Cruising sailor attack, solar fabric for yachts, a Maldives welcome

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 06 Mar 2014

Cruising sailor attack, solar fabric for yachts, a Maldives welcome

RYA Dinghy Show 2014 Day 1 Opening ©
Britain's great Dinghy Show was on last weekend, and by all reports it was better than ever. With dinghies often left out of the standard boat show, it's good to see it flourishing.

The lessons learned in one country about the sensitivities of cruising sailors seem rarely to be learned in another. Thailand has lost 20% of its cruising yachts after a rules change in December that asked foreign yacht owners to register every two months. We've just heard from Greece that in Crete up to 95% of yachts are preparing to leave after the prices were hiked. So it's refreshing to see that the Maldives have extended a welcome mat with their maximum stay for yachts now six months – idyllic tropical sailing in pretty much unspoiled waters. It would be worth a circle trip into the Indian Ocean from South East Asia.

Coral islands in Maldives- Image by © Liu Yongqiu/Xinhua Press/Corbis  .. .

We all want to sail in trouble-free waters, but the attack on some cruising sailors in the Mediterranean in February is a good reminder that bad things occasionally happen, even in the most placid of waters.

One of the sweetest tales of the week was that from a dreaming Greek sailor who tells about his dream-come-true sail to Antarctica.

Santa Maria Australis - In Antarctica at last  .. .

Solar power is in the news this week, with a French sailmaker producing the first ever sail which produces solar power while it propels the boat. Now here's an amazing combination of wind and solar working together. Soon your dodger and bimini will be able to produce power too, and without direct sunshine!

Najad's sales are going up. jpg  .. .

Much other news too. Hone up on your chart symbols with John Jamieson's help; read about the empty tsunami boat that has turned up in Taiwan three years later; and, against the trend, Najad boatbuilders, who provided solo sailor Jeanne Socrates, (oldest female ever to circumnavigate non-stop) with her tough Najad 38, are going gangbusters.

The weather is getting warmer, so, if you are lucky enough ...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

It's coming. Dodgers/biminis to be solar power producers
UK Sailmakers/Sail-World Cruising,
It had to happen. With the advances of solar technology, soon you will be able to have solar energy producers - photovoltaic cells - built into sunshades, biminis, dodgers and/or into the sails themselves. The next best news is that the resultant fabric needs only light, not direct sunlight so it won't matter that dodgers and biminis are often shaded by the sails while moving.... [more]
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New Maldives rule - yachts can stay six months
Mohamed Hameed/Sail-World round-up,
There's good news for long range cruising sailors with the desire to visit the Maldives. The maximum stay for yachts has been increased from 90 days to 180 by the Ministry of Tourism.... [more]
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Unmanned tsunami boat takes three years to reach Taiwan
Focus Taiwan/Sail-World Cruising,
If ever you wanted proof that the currents of the North Pacific gyre exists, this must persuade you. An unmanned Japanese boat has swirled around the Pacific for three years before beaching itself in Taiwan. The massive tsunami that struck northeastern Japan three years ago dragged the small blue into the sea to be caught by the massive gyre.... [more]
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Swedish boat builder and Jeanne Socrates a winning team
Lee Mylchreest,
It couldn't be that one of the most incredible feats of 2013 is responsible, surely it isn't as simple as that, but Swedish boat builder received a great deal of unpaid promotion when Jeanne Socrates proved that she and her Najad 38 made a formidable duo as the 70-year-old solo sailor circumnavigated the world non-stop.... [more]
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For UK sailors: New digital marine wildlife guide for iPad and iPhone
Louise Nicholls/Sail-World Cruising,
One of the accompanying delights of going sailing is watching the wildlife - but how much better if you had a reference point while watching. Now, for UK sailors only, sadly, a new digital marine wildlife guide for iPad and iPhone has now been launched for United Nations World Wildlife Day, by The Green Blue, the joint environment project of the RYA and the BMF.... [more]
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Pirates strike in the Mediterranean - yacht still missing
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Have you seen this hijacked yacht? Just because you don't sail in Somali or Nigerian waters, don't think you are safe from pirates. Just last month armed pirates attacked a 17m yacht in gentle Corsica, hijacking it and setting the owners and crew adrift in their life boat.... [more]
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A boyhood dream come true - sailing to Antarctica
Des Ryan,
Greek sailor Dimitris Liaroutsos had a dream - a dream of sailing to the Antarctic continent. This article is, therefore, of a dream come true - an adventure sail across the Southern Ocean to the most remote continent on earth, the so-called, White Desert.... [more]
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Britain's Big Dinghy Show - RS Design a Sail competition winner announ
Emma Slater,
At the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014 yesterday, 1st March, seven year old William James from Torquay was crowned winner of the national RS Design a Sail competition 2014 and clinched the top prize of his very own RS Tera dinghy.... [more]
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Safety Advisory Notice - Don't be a victim of the silent killer
Earlier this year, three British seafarers lost their lives from suspected carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning on two separate boats and in 2013 two people passed away on a boat in the Lake District as a result of CO poisoning. This has led the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to offer a world-wide warning to all boaters.... [more]
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RYA Dinghy Show - ‘Sea and Summit' sailing challenge revealed
Susie NationGrainger,
British sailor Natasha Lambert, 16, was born with atheroid cerebral palsy, which affects her limbs and confines her to a wheelchair. Today at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show (Saturday 01 March 2014) she officially unveiled her incredible 2014 sailing challenge: ‘Sea and Summit'.... [more]
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Sailing Chart Symbol Secrets for Safer Navigation
John Jamieson,
Imagine sailing along a coastline with multiple lights along the shore. Your GPS has proved unreliable in this area. What chart symbol and abbreviation secrets will help guide you to safe landfall? Here are some navigation 'quick tips' on symbols that will help boost your navigation knowledge for safer sailing worldwide!... [more]
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RYA Dinghy Show 2014 - its opening time + Video
Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team,
Its a cold foggy London winter Saturday morning, but at the top of the hill at Alexandra Palace, there is once again good crowds surging through the halls after the traditional 10am count-down. Its warm and dry in Ally Pally.... [more]
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Cruising boats flee Thailand after rules change
Sail-World Cruising/Phuket News,
Governments of the world beware. Countries popular with cruising sailors reap good economic benefits, but cruising yachts are designed to move, and cruising sailors will vote with their lifted anchors when authorities, by design or accident, make it difficult or more expensive for visiting yachts. Many countries have experienced this, and Thailand is only the latest.... [more]
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Prepare to be blown away by Children of the Wind
St. Maarten Heineken Regatta,
Talent and ability flourish in the Caribbean. Given the small size of population, seldom do the inspirational stories make it out of the small islands dotting the region. One such story has been fortunate enough to be documented and recognized at several film festivals around the world.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: Sabot 50 from Fountaine Pajot
Lee Mylchreest,
When you stick to one thing you have a better than even chance of getting it right. The fact that French boat builder Fountaine Pajot sticks to catamarans means they really do it well. In December 2013, they launched the new Saba 50, which took several of their previous attempts and combined many of their good features into a really lovely catamaran.... [more]
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Product of the Week: DIY splicer for small diameters
Ken Quant,
If you do your own splicing, you'll just love this product of the week: Ronstan's new D-Splicer range of specialized rope splicing tools are designed to take the difficulty out of working with smaller diameter synthetic 12-strand or single braid lines.... [more]
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