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The Boats of Saggimau from solo sailor Andrew Fagan

by .. on 20 Oct 2010
Davilon the Morocat - she really sails! SW

Looking for something for the kids to play with this summer, and teach them the basics of sailing at the same time?

Davilon the Morocat is a toy sailing boat designed to ‘free sail’ on a beam reach at right angles to the wind. No batteries or remote control required.

The boat is rigged as a staysail ketch with plenty of sail area to make the most of the breeze. It is made of durable marine quality materials including stainless steel fittings, double coated nylon ripstop sails and marine plywood.

Designed by Andrew Fagan (a well known New Zealand sailor conspicuous for his solo voyaging in his 5.4 metre sloop ‘Swirly World’) Davilon the Morocat is also a major character form the mythical Land of the Saggimau - where a fleet of sailing boats spend their time sailing the high seas and fighting off the unwanted attention of predators.

Aside from his skills as a toy boat designer, Andrew is a gifted writer and storyteller. He came up with the idea of breathing life into the boats by creating a series of characters and an imaginary world, known as The Land Of The Saggimau (prn: Sag-ee-mao) for them to inhabit.

Initially Andrew developed six characters: Davilon The Morocat (prn: Morro-cat), Slib Dib The Nib, Languid Larry and the Tiny Triplets (Whangarei, Whakatane and Phellington), and has written a series of children’s stories about them, the first being On Plastic Bag Patrol (Over the Curve of the Earth).

He has authored a sailing-themed autobiography, Swirly World, the Solo Voyages (2002), and has several collections of poetry. In 2007 he set the record for the smallest sailing boat to circumnavigate New Zealand, taking in the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands as he did so.

The first in a series of books written by Fagan, ‘On Plastic Bag Patrol’, is also available.

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