Drugs on sailboats, 76-year-old on non-stop journey, removing the mast

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 05 Dec 2013

Drugs on sailboats, 76-year-old on non-stop journey, removing the mast

Just as Greece is slapping on taxes for the boating community in the mistaken idea that yachts won't vote with a lifted anchor, Russia and Cuba, on the other hand, have both taken steps to make their shores more yacht friendly This means there are some new possibilities to consider when planning your long range cruising.

Minoru Saito might be the oldest sailor to complete a circumnavigation, finishing his (eighth) solo circumnavigation at the age of 77, but Dr Stanley Paris, a 76-year-old New Zealander who resides in Florida has just set out to do it - non-stop. Very inspirational story!

Stanley Paris  .. .

Speaking of inspirational, some cruising sailors have clubbed together to help remote islanders in the Philippines affected by the recent super-typhoon. They want your help too, so do read their story.

In other news, there's a new great book review by Doug Cuming from Boat Books, there's still time for Perth sailors to catch the information session at the Royal Perth Yacht Club on antifouling, there's a new smartphone App for New Zealand sailors and Simon Grain from J24 Australia has some very comprehensive advice on removing your mast and checking your rigging.

J24, DIY - getting ready to raise the mast  .. .

All these stories and more, just by running your eye down the headlines below.

For those lucky enough to be out there on the water..

...Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Yachties respond to Typhoon crisis in the Philippines
Lee Mylchreest,
Sail-World Cruising has been contacted by some yachties who have responded to the crisis in the Philippines caused by Super Typhoon Haikan/Yolanda, and they are appealing for help from sailors around the world.... [more]
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Remove the mast, check the rigging - at home!
Simon Grain, J24 Australia/Sail-World,
Taking your mast out and checking your rigging on a 'standard' size cruising boat - say 35-50ft - is something that the rigger does when you ask him to. However, with a smaller boat, such as a J24, it can easily and conveniently be done at home - if you know how. We have found this new excellent series of instructions, so read on as Luke Matthews writes the detail of just how it's done:... [more]
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Book Review: Sailing - a Serious Ocean
Doug Cuming,
Sailing – A Serious Ocean by John Kretschmer: Sailboats, storms, stories, and lessons leaned from 30 years at sea. John Kretschmer is a seriously experienced sailor having logged more than 300,000 offshore sailing miles and brings every minute of his time afloat in his latest book, Sailing – A Serious Ocean.... [more]
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Americans and Kiwis to tackle ocean acidification
Around sixty shellfish aquaculture experts will converge on Nelson this week to attend a joint New Zealand-United States workshop to consider the best ways to future-proof New Zealand's shellfish aquaculture industry from ocean acidification.... [more]
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Team Windcraft on board with Sailors with disABILITIES
Deb Jeffreys,
Struggling to stay afloat, Sailors with disABILITIES (SWD) has been buoyed by a pledge of support that includes fund-raising initiatives from the Windcraft Group, a Sydney-based boating company.... [more]
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Gladstone Marina Achieves Gold Anchor Accreditation
The Marina Industries Association (MIA) is pleased to announce Gladstone Ports Corporation's (GPC) Gladstone Marina has been awarded MIA Gold Anchor rating for its services and facilities.... [more]
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Vanuatu to Australia Rally identified as favourite for drug cartel
ACBPS/Sail-World Cruising,
For some months Sail-World has been reporting on the occasional swoop on yachts carrying drugs on sailing boats from South America into Australia. There has been a growing tendency for drug importers to the South Pacific to use the low profile nature of a sailing boat, but now, in a confidential report, the Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu to Australia is identified as a favourite for the drug trade.... [more]
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New yacht charter opportunities for 2014
Lee Mylchreest,
Not all of us can afford the time and/or the money to sail over the horizon for months and years at a time. (But why not?) So chartering a yacht in a distant or exotic port is the next best alternative. Here we bring you what one of the world's leading charter organisations, Sunsail, with 800 yachts in 27 destinations worldwide, is offering new for the 2014 season.... [more]
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New free smartphone app for New Zealand sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
A free new smartphone app gives water users across New Zealand easy access to any information they need when heading out onto the water. The MarineMate application for iPhone and Android devices has up-to-date tide information adjusted for daylight savings, safe boating checklists, and regulatory information on 5 knot zones, towing lanes and swimming areas.... [more]
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Double record circumnavigation attempt delayed by weather
Des Ryan,
A New Zealander - but Florida based - sailor planning to sail around the world breaking two world records, beginning and ending in Florida, had to take a rain check Saturday because of bad weather. Dr. Stanley Paris had planned to set out Saturday afternoon in his 63ft Farr designed sloop, but weather delayed his voyage until Sunday morning.... [more]
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HMS Bounty rescuers receive top IMO Bravery Award for hurricane rescue
IMO/Sail-World Cruising,
An IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2013 went to two American rescuers involved in the HMS Bounty rescue. The American rescuers were presented with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2013, during a special ceremony held on this week at IMO Headquarters in London.... [more]
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Boaties urged to clean their hull bottoms to protect NZ waters
Lesley Patston,
Boat owners, and especially owners of moored yachts and launches, are being urged to thoroughly clean their hulls before heading away this summer.... [more]
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Perth sailors: the inside story on antifouling, 11 December
Royal Perth Yacht Club,
Antifouling is one of those subjects that must be addressed on an annual basis, that is in a state of a continual flux because of changing technology, and that is subject to more and more regulation. Perth sailors will be treated to the inside story at the Royal Perth Yacht Club on 11th December.... [more]
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Melbourne sailors beware: Marine algal blooms off St Kilda Yacht Club
Sally Bateman/Sail-World,
Melbourne sailors beware. The recent combination of warm weather and rain has resulted in the appearance of several marine algal blooms in far northern Port Phillip Bay off St Kilda Yacht Club and in Hobsons Bay in the last week.... [more]
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Festival of Sails - 100th entry announced
Lisa Ratcliff,
2014 Festival of Sails is to be held from Thursday 23rd until Monday 27th January 2014. The clock ticking down to the close of the special Festival of Sails early bird entry fee at midnight this Saturday, November 30th, has sparked a rush of interest and online registrations.... [more]
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First ARC+ arrivals make landfall in Saint Lucia
World Cruising Club,
On 20 November, 43 rally yachts set sail from Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands bound for Rodney Bay on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Seven ARC+ boats are now safely tied up inside Rodney Bay Marina having enjoyed an easy sail across the Atlantic. The rest of the ARC+ boats are due to arrive over the next week.... [more]
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Three days visa free for cruising sailors to Russia - new bill
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It's a changing world for those thinking of sailing over the horizon, particularly if you want to visit the northern hemisphere. In the last couple of weeks Greece has hiked its charges for visiting yachts dramatically, Cuba is holding out a welcome flag to cruising sailors, and now Russia is starting to recognise that 'yacht tourism' is a valuable commodity.... [more]
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New boating destination: Land of the Thousand Lakes
Le Boat/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailed everywhere and running out of destinations? Here's a new one - the Land of the Thousand Lakes, the Masurian Lakes of Poland. There's only one rub: they are motor boats not sailing boats, but you'll be on the water and definitely having fun in a destination almost unknown to the outside world of boating.... [more]
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Cuba holds out a five year welcome flag to cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
While it has always been, in recent history, a 'no-no' for Americans to sail to Cuba, Australians and New Zealanders just love the place. Now, Cuba is doing its best to hold out the welcome mat, simplifying entry procedures and allowing yachts to remain in Cuba for five years.... [more]
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Storm creates yacht havoc in Thailand's Phuket
Jeff Zika/Sail-World Cruising,
As leisure sailors, we all like to think that, while the ocean is not our friend, we can overcome its wildest of rages if we display good seamanship. But that's at sea. Recently Phuket, Thailand, experienced a major storm which the best seamanship in the world couldn't prevent from heart-breaking, destructive damage to some of the finest of yachts.... [more]
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Deaf British yachtsman receives RYA Sailability Award
Susie NationGrainger,
Gerry Hughes, a teacher from Glasgow, was presented with the first ever RYA Sailability Personal Endeavour Award on ITV's Surprise Surprise (Sunday 01 December) in recognition of his historic voyage as the first deaf yachtsman to sail single-handedly around the world via the Five Great Capes.... [more]
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ARC Caribbean 1500 wraps up in Tortola
World Cruising Club USA,
The 2013 ARC Caribbean 1500 - the 24th edition of the annual cruising rally - came to a close in Tortola with the final prizegiving on Thursday, November 14. Despite sometimes challenging conditions offshore, the entire fleet arrived unscathed in Nanny Cay in time for prizegiving.... [more]
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Disability accessible Tallship on World circumnavigation
Philippa Williams,
We are on board the Lord Nelson, a square rigged sail training ship operated by the Jubilee Sailing Trust. The JST is a British based charity that strives to promote sailing as an activity open to everyone, regardless of individual's physical capacity. Andy, Allen and myself have all signed up as voyage crew for one leg of Nellie world circumnavigation - and we are all enjoying ourselves immensely... [more]
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