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Prada + OneWorld = Luna Rossa Challenge

by Cup in Europe on 26 Sep 2004
Luna Rossa, which finished second in 1999 and failed to qualify for the finals in 2003, has budgeted €85 million for the next America’s Cup Challenge.

Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of Telecom Italia and an avid sailor, announced at a press conference in the port city of Genoa that Italy's largest telephone company would support the Luna Rossa challenge by acquiring 49 per cent of the team from Prada.

The terms of the Telecom Italia investment were not disclosed, but it was known that the Italian telephone company would also pay an undisclosed sum as commercial sponsor to display its logos on Luna Rossa's sails. Prada's logo will be displayed on the boat hull.

Meanwhile, Francesco De Angelis, the technical director of team Luna Rossa who skippered the Prada challenge in the two last America's Cup regattas, announced James Spithill's appointment as Helmsman

The 24-year-old Australian, arrived in Italy with some of his former OneWorld Challenge's teammates.


- Carlo Corce, president (ITA)

- Marco Tronchetti Provera (ITA)

- Patrizio Bertelli (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Giancarlo Rocco di Torrepadula (ITA)

- Marco Piccinini (ITA)

- Giacomo Ovidi, General Manager (ITA, Prada

- Anthony Romano, General Manager (ITA).

Sailing Team:

- Francesco de Angelis, skipper (ITA, Prada 2000 et 2003)

- James Spithill, helmsman (AUS, Young Australia 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Charlie McKee, tactician (USA, OneWorld 2003)

- Michele Ivaldi, navigator (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Matteo Plazzi, navigator (ITA,Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Steve Erickson, afterguard & operational manager (USA, Golden Gate Challenge 1987, Il Moro 1992, Stars and Stripes 1995, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Francesco Bruni, afterguard (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Marco Mercuriali, Coach (ITA, Azzurra 1983, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Grant Spanhake, sail coord. & sail design liaison (USA, Young America 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Joe Newton, mainsail trimmer (AUS, Young Australia 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Tatsuya Wakinaga, trimmer, sail vision (JPN, Nippon challenge 95 & 2000, Oneworld 2003)

- Ben Durham, trimmer (AUS, Young Australia 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Jonathan McKee, trimmer (USA, OneWorld 2003)

- Andrew Taylor, grinder (NZL, Team NZ 95 & 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Gilberto Nobili, grinder , (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Magnus Anguston, grinder (SWE, Victory Challenge 2003)

- Romolo Ranieri, grinder, (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Emanuale Marino, grinder, (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Vernon Neville, grinder, preparateur athlétique (NZL, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Simone de Mari , grinder, mastman (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Massimo Gherarducci, grinder, mastman (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Thomas Burnham, Pitman (USA, Young America 2000, Prada 2003)

- Alan Smith - Pitman (AUS, One Australia 95, Prada 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Massimiliano Sirena, Mid bowman, (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Paolo Bassani, Bowman (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Andy Fethers - Bowman (AUS, Young Australia 2000, OneWorld 2003).

Design Team:
- Bruce Nelson, yacht designer (USA, Young America 95, America One 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Roberto Biscontini, yacht Designer (ITA, Azzurra 1987, Il Moro 92, Young America 1995 et 2000, Oracle 2003)

- Claudio Maletto, yacht designer (ITA, Il Moro 92, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Miguel Costa, technical coordinator & deck designer (ARG, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Winfried M. Feifel, appendages design manager (USA, AmericaOne 2000, OneWorld 2003)

- Guido Cavalazzi, sail design manager (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Scott Ferguson, mast design manager (USA, Team DC 1995, Young America 2000, Prada 2003)

- Giorgio Provinciali, tank testing manager (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Mario Caponnetto, performance analyse manager (ITA, Il Moro 92)

- Ian Campbell, tank testing (GBR, GBR Challenge 2003)

- Evan Spong - Performance Analyst (AUS)

- Andrea Avaldi - Structural Design (ITA, Prada 2000 & 2003)

- Luca Donna - Structural Design (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Paolo Periotto - Development coordinator (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Henrik Soderlund - sail designer (DEN, Le Défi 2003)

Administation/shore team:

- Bruno Finzi, public relations (ITA)

- Paolo Martinoni, communication manager (ITA)

- Antonio Marrai, logistic & shore team manager (ITA, Prada 2003)

- Richard Gilles, boat building manager (Desafio 2000, Oracle 2003).
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