commercial operators
Maritime NZ has distributed more than 110 distinctive yellow and pink flags to approved commercial o
Posted on 14 Jan 2021