The Stage is set for the 2013 Sydney Hobart race

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Welcome to our Sail-World coverage of this iconic race. As always this will be the most detailed coverage there is.

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The Stage is set for the 2013 Sydney Hobart race

Newport Bermuda Race  Newport Bermuda Race Media

The Newport to Bermuda Race, the Fastnet and the Sydney Hobart are the world's best known blue water classics but timing is everything and the Sydney Hobart has little sporting competition. The media coverage of the Hobart race is significantly more intense, by many orders of magnitude

An iconic race, with its start gloriously programmed during the Boxing Day Australia-England Test luncheon break.

2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet at South Head before exiting Sydney Harbour  © Rolex/Daniel Forster

It will be another noisy start with helicopters throbbing overhead and it seems a short upwind sprint to the Heads before the fleet heads south under spinnaker.

In the meanwhile those ashore will discover via the Television coverage of the race that while they thought there were 90 boats in the fleet, there are actually just half a dozen.

Once again we will hope like hell that a canoe does not get torn in half in the washing machine off Zulu mark as the fleet head south.

We at Sail-World will be on our 17th startline, we have a bigger team than ever, with sailors reporting from the water by Skype and Satellite, meanwhile the HF will be crackling , here in SW HQ as we too will be on a 4/4 watch system.

Explaining the protest - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race   Crosbie Lorimer

While the early forecasts favour the big boats we hope that the more likely outcome will be deliver chances for everyone and that the Race Committee does not become a story of the race as it has in recent years.

But maybe that is like believing there will be wind in the Derwent after mid-night.

Rob Kothe and the Sail-World Team

Reindeer, raceboats and Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
Growing up in a sailing-obsessed house on the East Coast meant that there were four important 'everyman' distance races to follow, namely the Newport-Bermuda, the Transpac, the Fastnet and the legendary Sydney to Hobart Race. While my family has experience racing to Bermuda, the other three races have always held their own challenges. If Transpac wins the prize for distance, and Fastnet for histor... [more]
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Sailing in 78 languages – spreads the news world-wide
Rob Kothe and the Sail-World Team,
Whether it's the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race, the Volvo Ocean Race, the America's Cup, Olympic class or Optimist regattas, sailing news can now be read in 78 languages and with the benefit of modern technology the quality of the translations is improving rapidly.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - The elusive Tattersall's Cup
Jim Gale,
In the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race thr first across the line is easy to follow, and a great deal of time, money and effort goes into winning that particular prize. But what yachties really value, what brings them back year after year after year is the elusive Tattersall's Cup, awarded to the overall winner on IRC handicap.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Karl Kwok‘s Beau Geste aiming for a double
Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team,
Hong Kong Businessman Karl Kwok won the 1997 Hobart at his first attempt in a Farr 40 called Beau Geste. Now he is back, as he says putting his batting average on the line with another attempt.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Wild Oats XI crew encouraged by final trial
Rob Mundle,
For this week's Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race while the weather outlook is ‘messy', according to yachting meteorologist Roger ‘Clouds' Badham, the skipper of Bob Oatley's race record holder – the 100ft supermaxi, Wild Oats XI – couldn't be happier on two fronts.... [more]
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Video Coverage of 2012 Sydney to Hobart race,
Competitor or spectator ahead of the 69th race start, settle down and watch the 26 min video coverage of the 2012 Rolex Sydney to Hobart. Great Production values in this coverage by Rolex.... [more]
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Sailing legend prepares for thrill of Rolex Sydney Hobart chase
Danielle McKay, RSHYR Media,
It's not often Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finds himself in a no-win situation, but that's just where he wound up when he entered the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race this year. Sir Robin chose to sail aboard the older generation Clipper 68, but will race against those aboard the 12 brand new Clipper 70's in the race he created... [more]
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From Concept to Start Line: Winning the Rolex Sydney Hobart
Jim Gale,
Past Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Commodore, Matt Allen, has spent a year carefully working out what it will take to win the Rolex Sydney Hobart, and his answer is his brand new Carkeek 60 Ichi Ban. Designing and building the boat, all the decisions and questions and answers that it involved tells us a lot about Matt Allen - the true nature of a Rolex Sydney Hobart - and Australian offsho... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing announce Aussie recruit
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing,
In the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 Australian Luke Parkinson has been recruited by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. The 23-year-old Perth sailor is joining the team skippered by Ian Walker. Parkinson will be one of Abu Dhabi's Under-30s crew members. Turning 24 in February, this 49er sailor was selected by skipper Ian Walker after coming highly recommended within sailing circles and passing a series of testin... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - Taylor's quest for the Cup
Danielle McKay,
Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - At 64 years of age Bruce Taylor, the skipper of Chutzpah, is nearing an era when most would consider retiring, but it's not work holding the Victorian back from enjoying the red wine and his golden-years; it's sailing.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Wild Oats XI receives clean bill of health
Rob Mundle,
Bob Oatley's Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race record holder, the 30-metre long supermaxi Wild Oats XI, went back into the water today with a clean bill of health, after being out of the water at Woolwich Dock for a thorough going-over for four days.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Long range weather forecast favours big boats
Jim Gale,
The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2013 long range weather forecast is very promising for the biggest, fastest boats in the fleet, even dangling the possibility of a race record, but what comes as good news on the V70s and 100 foot super-maxis is disappointing for the mid-sized and particularly smaller yachts.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Zefiro seeks full blooded southerly
Jim Gale, RSHYR Media,
Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - It is said that gentlemen do not go to windward - and quite so - it is a bit like scrum time in the rugby, best suited to miners and the unashamedly agricultural who can only gawp at the nonchalant elegance of wingers in stainless white shorts.... [more]
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Big initial entry for revival of One Ton Cup - event planning underway
Alan Sefton,
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has started formalised planning for a One Ton Cup Revisited regatta in Auckland, in February/March 2015. Its decision to proceed with the event is based on a strong international expression of interest in competing. That response includes 16 would-be entries and 4 would-be charterers, from NZ (9), Australia (4), Sweden (2), UK (2), Canada (2) and the USA (1).... [more]
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Rolex Sydney to Hobart - Patrice performs like a rocket ship
Jim Gale,
Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - Tony Kirby is hugely regarded at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, and with 27 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Races under his belt, is a stalwart of the annual 628 nautical mile race.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Downwind drag race for Wild Oats XI
Rob Mundle,
The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race gets underway in eight days time on Boxing Day, and while yachting meteorologist Roger Badham's crystal ball is still a little fuzzy, the crew of Bob Oatley's champion yacht, the 30-metre supermaxi, Wild Oats XI, are liking what he's telling them.... [more]
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