Strange craft but true, solo sailor troubles, adventure-seeker wanted

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 21 Feb 2014

Strange craft but true, solo sailor troubles, adventure-seeker wanted

The Saildrone - photo by Corey Arnold  .
Two strange craft but true featured this week: A quaint sailing robot called Honey Badger is about to attempt a circumnavigation of the world, and one of the most extraordinary of super sailing yachts ever, the Dragonship 80, is off the drawing board and waiting to be built.

Dragonship 80 by Pi Yacht and McPherson Yacht Design4  .. .

The International Rules for the Avoidance of Collision at Sea are not often quoted by police but it seems that's what you get when your rescuer happens to be the local Navy who maybe reports to the police.

What will intrigue solo sailors across the world is that the Australian Police actually cited the fact that a lone sailor had contravened international regulations by 'taking catnaps' and therefore 'not keeping a proper watch'- among his various misdemeanours - and he was fined by the judge.

This has long provided interesting cockpit conversations among cruising sailors. By definition, every solo sailor who crosses an ocean must break these regulations by sleeping at some stage, even if it is only for 15 minutes at a time. Regulations much honoured in the breach, and rarely broached by marine authorities, let alone local police!

OceansWatch experiences  .. .

OceansWatch is calling for an adventure-seeking volunteer skipper to sail a boat across the South Pacific to help monitor the health of the ocean and assist the islands to cope with advancing climate change.

In the UK the very popular RYA Dinghy Show – one of the most interactive boat shows in the world – is gearing up to start in a couple of weeks, and John Arndt is pleading with us all to put 21st June in our diaries and get out on the water to celebrate the Summer Sailstice.

John Jamieson is back with some more great tips for skippers; the GreenBlue organisation is asking how green is YOUR charter company; and a very talented software engineer has managed to encapsulate the world's winds in a very delicate moving graphic display which is updated every four hours.

Earth showing Britain's horrific weather  .. .

Much more too, to run your eye down the headlines to catch your interest.

If you're lucky enough to be on the water, sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing robot Honey Badger that could sail itself around the world
Adam Fisher,
On October 1, the 19-foot craft was set loose in the San Francisco Bay with a simple command lodged in its electronic brain: Sail to Hawaii. For 2,248 nautical miles the boat did the rest.... [more]
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Use These GPS 'Safety Circles' for Easy Navigation!
John Jamieson,
Imagine sailing along a coastline in good conditions. Suddenly fog, thicker than pea-soup or New England chowder cloaks your boat beneath a shroud of mist. Shoals pockmark the sailing route to starboard. Discover two ways to use your GPS to avoid grounding or damage to your hull, keel, rudder or propeller.... [more]
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Adventurous skipper wanted for voyage in the South Pacific
Chris Bone/Sail-World Cruising,
Adventurous sailor and qualified skipper is wanted by a marine conservation organisation for a voyage in the South Pacific commencing in Auckland. If you are a qualified sailor who loves the natural environment and has some time to spare, here could be the opportunity for a grand adventure.... [more]
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Green Guide for charter companies - how 'green' is yours?
If you are in the habit of using charter companies for your sailing holidays, you will want to know that they are as 'green' as you would like. The UK's Green Blue have just published a new Green Guide for charter companies, worthwhile whether you are located in the UK or not.... [more]
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Ice sailors - those who love a big freeze
Des Ryan,
Not everyone is unhappy when the weather is freezing and the wind is high. While most of North America is rueing the cold weather and Britain is fighting the worst seas for hundreds of years, one group of people revels in horrible weather - ice sailors on the hard ice of the Navesink River in New Jersey, USA.... [more]
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Thinking of chartering in the Med? - new base for the Aeolian Islands
Lee Mylchreest,
If you are thinking of chartering a boat to sail in the Mediterranean any time soon, there's a new charter base to consider. Following a new partnership between sail charter companies, the Aeolian Islands become more accessible from the port of Tropea as the base.... [more]
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Earth Wind Map - beautiful, delicate and - oh so revealing
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The Earth Wind Map is an amazing project to visualize global weather conditions carried out by software engineer Cameron Beccario, resulting in a beautifully mesmerising depiction of the earth's winds. Weather data is produced by the Global Forecast System (GFS), operated by the US National Weather Service. Forecasts are produced four times daily.... [more]
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Yacht of the week: A crazy dream or an innovative new yacht?
Des Ryan,
Now is this some kind of crazy dream or what? No, it's real and it is waiting to be built after being designed by Pi Yacht and McPerson Yacht Design. It's called the Dragonship 80, an 80m trimaran with foldaway hulls and that very heady set of aerofoil sails.... [more]
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RYA commences search for inspirational volunteers
Susie NationGrainger,
Britain's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has officially commenced the search for 2014's most inspirational volunteers by opening nominations for the 2014 RYA Volunteer Awards. These longstanding awards recognise the outstanding contributions made to our sport by volunteers throughout the UK.... [more]
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Solo sailor fined $770 for 'taking 15 minute catnaps'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Solo sailors of the world beware. A solo sailor in the Whitsunday Islands of the eastern coastline of Australia has been fined for 'not keeping a proper watch' as he admitted taking 15-minute 'catnaps' while sailing a famous ex-racing yacht, the 16m Apollo 3.... [more]
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Summer Sailstice, 21st June: Diary it now
Ken Quant,
It's on again. This year, the world-wide Summer Sailstice celebration of sailing will be celebrated on the Summer Solstice itself, June 21st, giving all sailors out on the water the absolute maximum time to sail in daylight. Now in its 14th year, the event is becoming a tradition for sailors annually, across the globe.... [more]
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In the UK? - watch for the RYA Dinghy Show - Competitions aplenty
Emma Slater,
If you're anywhere within reach, put it in your diary. With under a month to go until the doors open on the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014 (01-02 March, Alexandra Palace, London), there are a whole host of competitions for you to get involved in, leading up to the show and during the event itself.... [more]
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