Sailing ice or sand, charm of boat children, watch OTHERS' mistakes

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 27 Mar 2014

Sailing ice or sand, charm of boat children, watch OTHERS' mistakes

Yacht with monastery on the way to the White Sea and the Arctic  Ivan Dementievsky
Without doubt the sailing adventure I would want to have from this week's edition is the voyage from the Moscow Sea to the White Sea – or in reverse if I were able to make it through the Russian Arctic first.

Quite the opposite with another fine adventure described below, across the Great Rann Desert in India in a land yacht. I don't mind salty water in my hair and mouth, but definitely not salty sand – I'll leave that adventuring to someone else.

Britican - Kim and daughter Sienna Brown  .. .
The beguiling charm and maturity of 'boat-children' has often been remarked by cruising sailors – those children who find themselves home-schooled on a sailing boat while crossing oceans and mingling with a dozen different nationalities every day while 'in port'.

However that doesn't make it any easier for land-bound friends and family who are horrified when couples make the decision to sell everything and take the kids sailing. Read this week's example.

It was a wise sailor who first said to me, 'Yes, you learn by your mistakes, but the best mistakes to learn from are other people's.' There's one graphic video in the news this week that is no laughing matter and a couple of others that are merely whimsically foolish. Enjoy!

Moment of capsize  .. .

Much other news too: of a new free plan for satellite communication when you don't want the expense of a satphone; there's an app for nearly everything these days, and now there's a 'paint app' to help you paint your boat; and a salient warning from the Coast Guard about going sailing early in the season when the air is warm but the water is still freezing. Hypothermia is not fun!

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing family condemmed for taking 3-year-old on circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
One of the delights of sailing around the world is the children that you meet - not the children in the local ports, but the children on boats who are home-schooled, socially skilled, intellectually advanced, responsible and mature beyond their years. However, this is not widely known among 'land lubbers' which is why British/American sailors Kim and Simon Brown are having such a hard time.... [more]
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New contract-free plan for satellite communicator on your smart phone
Jim Rhodes/Sail-World Cruising,
One of this year's Pittman Award Winners, an Inreach satellite communicator (See Sail-World story), has announced a new development that could be a winner for part time cruisers: contract-free plans, and you can get them on your smart phone.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: The Dashew creation: no sails, but eco-friendly
Tom Cunliffe,
So, you like cruising, but you don't like all that running around on deck, messing about with sails? You really want a power boat, but you want to be eco-friendly? Maybe this boat, designed by one of the world's most famous long term sailors, is for you.... [more]
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No laughing! Sailing mistakes I don't want to make
Des Ryan,
What can you learn from these videos? When in doubt, don't! is a saying that well applies to the sailing world. Learning to anticipate that whatever could go wrong often does makes for a prudent sailor, and the other saying that's great for the prudent sailor is that The best mistakes to learn from are other people's. Enjoy watching from a safe and dry spot!... [more]
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Multihull Solutions Phuket 2014 Regatta - new sponsorship
Kate Elkington,
Having just expanded its operations from Australia and New Zealand into Asia, Multihull Solutions is excited to be affiliated with the Ao Chalong Yacht Club event, which will now be known as the Multihull Solutions Regatta – Phuket 2014.... [more]
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Destination: From Moscow Sea to the White Sea
Ivan Dementievsky, RBTH/Sail-World,
I realized there is no Cote d'Azur with sandy beaches and emerald water in my country Russia. However, I had a strong tailwind, the northern sky and a crew that turned this trip into one of the best adventures of my life.... [more]
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Land sailors of India on adventure across the Rann
Lee Mylchreest,
So you thought that land and ice yachting took place only in Europe or America, maybe in the deserts of Australia? Think again. The Indian Army is right now on a five day land yacht adventure across the Great Rann of Kutch, the largest salt water desert in the world located in north western India.... [more]
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A Paint App to (almost) replace your marine store assistant
Renate Johns,
As long as you have a smart phone of some sort, the digital world has made a dramatic entrance into the sailing world in the last few years. Now, it seems the days of haunting the paint shops and asking innumerable questions of those patient marine-store types might just be over. Here's another App (this time from Interlux) that could revolutionise the way you decide painting questions..... [more]
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Air warms but water slower - be careful, sailors, of hypothermia
US Coast Guard/Sail-World Cruising,
The air is getting warmer, the water is getting a little warmer and more and more sailors are venturing forth to sail into the coming spring. But caution, say our coast guards, because the water warms much more slowly than the air and if you end up in the water hypothermia can be a real threat.... [more]
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Volunteer Canadian rescue team homeless - any offers?
Des Ryan,
Sometimes it's tough being a volunteer rescuer. Take the Search and Rescue team in Squamish, north of Vancouver in Canada. They formed in 2009, they've been involved in 66 emergency marine incidents, they have no government funding, they're one of the only rescue stations on the B.C. coast that has two dedicated high-speed vessels, and they're homeless.... [more]
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Hilary Lister and Nashwa Al Kindi set a new trans-ocean record
Oman Sail,
British quadriplegic sailor Hilary Lister (42), and Omani Nashwa Al Kindi (32) have sailed into the record books aboard a 28ft Dragonfly trimaran to claim two new trans-ocean records. Although they crossed the finish line in Oman last night, the official welcome took place at The Wave, Muscat earlier today.... [more]
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Still no plans for e-Borders
RYA asks key Home Office officials about current situation on e-Borders system for leisure boating.... [more]
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Jet stream gets fish in hot water
Cherie Winner,
Oceanographer Glen Gawarkiewicz was just off the coast of North Carolina in May 2012 when he noticed something odd.... [more]
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