What a week of rescues!

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 10 Apr 2014

What a week of rescues!

Kauffman family and their two children, rescued only two weeks into a crossing of the Pacific due to multiple problems including baby's illness  .
This certainly was a week of rescues for cruising sailors in many parts of the world. There were two significant features of these worth mentioning.

First was the huge mainstream press attention to the plight of a baby who fell ill while her family was crossing the Pacific. As our journalist Lee Mylchreest observed, the dropping of three paramedics from a helicopter 900nm from shore and the significant dedication of rescue and Navy personnel which followed was sure to attract criticism. The fact that this incident followed another rescue of three tiny children from Antarctic waters following a dismasting hardly seemed to add to the row that followed on blogs, websites and 'letters to the editor'.

Anasazi Girl Raivo in crib - rescued with her two siblings and parents after a dismasting in the Southern Ocean  .. .

It remains a dilemma. Asking how young is too young to go sailing across oceans is like asking how much safety equipment is the minimum you should take. What is true is that hundreds of children of all ages every year successfully sail with their parents around the world, benefitting hugely from the experience, and the record speaks for itself. In spite of the negative effects of this incident, in my now long career as a sailing journalist, I cannot previously recall a single incident of a child being involved in a rescue drama. That all changed this week.

The second item of significance was just how involved commercial shipping has become in yacht rescues these days, owing to the magnificent involvement of AMVER, the US Coast Guard inspired voluntary ship reporting system, which sends volunteer ships to aid seafarers in trouble.

Much other news too – the Yacht of the Week is the Moody 41; John Jamieson is back with some good advice on what gear needs checking DURING the season; and there's lots of advice on what's on on both sides of the Atlantic, so scan the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet spring sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Two separate remote baby rescues sure to raise questions
Lee Mylchreest,
It was already a week of rescues. Now the rescue of two babies from sailing boats, one because of illness in the Pacific and one because of a dismasting near Cape Horn, will raise questions - about the foolhardiness of taking small children sailing in remote locations - by all but the most inveterate of cruising sailors.... [more]
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Royal Yachting Association says: First timers, come sail with us!
Susie NationGrainger,
At Britain's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) they know that sailing is a sport for all and they want to prove it! They are looking for people who've never been out on a boat or windsurfer but would love to. They want to take them out on the water, film their first day and show just how easy it is to get hooked.... [more]
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Celebrating Canada's National Volunteer Week
Sail Canada,
Sail Canada is looking for sailing volunteers who go 'above and beyond' in their role. Canada's National Volunteer Week (April 6-12) is a time to celebrate and thank the many Canadians who donate their time and energy throughout the year. It is also a time to raise awareness of the vital contributions made by volunteers that enrich our communities and our lives.... [more]
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Check this sailing gear more often during the season
John Jamieson,
Master sailor, offshore racer, sailmaker and author Brian Hancock tells a tale of a transatlantic delivery that turned into a nightmare in his classic 'Maximum Sail Power'. The crew had checked their sailing gear, sails, and lines. And all looked under control--or so they thought.... [more]
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Singapore Sailing seeks ISAF recognized training
ISAF Member National Authority Singapore Sailing has applied to ISAF for the accreditation of its National Sail Training Program after the 2014 ISAF Development Symposium in South Africa.... [more]
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Using Gmail and your newsletters have stopped arriving? Latest Update
Rob Kothe and the Sail-World Team,
Are you finding that emails you want end up in Gmail's Spam bin, or just don't appear at all? We have uncovered the reason, and there is a solution. Are you using Gmail, and noticed that your sailing newsletters have stopped arriving? Last year Google introduced a new feature to its Inbox, which rated incoming emails as being 'Primary', 'Social' or 'Promotions'. It just changed your Inbox... [more]
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Dramatic MOB Pacific cold-water rescue - the personal account
Telegraph/Sail-World Cruising,
Whether you are cruising or racing, a Man Overboard is a Man Overboard, and this graphic account of the difficulty of a sailing boat crewed with beefy professional and experienced sailors getting their crew member back on board should have every cruising sailor taking the integrity and use of their life jacket and tethering gear very seriously.... [more]
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IYRS Boats and careers to be launched on May 31st
Melissa Flaherty,
The International Yacht Restoration School(IYRS), a long-respected private nonprofit school in Rhode Island, USA, focused on training for the marine and composites industries, is again celebrating its successes of the past year. On May 31, students from IYRS' three accredited programs will graduate, and the students from the Boatbuilding and Restoration Program will launch their boats.... [more]
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Canadian solo sailor rescued north of Auckland
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Yet another solo sailor has been rescued by a commercial ship, this time a car carrier, after his yacht was rolled and holed during a storm in the South Pacific. Canadian sailor Art Munneke, a member of the SaltSpring Island Yacht Club, had survived for five days after the incident, augmenting his electric bilge pump with hand pumping. When the bilge pump failed he let off his EPIRB.... [more]
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Sailing without effort - holidaying in a gulet
Lee Mylchreest,
So you love sailing holidays but not all the family does, or you want a really lazy time on the water - a 'real' holiday. Why not go sailing on a traditional Turkish gulet to sail in either Turkish or Greek waters? Someone else will sail the boat, someone else will prepare the meals - sorry you'll have to do the swimming and snorkelling and sunbaking yourself.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: Moody 41
Des Ryan,
As cruising boats as well as racing yachts get faster, glitzier and, above all, longer, there are still those of us who want the yacht we sail to be elegant rather than glitzy, fast enough but not to the exclusion of comfort, and a size that is 'just right' for short-handed sailing rather than as long as you can afford. Enter the Moody 41, our yacht of the week.... [more]
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Dutchman's 'real' Noah's Ark benefits from film's success
Sail-World Cruising,
The film 'Noah' might be doing well at the box office, but it has also engendered some renewed interest in the 'real' reproduction of Noah's Ark, moored on a canal in The Netherlands.... [more]
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Merchant Shipping Chalks Up Another Rescue - Tanker Saves Yacht Crew
Handy Shipping Guide/Sail-World,
It's something every cruising sailor should be aware of. A crew of three have been plucked from the Atlantic - not by a rescue organisation, but, again, by a merchant ship. There's yet another tale of a dramatic rescue by a merchant vessel of the crew of a stricken yacht sinking some fifty miles south of Balboa on the coast of Panama, and again it's thanks to world-wide assistance of AMVER.... [more]
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RYA Competent Crew Skills – Second edition now available
Emma Slater,
For UK sailors, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is pleased to announce they have brought out a new edition of RYA Competent Crew Skills –and it has also been updated to also include motor vessels in order to appeal to both sail and power readers. It replaces the RYA Competent Crew Practical Course Notes.... [more]
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Why ethanol and boats don't mix + Video
If you're a boat owner in the USA, you may have heard by now that a government mandate has been increasing the amount of ethanol in the nation's fuel supply, which not only damages boat engine and fuel systems but can present very real safety concerns.... [more]
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Bluewater open boat weekend - if you are 'starboard' of the Atlantic
World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
Whether you're still dreaming, acquiring your blue water cruiser or just finished your circumnavigation, the Bluewater Open Boat Weekend in Limington UK on the seventh and 8th June will be the place to be for cruising sailors on the 'starboard' side fo the Atlantic. Experts, experienced cruisers and those just starting out will mingle - arranged by the World Cruising Club, organisers of the ARC... [more]
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