Win for Brisbane cruising sailors, Fremantle welcome, dinghy exploring

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 17 Jan 2014

Win for Brisbane cruising sailors, Fremantle welcome, dinghy exploring

Laura Dekker on arrival in New Zealand  .. .

Looking at the OCC's world-wide awards, it's quite ironic that in the same week when two male solo sailors making well-publicized circumnavigation attempts were forced to give up their dreams and limp to safety (see stories below), two of the top winners for the 2013 Awards were solo-sailing circumnavigating females, one the oldest in the world and the other the youngest.

Jeanne Socrates   .. .

Even more ironic is the fact that both male sailors had to give in because of boat issues that they could not repair at sea – one with loose strands in his shrouds, the other with multiple problems in his extremely complicated boat. Their stories are fascinating for what they DON'T say, more than what they tell. What is does point out is how vital a simple boat on which you can fix (almost) ANYTHING that breaks is to the long-range cruising sailor!

Fremantle Sailing Club has been welcoming Glenn Wakefield, the Canadian sailor who limped into Fremantle, his non-stop 'wrong-way' circumnavigation aborted because of loose strands in his shrouds (mentioned above). Glenn reports he is delighted with the welcome from authorities as well.

Glenn Wakefield after arrival in Fremantle  .. .

Watch out for the cruising seminars by John and Lyn Martin of the Island Cruising Association which have begun around the coastline of Australia. No matter where you are there will be a cruising seminar within reach. Read the story below for details.

Some of the gear advised in the article  .. .

Do you like exploring in your dinghy? There's much joy to be had in the small bays and creeks where your boat, with its deeper draft, can't fit. But how should your 'exploration dinghy' be fitted out? Ten tips this week about the gear you should think about including, some of it showing in the photo above. John Jamieson is back this week too, with some advice on navigation steps the prudent sailor will take BEFORE you lift anchor.

Much more too, so browse down the screen to choose your interest.

If you are lucky enough to be out there on the water, sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Ocean Cruising Club's Australian Trophy goes to Brisbane cruisers
Lee Mylchreest,
This year's Australian Trophy of the Ocean Cruising Club has been awarded to Ian Johnstone & Jo Grace, with children Gill and Keely. The trophy is awarded for a meritorious voyage by an Australian member of the club, starting or finishing in Australia.... [more]
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Cruising seminars from Fremantle around the coast to Cairns
Des Ryan,
There's still time to book in Fremantle, first off the blocks. Starting January 14, sailors right round the coastline of Australia who would like to cruise beyond their home waters will have a unique chance to attend comprehensive and intense seminars specifically for the cruising sailor. Seminars in Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Townsville or Cairns.... [more]
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Murdoch sells superyacht Rosehearty for $29.7M
Lee Mylchreest,
Now here would be a nice yacht if you had a few million lying around, but you're too late. It was snapped up over Christmas. Rupert Murdoch has sold his superyacht for $29.7M after just three months on the market.... [more]
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Seven Sailing Navigation 'Highlight and Annotate' Safety Tips
John Jamieson,
Sailing navigation begins with the process of interpreting what you see and how that will affect your sailing boat and her crew now and in the future. You will keep sailing safer when you make most of your navigation preparations dockside before you cast off that first line.... [more]
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Unique safety program keeps NZ kids safe
Environment Southland/Sail-World,
A unique boat safety programme for New Zealand school children run by Environment Southland and Southern Boating Courses, which was only started in 2012, has been successful in getting its message across to parents this summer.... [more]
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Australia Day on Sydney Harbour
Media Services,
There's nothing quite like Australia Day on Sydney Harbour, the crowning jewel of Australia's national celebrations. Big, bright and exciting, this year's program brought to you by P&O Cruises will see the harbour transformed into a floating festival of new events, with some old favourites mixed in.... [more]
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Canadian, British and Dutch/NZ honoured in OCC Awards
Lee Mylchreest,
A Canadian, a British and a Dutch/New Zealand sailor have received top honours in this years Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Awards. Coincidentally, the two women are the youngest and the oldest (who did it non-stop) females to circumnavigate the world solo. The third recipient is a volunteer weather router extraordinaire, who for more than 25 years assisted sailors to cross oceans in safety.... [more]
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New methodology measures ominous Antarctic glacier melt
British Antarctic Survey,
Will your favourite natural island be gone below the oceans in a few years? Do low-lying islands really have much to worry about? This is much discussed by cruising sailors in cockpit sundowners, sometimes with hot divisions. According to a new paper in the British Antarctic Survey website, it is not a matter of if, but when, and scientists have been having a hard time working this out.... [more]
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World ARC Rally goes annual, still possible to join from Australia
Des Ryan,
The World ARC Rally has just left St Lucia in the Caribbean this week, and it is still possible for boats to join the World ARC fleet in Australia in late August 2014 for the Indian Ocean crossing to South Africa, and onwards to the Caribbean.... [more]
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Botany Bay Yacht Club celebrates five decades
Karen Ballantyne,
Botany Bay Yacht Club - Since Lt. James Cook's HMS Endeavour Bark sailed through the heads in 1770, Botany Bay has a proud tradition of being a fine place to sail. Half a century ago, sailors were inspired to form a club specifically for yachts, and held the inaugural race of the Botany Bay Yacht Club on the 19 January 1964, with nine yachts entered.... [more]
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Top 10 pieces of gear for your substantial excursion dinghy
There's much to be said for having a substantial dinghy which can take you on excursions along coastlines or up rivers where your cruising boat won't go. Some cruisers we have met put inordinate emphasis on having a large, fast and powerful dinghy well kitted out for day adventures. Here's what should be aboard every boat 20 feet or smaller... [more]
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Thinking to sail Greece? Facts on new Greek cruising tax
Cruising Association,
Britain's Cruising Association (CA), which provides services, information, help and advice to sailors worldwide, has been monitoring the newly introduced tax on visiting cruising sailors in Greece. Why Greece wants to penalise, not encourage the sailing fraternity, which can bring economic benefit to this challenged country is beyond understanding, but here is the CA's latest information:... [more]
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2nd round-world solo sailor limps to port- Stanley Paris to Cape Town
Lee Mylchreest,
Aspiring round-the-world solo yachtsman Stanley Paris is aborting his RW voyage for Cape Town with severe boat failures. Cape Town is eight days away and his blogs have been terminated. The words in his last blog spoke of his disappointment.... [more]
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'Non-stop' solo sailor limps towards West Australia, shrouds gone.
Lee Mylchreest,
British Solo sailor Glenn Wakefield, attempting a 'wrong way' non-stop solo circumnavigation on his West Wind II from Victoria in Canada, is limping towards Fremantle in West Australia with compromised shrouds. Can he preserve his mast? Only time will tell. With typical irony, he observed today. 'I am going to make some tea and oats and hold my breath.' (He made it - see footnote)... [more]
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Yachting Journalists' Association UK Yachtsman of the Year announced
Yachting Journalists' Association,
At the YJA Apollo Yachtsman of the Year Awards 2013 a retired youth leader and former church curate with a passion for sailing icy Arctic waters has been voted British yachtsman of the year by Britain's top sailing journalists.... [more]
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