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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week final day weather

by Kenn Batt on 25 Aug 2012
Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2102 Crosbie Lorimer
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Final day weather report:

The inland trough has weakened right out and has become quasi-stationary. As such the thunderstorm potential has dropped to nil today. There is however, still a slight chance (less than 30%) of a shower today. The weak shower or rain area near Bowen is moving more from the west now and as such should miss the Island?

The wind direction on the Island has swung right into 130deg (where is should be with a gradient wind at 110deg) at around 6kn. It’s just a matter of time now to see how far left it will trend during the day.

Like the last few days, the trend left will probably be slow, if any ? (due to cloud cover, and a gradient from 110deg. The gradient over last few days has been 040-070deg.).

Wind speed will be anyone’s guess but most likely in the 7-10kn (ave) range with 1-2kn added this afternoon courtesy of a weak sea breeze component?

Better chance of left trend and slightly better pressure closer to the mainland coast.
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