NZ ire at govt ferry decision, Dusseldorf for families, Australia Day!

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 16 Jan 2014

NZ ire at govt ferry decision, Dusseldorf for families, Australia Day!

There's a positive mood in the news and anecdotally, from those in the know who track the trends and those who deal with harsh reality at the consumer end of the chain. In the US, the NMMA says that despite the cold, boat show crowds have been optimistic and spending up, and the American boating industry is anticipating a great season ahead. The same goes for wet and weary UK, also enduring a bleak winter. And while London Boat Show visitation was down, exhibitors report strong sales and better than average leads.

So on that note, we have a preview of the Boot Dusseldorf show - one that has had to adapt and evolve to meet consumer demands and address falling crowd numbers. With the theme this year of '360° Watersports', if it floats, dives or splashes, Boot has it covered!

demonstrations at Boot D  .. ©

I am sure local boat show organisers are inspired to learn Boot is bending over backwards to engage families and get people onboard at all levels.

Panorama  BIA NSW

The BIA NSW have decided to relocated the Rosehill Trailer Boat Show to the modern facility at Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park, to facilitate the event's 'next stage of growth adapting to market and industries requirement for more space and a superior exhibition facility'. It will remain a free event for the visiting public.

On boat shows, Sanctuary Cove is greeting the New Year and starting the countdown to this year's SCIBS - just four months from now. Stand by for plenty of news from the glorious Gold Coast.

Perhaps the major story this week is from NZ, where the local marine industry has taken umbridge at the government's choice to build an NZ$8m ferry in Bangladesh.

Western Marine Shipyard Bangladesh  .. ©

The 43-metre vessel is a replacement ferry for the New Zealand territory of Tokelau and capable of carrying 60 passengers and 50 tonnes of freight. 12 shipyards from Australia, Bangladesh, China, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore tendered for the project, with the Bangladesh firm Western Marine Shipyard selected.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade concluded from the process 'that there are no . . . economic gain to New Zealand from having this vessel built here versus by an overseas yard'.

Peter Busfield, executive director of NZ Marine, rightly contests this, saying 'We believe the Government's procurement requirements are fundamentally flawed as the process does not factor in the economic gain to the country of buying ‘New Zealand made' versus importing.'

It seems ludicrous given the stature and superior workmanship, not to mention the patriotic professionalism of the Kiwi marine industry!

What are you planning for Australia Day 2014? If you are in Sydney, there is a plethora of events on Sydney and Darling Harbours from dawn late into the night, all long weekend in fact - which just happens to coincide with Chinese New Year! How fortuitous! Check out the NSW Maritime guide for all the tips and events over the long weekend.

Australia Day  NSW Maritime ©

I am going to be on a Sydney Ferry, jostling for position in a Harbour jammed with pleasure craft, Tall Ships and vessels celebrating 226 years of colonisation, the Ancient and fascinating culture that preceded that by thousands of years, and one of the best waterfronts in the wide world, one that I spent nearly 30 years traversing on my way to school and then work. It will be a first for my kids and Kiwi hubby. Turn it on Sydney!

There are many more stories lined up for publishing this week, so drop by every now and then. You won't be alone! In the past six months, our sites have averaged 400,000 unique users each month . . . not once a year but every month.

In 2014, TetraMedia will launch 11 new sites, that will bring the group to 30 sites, we operate 24x7, and our news is published in 78 languages, some 15 of those we have 1200+ sailing technical words and phrases that have been translated by our team.

By the end of 2014 we expect that list will have grown to 30 languages, becoming available to 95% of the sailing readers worldwide.

And so the growth continues, traffic up more than 50% in 2013, with more than three million unique visitors.

Happy boating this week and all year round.

Jeni Bone, editor

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