Buying your ideal boat, cooking at sea, Early Warning Squall Detector

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 02 Jan 2014

Buying your ideal boat, cooking at sea, Early Warning Squall Detector

Happy New Year to all our Sail-World Cruising readers! This edition brings you the first of many news magazines to your inbox in 2014, keeping you right up to date with what's happening in the world of the cruising sailor. With stories of sailing adventures, inside advice on new products and how to increase your cruising skills, you'll also have all the news about what's happening not only in your local waters but around the world.

One of the most insightful videos about cruising and what it means to be afloat and away from the structured life of landlubbers comes this week from the hand of long term cruising sailor Drake Roberts, who still loves his sailing, even though it's mostly in very high latitudes. I found the video a real magnet to get out there - or remind you why you should stay out there.

What kind of sailing boat is going to right for you?  John Martin

Two excellent pieces in this edition from regular writers, both of them long term cruising sailors. One from John Martin of the Island Cruising Association about wise purchasing of a cruising boat, the other from TV journalist Sheryl Shard with Ten Tips on cooking at sea.

Provisions being loaded on to Distant Shores II before an offshore passage from England to Madeira  Sheryl Shard

Authorities in New Zealand, which has one of the highest rates of drowning in the Western World, are giving a lot of attention this summer to getting boaters to wear life jackets and to knowing the boating regulations. Two articles will put you in the picture, with a new App to help you along the way.

Saba 50 sailing  .. .

The yacht featured this week is the Saba 50 cat from French boat builder Fountaine Pajot, and I know you're just going to love the Early Warning Squall Detector, a new invention by Dr Stanley Paris, who is currently circumnavigating the world non-stop and solo at the age of 76. Go Stanley!

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet summer sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Coral rebirth - Baby corals are blooming on the Great Barrier Reef
Amid the wreckage left behind by cyclone Yasi baby corals are blooming on the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have carried out their second inspection of a series of reefs between Townsville and Tully, located near the centre of the category five cyclones that swept through in February 2011.... [more]
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'The Real Cruising Life': Video by Drake Roberts
Drake Roberts,
Following is a series of interviews by Drake Roberts, long term cruising sailor on a Westsail 42 called Paragon. The series offers the most brilliant insight into the world of the cruising sailor - why they do it, how they do it, why they keep doing it. .... [more]
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New Zealand steps up life jacket rules
Sail-World Cruising,
Authorities in New Zealand are on the warpath for boat crews who do not wear life jackets when in a boat under six metres - this will include dinghies to sailing boats. With one of the highest death rates from drowning in the Western world, they are on a mission to make changes.... [more]
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Jimmy Cornell's new rallies in ocean research with UNESCO
Sail-World Cruising,
Best-selling sailing author, rally organiser and long-time cruising sailor Jimmy Cornell has clocked up another first in his amazing career. His newest venture, the Atlantic Odyssey, featuring 22 boats from 11 different countries in a crossing of the Atlantic, has participated in a research program in conjunction with UNESCO.... [more]
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Patent Pending: Early Warning Squall Detector for solo sailors
Lee Mylchreest,
Dr Stanley Paris, 76-year-old New Zealand born but longtime Florida resident, is attempting to become the oldest sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop. Always adventurous and inventive, Dr Stanley has, on the way, invented an amazing Early Warning Squall Detector for which he says he has a patent pending, but which we can't help sharing with Sail-World readers: Here's the story:... [more]
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New App for boating regulations in New Zealand
Sail-World Cruising,
New Zealand sailors will be happy to know that there's a free new smartphone app has been developed to help boaties and water enthusiasts easily navigate boating regulations across New Zealand. So, heading for a day out on the water? Take Marine Mate with you, your boating information guide for New Zealand.... [more]
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Largest Dinghy Dinghy Gathering ever - World record attempt
Sail-World Cruising,
British sailor Andrew Simpson, an gold Olympic medallist, who was tragically killed in a training accident on San Francisco Bay in May 2013. The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, founded by friends and family members to encourage youngsters into sailing, is planning a monster sized attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for 'The Largest Dinghy Sailing Race'... [more]
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Quantum Sale – Why do you want to win a Spinlock Deckvest?
Quantum Sails,
Quite simply because you will wear it! Spinlock set out to develop personal safety equipment sailors want to wear which, by its very nature, makes it inherently safer. It's no secret Spinlock life jackets are a premium product but no other jacket performs on deck and in water like it.... [more]
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Choosing the ideal cruising boat
John Martin, Island Cruising Association,
So you want to acquire a cruising boat ideal for the kind of cruising you want to do. Where do you start? Every manufacturer says theirs is the best, every ancient mariner has their own favourite. Here John Martin of the Island Cruising Association, having led myriads of rallies, having counselled hundreds of sailors how to make their own boat-buying decisions, gives us all some wise advice:... [more]
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Top 10 Tips for Cooking at Sea
Sheryl Shard,
World-renowned TV journalists and long range cruising sailors Sheryl and Paul Shard are currently sailing their boat, Distant Shores II, in the Caribbean. Here Sheryl talks about their personal experiences of cooking at sea:... [more]
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Fountaine Pajot's newest offering: The Saba 50 sailing cat
Sail-World Cruising,
Well known French catamaran builder, Fountaine Pajot has unveiled the new Saba 50 sailing catamaran this month. They say they are 'elevating performance cruising to an entirely new level of style and affordability.' With cruising yachts of all types gradually getting bigger and bigger, at first glance it certainly seems as though they have launched a new winner.... [more]
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Quantum Sale – What could you spend your $500 Whitworths Voucher on?
Quantum Sails,
Whitworths Marine & Leisure is Australia's largest marine accessories retailers and has been serving boat owners since 1962. With sixteen big supermarket locations Australia wide and direct delivery from our Mail Order departments, Whitworths Marine & Leisure offers the best service, convenient locations, and a huge selection of quality products, at unbeatable prices... [more]
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