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Hyde Sails 2017 Dinghy Show

18ft Skiffs race 6 - 3 Buoy Challenge

by Bob Killick on 26 Nov 2013
3-Buoys Challenge Race 6 Simon Brown
18ft Skiffs race 6 - 3 Buoy Challenge was a chaotic affair, with capsizes, tangles, collisions, and breakages......however, the well aimed Rabbitohs Kenwood, Brett Van Munster, Joel Castle, and Kurt Fatouris sailed through and around the carnage for a comfortable win.

Asko Appliances with Marcus Ashley Jones, James Dorron, and Geronimo Harrison claimed second place and were always eyeing off the Podium from the start. Chris Nicholson, Greg Dixon and Mike McKensey came home in third, after a close struggle down the final spinnaker run with Thurlow Fisher Lawyers. Gotta Luv it 7 ended up in 11th after hooking their halyard around a batten, LUMIX towelled up the Blue turn mark, and while towing it, Grant Rollerson's Fisher & Paykel hooked up with Lumix and were delayed somewhat. Rag & Famish broke their jib strut and retired, Sydney City Marine capsized with its chute up the mast..........all in all, it was a very entertaining afternoon.

To her credit, Alex South's Viagogo was on the start line after a major week long effort to prepare and rig a replacement hull for the race.....well done Alex.

Pick the Podium.... Congratulations go to Arthur Richards who with Peter Alexander, had picked Rabbitohs Kenwood and Mojo Wines, with Arthur winning the coin toss.

Arthur wins the Barz Optics Java sunnies and has the Bragging Rights for the rest of the week.....bad luck Peter, nice one Arthur.

Play Pick the Podium..... it's fun and free to enter. Simply logon to click the Pick the Podium tab, check out the information and the News tab, register to play and have a crack next Sunday, you may even get hooked.

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