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RS Sailing Autmn – New RS Zest and Autumn Sale

by Michiel / RS Sailing on 13 Oct 2017
RS Zest RS Sailing
RS Zest:
Get to know the RS Zest! RS Sailing launched their latest model in the range during the Southampton Boat Show in September. The RS Zest is a brand new compact boat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyable features than older rivals.

Twenty years of experience in the design, production and usage of family, training and club boats lead to a long list of developments that would, together, redefine the practical usage – offering more efficiency for operators and more unintimidating fun for sailors.

The opportunity to comprehensively move the game forward led us to replace our popular RS Quba model with an entirely new boat that we believe renders existing rivals obsolete.

“...An instructor and two youngsters, or parent and two kids works well. This feature increases the scope and value of the boat...”

Boats in this sector are commonly sailed by two, particularly in training use, but must be usable by one person – youth or adult. The capability to carry a helmsman plus two young crew (three sailors in total) would be a significant benefit for many centres and families – leading to more cost-efficient ratios, so this has been a key goal for the RS Zest.

Existing models in this size range are cramped for the crew and often sail with a bow-down attitude. The volume of the RS Zest hull has been increased, with the centre of buoyancy further forward to support higher crew weight and give improved handling when fully loaded. Part of the volume increase has been achieved through waterline beam which also noticeably increases the stability to an exceptional level for a boat of this size.

Also in our range: …

RS Quest

A modern family or training dinghy with features that move the game forward. Big enough for an instructor and two or three pupils – perfect for Mum or Dad and youngsters – small enough to handle easily ashore and afloat.

RS Neo

A single hander with sparkling performance, easy handling and real durability, the RS Neo delivers maximum reward for minimum hassle. A step-up in speed without the demands of more radical designs. Composite spars and advanced sail design on a stable and easily driven hull combine with the strong, low maintenance RS rotomoulded construction system. The RS Neo is accessible, affordable and exciting.

RS Aero: Autumn Sail and ex-charter deals

The RS Aero is really taking off in the world. With a World Championship of 100 competitors and an RS AeroCup in Malcesine last weekend with 50+ competitors the class is becoming super vibrant. With activities going on in the entire of Europe and the National Class associations popping up the RS Aero really is the single hander to sail. The super light boat is great to handle on and off the water.

The RS Aero ignites the excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. It is affordable and, with RS Sailing’s global distribution network, assured of worldwide success. This autumn we sell a limited amount of our RS Aero ex-charter fleet with nice discounts. Get in touch with your local dealer or with Michiel ( to seal your deal.

We hope to hear from you soon and enjoy your sailing this Autumn!