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Sydney Hobart Race-Dark and stormy, well because it is Dark and Stormy

by John Curnow on 29 Dec 2016
Dark & Stormy Witch handicap winner of the the 2010 Pittwater to Cofffs Race.JPG - 30th Pittwater to Coffs Harbour yacht Race Damian Devine
Well it is now dark and the rain 'storms' have passed, but proving that there is a lighter side to the frustrations that is a race to Hobart, the custom Murray 37, Dark & Stormy had a wonderful exchange on the radio. Quite possibly it was co-owner and Navigator Terry Courts on the VHF in the super-frank exchange with Hobart Race Control at around 1928hrs on 29/12/16.

D&S - 'Ah, HRC we’re are going to have to re-evaluate our finish time. There is no wind once we have rounded Cape Raoul, and it looks like we are going to be out here for a while, based on previous experiences, over.'

HRC - 'No surprise, over.'

D&S - 'We're hoping to get in by 0630hrs, over.'

HJRC - 'I would not be that gloomy about it. You'll probably get something before that, over.'

D&S - 'Well if you could send it down any earlier, we really would appreciate it, over.'

HRC - 'OK. Do my best.'

D&S - 'Thank you! Keep you informed.'

HRC - 'Romeo. Thanks.'

Dark & Stormy had a fair bit of success racing out of Pittwater before being purchased to race out of Sandringham YC in Victoria. They are racing in IRC Div3 and at 2106hrs had 26nm to travel to Battery Point.

At 2305hrs, the process continued...

D&S - 'HRC this is D&S, over'

HRC - 'D&S this HRC, over'

D&S - 'We’re just passing the Iron Pot now and we believe our ETA will be 0030.'

HRC - 'Finally you’re past the Iron Pot and ETA 0030 – bit better than 0630, over'

All laughing

D&S - 'Thanks HRC, over'

The merriment on the airwaves of 29/12/16 continues.

After Midnight in an exchange at 1325hrs

HRC - 'After Midnight I have you West of the iron Pot at 1325 with ETA Hobart of 1452hrs, and if you’re a minute late there will be trouble!'

AM Radio Operator laughs - 'Romeo that. Will do our best. After Midnight Out'

HRC - 'HRC standing by on Ch81'

Abracadabra at 1700hrs

HRC - 'Thank you Abracadabra. Got you with a revised ETA of 1830hrs, and take your time at the Pot!'

Abracadabra Radio Operator laughs - 'No thank you.'

Sticky at 1521hrs

HRC - 'Sticky this is HRC. Go ahead please'

Sticky - 'Ah this is Sticky, we have just rounded Tasman Island, bearing 000, over.'

HRC - 'Thank you. May we have an ETA?'

Sticky - 'Yes. ETA 2015hrs over.'

HRC - 'Now there's an optimist! Sticky I have you due south of Tasman at 1521hrs with an ETA at Hobart of 2015'

Sticky - 'Thank you'

Terra Firma @0225

Terra Firma - 'HRC this Terra Frima, over.'

HRC - 'Terra Firma, this is HRC go ahead.'

Terra Firma - 'We have just rounded the Iron Pot and are entering the river, over'

HRC - 'Terra Firma, we have you at the Pot, and in there river. Would you like to give us an idea of your arrival?'

Terra Firma - 'I would love to, but a we have got no idea after the last few hours.'

HRC - 'Ok, but just give me a number'

Terra Firma - 'Right I estimate we will be about an hour, over.'

HRC - 'Ok we’ll put that in, see you in a while. HRC standing by'

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