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Aircalin Match Racing Cup – Day 1

by Laurence Bouchet CNC on 12 Aug 2017
Day 1 – Aircalin Match Racing Cup Laurence BOUCHET
The Aircalin Match Racing Cup started this morning in New Caledonia. 30 Matches were run in beautiful conditions with 15/20 Kts of East wind.

Four crews lead the first round robin. Tugdual Piriou who wins these four matches. Will Eastman won five matches out of seven. He lost to our two Caledonians Cyril Fortin and Tom Picot.

Cyril Fortin also has five matches won out of seven runs by bowing to Tugdual Piriou and Tiphaine Leroux. And the Australian James Farquarshon who also wins five matches out of seven runs.

In the next two days, all the crews will face each other twice in duels in a format similar to the América Cup (90 matches in total).

At the end of these 90 duels, a ranking will established. The first qualifiers run the following step (1/4 finals or half finals depending on the time available).

On the program tomorrow, we will follow the first round robin and start the return matches - second round robin. The announced wind tomorrow is lower than today, so the crews will have to adapt to these conditions.

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