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470 Class Japan National Championships - Day 2

by Tomoko Nishi on 20 Aug 2017
2017 470 Class Japan National Championships - Day 2 Junichi Hirai/ Bulkhead magazine
S wind, 6kt – 113 boats were devided into Yellow, Blue and Red, and R1 started as scheduled at 11:00.

The wind stayed 6kt during R1, and then 8kt for R2. Later, it increased to 10+, and Oscar flag was up for R3 at the start. Unfortunately, it did not stay long, and decreased to 7kt or bit less than that, so Romio flag was up. Three races with three groups – only one general recall although there were some UFD and BFD.

Those who went to Tessaloniki, Greek last month for the 470 World Championship did well today not only the top overseas teams but also the Japanese Sailing teams aiming for Tokyo 2020. It is Japanese championship, not European nor Test event. It was very interesting to watch Belcher (AUS), Isozaki (JPN) and Okada (JPN) racing against each other at the front end of Blue group. It is great to have this opportunity.

Bargeher (AUT) was late for the R1 start. AUT team container arrived late yesterday, and they had to do the measurement late, too. Fundak (AUT) coach was surprised that the measurement team in the tent was very efficient, just like the Europeans/world championship level of measurement. Very quick, too.

Two races are scheduled tomorrow. North wind from the shore is expected in the morning, and then change to south in the afternoon. Should we have enough strength while changing direction? It will be a difficult day for the Race Committee. It is good that they managed to have three races today.

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