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Volvo Ocean Race- Team SCA - Bound for the USA - Life on board - Day 3

by Corinna Halloran on 29 Apr 2014
Onboard Team SCA during their first sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Corinna Halloran - Volvo Ocean Race
Corinna Halloran, the trial On Board Reporter for Team SCA, the all womens crew in the 2014/15 Volvo Ocean Race continues the story of the crew's trans-Atlantic blast to USA. There they will dock in Newport RI, before doing it all again and heading back to Europe.

Let's talk about daily living on board Team SCA. There are four watches, and each crew member has four hours of sailing and four hours off to rest. This would be like running for four hours - with fire hoses pointed at you - and then resting for less than four hours (time removed for eating and dressing), then repeating. Liz explained the first night out for her is always a bit of a challenge because her body is simply not used to being offshore. By the second or third night though, Liz said she can fall into a deep deep sleep, and a few nights later, it becomes more of a deep/light sleep where she has solid sleep but is aware of everything going on in the boat.

The waves, crashing along the hull whilst sailing along at 20 knots sound like fireworks whizzing behind your head, and exploding shortly there after: 'Zoom, bang, whiz, pop!' All the time, at a 40 degree heel. Therefore sleeping in the bunks is a fair challenge. Abby said, '[going offshore] really helps you appreciate land life: a bed, shower, and toilet.' Daily activities, such as using the head [toilet], brushing teeth, and getting dressed can become a comical impossibility. Abby likened to using the head like a rodeo ride, as the toilet is on a gimbal.

Out here, the girls hope to have at least three days use out of clothing. Sam said that even though you might not change clothing everyday, it is a good habit to keep yourself in a good personal hygiene rhythm. So, washing yourself with TENA’s soft wipes, brushing your teeth (at least once), and rinsing your face with fresh water after each watch is a necessity to feel human.

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About the team: Team SCA is supported by leading global hygiene and forest products company SCA, is due to arrive into Newport on Tuesday May 6. The return passage, which will essentially be a dry run of the seventh leg of the Race, will take Team SCA back across the Atlantic to a waypoint off Lisbon, before they sail south to their Lanzarote base.

Team SCA Transatlantic Crew - Lanzarote-Newport

1.Sally Barkow (USA) - Helm / Trimmer
2.Carolijn Brouwer (NED) - Navigator / Helm
3.Dee Caffari (GBR) - Helm / Pit
4.Sophie Ciszek (AUS) - Bow
5.Sam Davies (GBR) - Watch Captain / Person In Charge
6.Abby Ehler (GBR) - Boat Captain/ Pit
7.Stacey Jackson (AUS) - Bow
8.Annie Lush (GBR) - Helm / Trimmer
9.Elodie-Jane Mettraux (SUI) - Helm / Trimmer
10.Justine Mettraux (SUI) - Helm / Trimmer
11.Liz Wardley (AUS) - Watch Captain

Libby Greenhalgh (GBR) - Navigator (on trial)
Corinna Halloran (USA) - Onboard Reporter (on trial)

There are twelve crew onboard, one more than is allowed during the actual race, as the team is also trailing Libby Greenhalgh (GBR). She will share navigational duties with Carolijn Brouwer (NED). Team SCA will also be trailing two OnBoard Reporters, Corinna Halloran (USA) from Lanzarote to Newport and Anna-Lena Elled (SWE) on the return, from Newport to Lanzarote.

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