Sail Expo, Jimmy Cornell's new venture, projects want sailors' help

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 27 Feb 2014

Sail Expo, Jimmy Cornell's new venture, projects want sailors' help

Sail Expo at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on the edge of Sydney's Pittwater  .
Sailing events in Australia you may want to know about include the coming cruising seminars by the Island Cruising Association in Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns; Multihull Solutions Open Day on the Gold Coast this coming Sunday; and if you're anywhere within reach of Sydney, the Pittwater Sail Expo is a grand day out starting 23rd March.

Sailing guru Jimmy Cornell's announcement this week of a 'global race for amateurs' says more about the state of sailing in the world than it does about the race to come. Let's hope that 'amateur' means merely non-professional, not unskilled.

You don't have to be too adventurous or give up your day job to enter a leg close to home. There's a leg from Fremantle to Melbourne, then from Melbourne to Wellington.

Cornell new world race for 'amateurs' announced  .. .

The full circumnavigation event is an ambitious project, not because it hasn't been done before, but because times have changed and the sailing culture that existed when Robin Knox-Johnston competed in the first ever global race (for solo sailors) has disappeared into our global wake.

At that time, sailors vanished from sight for months at a time and sailors knew when they let go the docklines that rescue was not an option. Today, with old fashioned seamanship at a low ebb and communications at an all-time high, at Sail-World we report on too many sailors who go for an immediate rescue rather than cope with the conditions presented.

Maybe Jimmy, now in his seventies but just building his own new Ovni boat, Aventura 4, for a circumnavigation, can also instil some new-world seamanship skills into his competitors, so that the world's rescuers are not called upon unnecessarily to put their own lives at risk.

This week two scientific projects are calling on the world's cruising sailors for help, with particular emphasis on wanting information from the Southern Hemisphere – and the help can be much fun in the delivery. One is a plankton survey, helping to monitor the health of the oceans for a Plymouth University project, for which you'll need a dinky piece of DIY equipment. The other is assistance to the project Teamsurv to improve the worlds navigational charts. For this, when you register you'll be supplied with a small piece of monitoring equipment by Teamsurv. Enrol for these projects and feel useful while enjoying a sail.

Croc in a wave - 'He's a big boy' - photo by Sharon Scoble  .. .

As ever, there's also a wide range of other news - not only the important, but the amazing, the funny and the quirky - the crocodile at Cable Beach that destroyed any thought of swimming for more than a day, one teens response to Laura Dekker's amazing circumnavigation, how to sound smart on a Sunday sail and the best way to clean your waterline, amongst others. So run your eye down the headlines to see what catches your interest, and...

Sweet Summer Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Cruising Prep Seminars Well Received in Australia
Helen Horrocks,
The Island Cruising Association's (ICA's) series of Cruising Preparation Seminars currently taking place in Australia have so far been extremely well received, with sell-out crowds at all the major centres. More seminars are scheduled to take place in NSW and Queensland between now and the end of March, and there are still plenty of spaces left at Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns.... [more]
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Jimmy Cornell launches global race for amateurs
David Glenn,
Jimmy Cornell, the founder of the ARC, has launched a global race for amateur sailors. The World Odyssey will take competitors eastabout via the three great capes of the Southern Ocean in 2016/17. 'I want to give ordinary sailors the opportunity to race on their own terms,' declares the three times circumnavigator who says he is responding to the aims and interests of amateur sailors.... [more]
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Cruising sailors needed to help improve the world's charts
Sail-World Cruising,
If you've ever been in a situation where your GPS is telling you one thing while 'looking out the window' tells you another, you'll be engaged by a new initiative which is pleading for the help of cruising sailors to improve the world's charts - and therefore eventually the GPS result that you see on your electronic chart as well.... [more]
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Maidentrip - teens inspired by Laura Dekker's movie
Clementine Furber, WomensENews/Sail-World,
Wherever the film has been shown, female teen sailors have reacted dramatically and positively to the documentary of teen sailor Laura Dekker's voyage around the world, completed long before her 17th birthday. One of them, Clementine Furber, writes movingly to WomensENews about how she was inspired by the other's journey:... [more]
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Join Multihull Solutions for the Multihull Open Day, 1 March
Multihull Solutions,
Interested in owning a catamaran? Queensland's Gold Coast is the place to be. The team at Multihull Solutions is busy preparing for the Multihull Open Day on Saturday 1 March at our Gold Coast Sales Centre, home of the 'Out-of-Water Boat Show'.... [more]
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Greek yacht tax delayed, but yachting already hurting
Des Ryan,
As we reported in January, the Greek Government has delayed the implementation of the new vicious tax on visiting yachts. However, some of the damage may have already been done.... [more]
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Look like a seasoned old salt on your first sail - some nautical terms
Lee Mylchreest,
So you've just bought your first boat, or you've been invited on board someone else's boat for a sail. What you'll need is some nautical terms to show the rest of the crew how cool you are. You don't want to look like a land lubber when you're trying to impress the Sunday crowd.... [more]
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Cruising sailors, don't swim in SOME tropical waters
Lee Mylchreest,
As a sailor one of the delights of going cruising, particularly in tropical waters, is the ability to jump off the boat when you anchor for that refreshing swim beside the boat. However, visiting sailors to Australia's north west won't be jumping off the boat any time soon after an incident at Cable Beach near West Australia's remote Broome.... [more]
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Queensland now home to more than a quarter of a million boats
Marine Queensland,
Queensland has firmly cemented itself as the nation's boating capital with over a quarter of a million vessels now registered across the state.... [more]
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Music and sailing - British musician embarks on Folkboat Venture
Des Ryan,
Sailing being a kind of music in itself, sailing and music seem to go together as smoothly as Harley and Davidson. It's not a rare thing to find that many of your fellow boats in an anchorage have some kind of musical instrument. So British musician Phil Beer's will take time out for a 'Folkboat Venture' - a series of five-day music and sailing workshops.... [more]
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Calling all roving sailors - your chance to help a marine survey
Lee Mylchreest,
New Zealand and Australian sailors, here is your unique chance to make a difference in the marine scientific world, just because you are a sailor with a smart phone, helping as 'Citizen Scientists' with a plankton survey for Plymouth University. The process is simple and fun and it's vital to our knowledge of the oceans and climate change.... [more]
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How to clean your waterline in between slips
Martin Flory/Sail-World,
To properly clean a waterline, boat owners must know what type of bottom paint they have. This is important so the paint isn't removed or damaged while taking care of the waterline. Here, Shurhold offers the tips and tools to clean this important area.... [more]
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Visit Sail Expo at Pittwater - and maybe win $15,000
Damian Devine/Sail-World Cruising,
Sydney-siders and any other sailor or boat owner close enough, you won't want to miss the Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo in the lovely grounds of one of Sydney's most active cruising clubs, the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, affectionately known as the 'Alfred's'. Not only that, but be there and you just could win a boating holiday valued at $15,000... [more]
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How would your yacht affected by MARPOL rules for Ships in Europe?
If you are heading to Europe for a sail, this information may be vital: How do the rules and regulations about the environment that exist for big ships and other domestic legislation affect the lives of cruising sailors voyaging from country to country? This article, not an exhaustive study, has detailed information on Canada, Europe and the Mediterranean as well as a general overview.... [more]
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