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 20 Mar 2014

News from the world of the cruising sailor

Stanley Paris  .
76-year-old Dr Stanley Paris, who set off from Florida last year to attempt to become the oldest/fastest non-stop circumnavigator of the world, vowed, when he was forced to stop through damage to himself and his boat, that he would never try it again.

But the lure of the challenge, or his love of the sea, accompanied no doubt by the haranguing of friends, has changed his mind. Things will be different this time, he claims, being just a little older and wiser. It's a great adventure to follow.

Much very useful information for the cruising sailor, in this week's edition, from the authorities and scientists of the world. British sailors who want to head across the Channel will be glad to know that they will be able to use red diesel in Belgium. There's some valuable advice on which oil spill products are good and those that are toxic and ineffective. A researcher is studying those wonderful currents which speed cruising sailors around the world to track how Global Warming is affecting them – and will in the future. There's some vital information for those who are tempted to go electronic with their onboard flares, and, if you didn't know it already, or need an excuse that you're not just being hedonistic, sailing is healthy!

This is not fun it's only for health reasons  .. .

In the area of skill-sharing, Larry Jacobson tells us how he and his crew anchor and 'never utter a word'; John Jamieson talks about the great value of the Constrictor Knot; and Adam Loory from UK Sailing offers an excellent video on getting your halyard tension just right.

Finally, speaking of videos, if you have ever wondered whether those helicopters sent to rescue sailors could do the tow themselves, watch this week's video and promise not to laugh.

Much more too, so if it's not warm enough to sail, run your eye down the headlines and enjoy the journey.

If you are lucky enough to be out there, sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

How to anchor and 'never utter a word'
Larry Jacobson,
There are many articles published about anchoring for the cruising sailor, as well there should, because more boats are lost close to a coastline than ever in the middle of an ocean. Here, cruising sailor, circumnavigator and successful author Larry Jacobson tells his own anchoring secrets, with engaging suggestions about hand signals which will 'stop the yelling' in an anchorage.... [more]
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Non-pyrotechnic flares for my boat - Can I or can't I?
Des Ryan,
There has been much controversy recently about the carrying of non-pyrotechnical flares on sailing boats, otherwise known as Electronic Visual Distress Signal Devices (EVDSD). In June 2013 Britain's Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) put out a statement which eloquently put the current status, but is that the whole story?... [more]
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Health benefits of sailing
Nancy Knudsen,
Do you have to justify days spent on the water - to your family? your boss? yourself? Is it not just egotistical hedonism, an escape from responsibilities? Maybe, but now researchers have discovered scientifically that sailing is actually the same as going to a health farm. Here are the results, brought to you by Dr Gillian McKeith:... [more]
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Cruising in the Maldives - some nuts and bolts
Des Ryan,
Following the good news that the Maldives, strategically placed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, now allows yachts to stay for six months, the idyllic chain of islands becomes a very viable stopping point either for slowly circumnavigating sailors on their way to South Africa, or for sailors cruising a circle trip around the eastern Indian Ocean... [more]
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ISAF Guide to Offshore Personal Safety for Racing and Cruising
Des Ryan,
The ISAF Guide to Offshore Personal Safety for Racing and Cruising will provide essential reading for sailors undertaking the ISAF Offshore Personal Survival Course, which equips them with the knowledge to be safe at sea and prevent and deal with emergencies. The handbook provides important information to accompany the course.... [more]
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Halyard Tension - a video
Lee Mylchreest,
Sometimes the written word is vital to the understanding of a process, with sailing as with many other subjects; but sometimes the graphic illustration is perfect for the situation, and I found this the case with this great video on Halyard Tension from UK Sailmakers... [more]
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Winchrite - for lazy days or extra muscle-power
Des Ryan,
Our product of the week, WinchRite is an affordable, light-weight, safe, cordless electric winch handle designed specifically for use on sailing boats on those occasions when you are lacking a little muscle-power - or just wanting a lazy sail.... [more]
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Researcher examines 'current leaks' that may change the way you sail
Isabela Le Bras/Sail-World,
Isabela Le Bras, from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, investigates how ocean currents - those marvellous currents that can speed sailors' voyages around the world - interact in the with the Earth's changing climate. How they might change in future might affect the temperatures you will sail in in future. Here is her progress report, fascinating and alarming in some aspects... [more]
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Paris off to attempt to circumnavigate the world again
Nancy Knudsen,
Stanley Paris, long time Florida-based New Zealander, has announced he will make another attempt at sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted around the globe, departing from Florida in November 2014.... [more]
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Need a tow from that helicopter? - watch the video and don't laugh
Sail-World Cruising,
Need a tow off the rocks? Think the helicopter above might be able to do it? Watch the video and don't laugh.... [more]
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Certain oil spill products shown to be ineffective and toxic + Video
Around nine out of every ten recreational boats has an engine that uses oil and burns either gasoline or diesel fuel. But what happens when engine oil or fuel accidentally gets into the bilge, or worse yet, the water?... [more]
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The Constrictor: a powerful 'Queen' of sailing knots!
John Jamieson,
Which sailing knot do you need to tie when you absolutely, positively must keep a rope bitter end from fraying, lash a broken sailboat tiller together or keep and engine hose in place--without hose clamps? Read on for one of sailings most under-used sailing knots...... [more]
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British leisure craft permitted to use red diesel in Belgian waters
The Belgian Finance Minister, Koen Greens has advised that visiting British leisure craft can use red diesel in Belgian waters subject to conditions. The advice was contained in a letter to the General President of the Flemish Watersports Association (VZW) in Nieuwpoort.... [more]
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