Sail-World New Zealand: March 10, 2014 - Kiwi 18's can hold heads high

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 10 Mar 2014

Sail-World New Zealand: March 10, 2014 - Kiwi 18's can hold heads high

The first three placegetters cross the finish line only 19s apart - 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship  Frank Quealey © /Australian 18 Footers League
Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for March 10, 2014

New Zealand's 18ft skiff team performed very creditably in the JJ Giltinan Trophy, which concluded late Sunday afternoon on Sydney Harbour.

Two New Zealand boats finished in the top five overall, and three Kiwi crews finished in the top eight in the last race. Yamaha NZ led for much of the last race, duelling with overall winner Gotta Love It 7, and Asko (the previous boats sailed by the Gotta Love It 7 crew).

In only one race, did a New Zealand boat not feature in the top five, and in Race 3, New Zealand boats took first and second.

At least one New Zealand boat featured in the front running in every race, showing that the standard of the New Zealand fleet has lifted to within an ace of the top Australian boats.

C-Tech were the top NZ crew contesting the 2014 JJ Giltinan Trophy (Josh McCormack, Alex Vallings and Chris Kitchen)  

This was an extremely competitive fleet, with 34 crews competing from six counties. The standard of the fleet was such, that with the exception of series winner, Gotta Love It 7, it was not possible to get a bad start and then climb through the pack with sheer boatspeed.

Even Gotta Love It 7 admitted that in at least one race they happened to get forced to one side of the course, by a close tacking boat – only to find a massively favourable shift and turn what had been a bad start into a successful recovery mission – going on to win the race.

Don't forget that this series was sailed on Sydney harbour, which is notorious for its inconsistency and need for local knowledge.

In this area the Kiwis excelled, often picking the shifts better than the top Australian crews, and it was rare to feel that the Kiwis were done on the basis of local knowledge. To the contrary they were often able to pick up vital places through smart sailing and good crew work – which was at least the equal of the Australians.

The class in New Zealand should take heart from this excellent result. With now a ten boat fleet, the class is starting to pull some very good talent, and providing excellent racing. It has a competition base on which to build on this result.

Sydney (AUS) - AC45 Training Oracle Team USA/Team Australia   Beau Outteridge/Oracle Team USA

In this edition of's newsletter we have all the reports and images from the last two days of the racing, along with full replays of both races, and the pre and post race interviews ashore.

We also have an update from the Team Australia and Oracle Team USA series being conducted on Sydney Harbour in AC45's

Oracle Team USA have announced the addition of Andrew Campbell, who becomes the second US national to join the US team.

Team Australia - 2014 HH Sydney Harbour Regatta  Beth Morley ©

As we noted on the end of the official release, in a previous interview, the Challenger of Record's CEO, Iain Murray of Team Australia (Hamilton Island Yacht Club) said that they were expecting to see a nationality clause in the Protocol for the 35th America's Cup of just 25% of the sailing crew. The CoR had been seeking a minimum of 50% nationality requirement, however the Defender Oracle Team USA had pushed back on this.

By definition a 25% limit would mean that the crew size for the AC62 would be eight sailors, and that means that just two would be US Nationals for Oracle Team USA. While this is double what the team had in the 34th America's Cup, it is a requirement that will disappoint many.

The last four America's Cups have been won by a crew that had just one National of the Challenging/Defending club aboard. Team New Zealand was the last winner of the America's Cup with a substantially National crew back in 2000.

Given that the overwhelming majority of fan polls taken after the 34th Cup on the Nationality of crews issue, it is more than a little disappointing to see the Defender make such a token concession on this point – if indeed Iain Murray's comments have been accurately reported.

Serious allegations made regarding Team New Zealand principals' financial dealings are admitted to be incorrect by Radio Sport   

The America's Cup Protocol was promised for mid-March, which the middle of next week, and all these questions and more will be answered at that point.

Auckland radio station, Radio Sport, have retracted and apologised for for statements made on air that two former members of Team New Zealand paid themselves multi-million salaries. We have a transcript of the statement read on-air, and details of the allegation.

To its shame it took the station three attempts to get the agreed statement made properly on air. The fact that one of those about whom the claim was made is no longer able to defend himself, makes the original assertion even more reprehensible.

Too often when the topic of the America's Cup comes into the public purview, those in the general sports media have the unfortunate habit of making ridiculous assertions, on a topic of which they know very little. Even worse they don't ask those who are in a position to make accurate comment.

Hopefully the stand taken by Alan Sefton in this matter will cause others in the media to either take the time to understand the issues around the America's Cup, and NZ's involvement, or check with those that do.

Azzurra - 2014 US 52 Super Series  Martinez Studio/52 Super Series

Gotta Love It 7 - 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship  Frank Quealey © /Australian 18 Footers League
Stay tuned.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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2014 Harken Schools Regatta - tight bottom mark rounding - HARKEN Schools Regatta  YTP Media

John Brown, Blind Squirrel - 2014 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week  JOY /IM20CA©

Gotta Love It 7's winning crew receive the blue ribbon - 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship  Frank Quealey © /Australian 18 Footers League

Kristin School wins Harken Schools Regatta
Sara Tucker,
The Kristin School team of Leonard Takahashi, Sam Hassall, Rory McCutcheon and Oscar Gunn have won the 2014 Harken Schools Regatta. 15 year old Takahashi improved his results on the water today winning the Gold Fleet with a total of 16 points, after qualifying yesterday in fifth place overall.... [more]
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2014 JJ Giltinan: The Gotta Love It 7 team become champions
Frank Quealey,
The Gotta Love It 7 team of Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Scott Babbage officially became the 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff champions on Sunday,after a magnificent regatta performance which saw the team score five wins and one second place from the six races which count towards the final points.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan: Graham Catley on the development of the Auckland fleet
Long time 18ft skipper, Graham Catley, talks with Bob Killick on the development of the New Zealand 18ft fleet, and the aspirations of the class in New Zealand.... [more]
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America's Cup: Radio slur results in retraction and settlement
Richard Gladwell,
Leading sports radio station, Radio Sport, has made an on-air retraction of comments relating to salaries paid to former members of Team New Zealand. The comments by host, Martin Devlin, came during an hour long segment on the America's Cup and Team New Zealand's past and future direction.... [more]
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Fast foils-a conversation with Paul Bieker, part two
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
Paul Bieker is one of the core designers credited with 'super-charging' Oracle Team USA's 'USA 17' last September during the 34th America's Cup. I recently caught up with Bieker at a local Seattle pub for part two of this two-part interview to get his thoughts on how AC34 was won, his design role for AC35, as well as his thoughts on the future of America's Cup Racing.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan Trophy: Full delayed coverage of Race 7
Richard Gladwell,
Race 7 of the JJ Giltinan Trophy got underway at 3.00pm on Sunday - see the full delayed coverage here Although the winner is decided with one race to go, the battle for the minor places was wide open. Could the Kiwis get on the podium? Or will it be a clean sweep? Follow the action here.... [more]
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America's Cup: Second US sailor joins Oracle Team USA
Oracle Team USA,
American Andrew Campbell is the newest recruit to join Oracle Team USA and he is making his debut with the team during its training camp in Sydney Australia this week. Following up his college sailing with Olympic campaigns in the Laser and Star class, Campbell sailed for the United States in the Laser in the 2008 Olympic Games in China. And it's from a relationship formed in the Laser that he... [more]
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Images from the Sydney Harbour Regatta: 18's, sportsboats and AC45's
Beth Morley,
Sydney photographer, Beth Morlley presents a medley of shots from this weekend's HH Sydney Harbour Regatta. Included are images of both Team Australia and Oracle Team USA's AC45's and a final shot of the series for the JJ Giltinan - with Gotta Luv it 7 and Asko... [more]
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Does two make one for the Etchells Victorian Championship?
John Curnow,
Magpie, which is helmed by Graeme Taylor, with Steve Jarvin and James Mayo crewing, is the reigning Victorian champion. Magpie was also recently installed as the 2014 NSW Etchells champion, as well. So after a second and sixth place on day two of the 2014 Victorian Etchells Championship, Magpie has taken the overall lead by a notable and quite possibly defendable, four points.... [more]
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Images from the 2014 Harken Schools Regatta
YTP Media,
YTP Media provided this gallery of images from the Hatken Schools regatta, won this year by Kristin School... [more]
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Sydney Harbour Regatta 2014 - Another successful regatta wraps up
Di Pearson,
Sydney Harbour Regatta 2014 - Despite some highbrow crew, Miller, from Neutral Bay, attributed his win to trimmer Pete ‘Technics' Wilson. 'We couldn't have done it without him,' Miller stated.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan: The race for the Masters - Hamlin and Winning
Interview with two of the great names of 18fter sailing - Howie Hamlin (USA) and John Winning (AUS) - on their long tine involvement in the class and their on the water rivalry for the Masters Trophy at the JJ Giltinan Trophy in Sydney.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan Trophy: Full replay coverage of Race 6
Richard Gladwell,
Race 6 of the JJ Giltinan Trophy got underway at 4.00pm on Saturday - see the full delayed coverage here... [more]
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New York to San Fran record attempt - Maserati reaches the Horn
Des Ryan,
A crew of sailors attempting to break the record for the fastest time from New York to San Francisco has reached Cape Horn after 21 days. The record of 89 hours which stood for 130 years on the historic route has been broken many times since. The record that Maserati is trying to beat is the 1998 record that of Yves Parlier and Aquitaine Innovations set at 57 days and some hours.... [more]
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Where is ISAF World Sailing Championship 2018 going to be held ?
Dan Ibsen,
Three cities in Europe have submitted bids for the ISAF World Sailing Championships in 2018. It is reported that a fourth bid has been received in ISAF after deadline from an unknown city in Asia. Bids to presented in Southampton on March 25.... [more]
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No wind required for the first race at the Etchells Victorian Champion
John Curnow,
Truthfully, we're not actually talking about Race One of the regatta. Rather, you could probably refer to it as Race Zero, if you like, for it has no direct bearing on the outcome of the 2014 Etchells Victorian Championship. Earlier on in the week, it became very apparent that many of the crews were going to take the opportunity after a hefty drive to Metung in Gippsland, to then get on the water... [more]
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JJ Giltinan Trophy: Gotta Love It 7 win fifth race and overall title
Frank Quealey,
The Gotta Love It 7 team of Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Scott Babbage scored their fifth race win of the 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship, sponsored by Sydney City Marine, when they easily won Race 6 on Sydney Harbour today. Along with today's win, they also secured the title as the only other team capable of equaling their score, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers (Michael Coxon, David O'Connor,... [more]
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2014 Sydney Harbour Regatta - A spectacular start on Day 1
Di Pearson,
>Win, lose or draw, the beautiful north easterly breeze on a summer-like day provided perfect sailing for all on Day 1 of Middle Harbour Yacht Club's Sydney Harbour Regatta.... [more]
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2014 52 Super Series - Azzurra masters of the strong breeze in Miami
52 Super Series,
2014 52 Super Series - After some of the breeziest, most challenging conditions of recent TP 52 regattas in either Europe or the USA, Azzurra's scoreline for the day of two second places and a win takes the Italian flagged team back into the overall lead of the 52 US Championship off Miami Beach, but their margin is still tight, only one single point ahead of Quantum Racing.... [more]
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JJ Giltinan: New Zealand's Glory Days set to return
Frank Quealey,
When the New Zealand teams C-Tech and Yamaha finished One-Two in Tuesday's Race 3 of the 2014 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship, sponsored by Sydney City Marine, it reflected the work being done by the Kiwi sailors to rekindle the fleets' glory days.... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Race - Fleet battle headwinds up to 60 knots
Clipper Ventures,
In the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, the crews are battling through headwinds of up to 60 knots with short, sharp waves, steep angles and cold conditions making for extremely demanding racing. Some teams have hoisted the Yankee 3, getting rid of the storm jib, but were forced to take it down again because the wind was too powerful.... [more]
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America's Cup – Meet the sailing crew for Oracle Team USA
Oracle Team USA,
Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill and tactician/sailing team manager Tom Slingsby have introduced the crew who are participating in the team's first training camp of the new America's Cup cycle.... [more]
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