Nominate that special sailor...rallies, rallies and rogue waves

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 21 Nov 2013

Nominate that special sailor...rallies, rallies and rogue waves

Quantum Sails - read Carl's advice  .. .

Much rally news too this week: That 'no fee' rally, the Salty Dawg Rally, updates us finally on the challenging conditions which some of their boats encountered sailing down the American coastline to the Caribbean.

It's always tough when a rally or a race has challenging weather - sailors are quick to ask whether the rally organisers did the right thing.

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers is just about to depart, with no less than 12 boats from Australia and New Zealand (see the flags in the image of the parade), and the rally members are undergoing their customary 'trial by partying' before the big departure – as well as a few safety checks and seminars...

ARC - the grand parade of nationalities, part of the festivities before departure  .. .

Another rally is in one of the most inaccessible parts of the world, the French territory of Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. The Oyster World Rally has reached the island, 1200 miles from the African continent – a truly exotic location, on their way to Africa.

Oyster World Rally  .. .

Rogue waves are one of the features of any ocean crossing the cruising sailors needs to be aware of – whether you are in 10 knots or 50.

Read the experience and see the video of the rogue wave which stunned the amateur British crew in the current Clipper Round the World event.

Finally, Bahamian mooring is another trick in your box when faced with tidal conditions in a river or channel.

It's not a frequent requirement in many of our unconstricted waters, but good to know.

Much more too, so read on, enjoy, and, for the lucky ones...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Oyster World Rally - Fleet now in Reunion
Louay Habib,
The Oyster World Rally fleet is now in Reunion, the final rendezvous before the inaugural Oyster World Rally reaches Africa. Reunion is a French territory located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, south west of Mauritius and 1200 miles from the African continent. Reunion has a tropical climate, a stunning volcanic landscape and white sandy beaches fringed by coral reefs.... [more]
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Anchoring in a fast tidal flow - the Bahamian Mooring System
Des Ryan,
Sailing writer Des Ryan tells of his recent experience, a first time Bahamian Moor. He here shares his experiences and what he learned as a result: I just finished anchoring in Crookhaven River, where the tidal flow was amazing. This underlined the value of the Bahamian Mooring technique, which I had never used before. It proved fantastic. What is it? Read on...... [more]
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Victorians happy with new on-water refuel facility
Sail-World Cruising,
The Boating Industry Association of Victoria today applauded the State Government on the opening of a new on-water boat refuelling facility at Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance, on the south eastern Victorian coastline. The facility will allow for recreational boaters to refuel on the water instead of getting out of their boats and walking into Lakes Entrance or even avoiding the area altog... [more]
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Eleven Australian, one New Zealand boat in Atlantic Rally
World Cruising Club,
With one week to go before the ARC 2013 fleet leave Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia, eleven Australian boats are entered and one New Zealand yacht. In the Las Palma streets and around the vast marina, crews from across the world marched and danced behind their national flags in a stirring parade around Las Palmas Marina.... [more]
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Saildrone completes Pacific crossing
Des Ryan,
They have been trying for years to cross the Atlantic with an automated sailing boat, and that challenge is still out there, but now a team of high-tech enthusiasts formed into a non-profit organisation in Alameda California have completed a crossing from San Francisco to Hawaii - a world record for an unmanned sailing boat.... [more]
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Ocean Cruising Club: Call for nominations for the Australian Trophy
OCC/Nancy Knudsen,
Do YOU know someone who deserves to be nominated for an Ocean Cruising Club Award, especially the Australian Trophy? Below are the awards and criteria. The Ocean Cruising Club, that international club of those who have cast off the docklines and sailed away to adventure, are seeking nominations for their annual awards before the end of November.... [more]
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Rogue wave hits crew in yacht Great Britain - story includes Video
Julia Wall-Clarke/Sail-World Cruising,
Rogue waves are one of the unknowns in the ocean, whether in 10 knots or 50. I have personally encountered a rogue wave in the Pacific which thoroughly pooped our boat when lightly running in around 10 knots of wind. Here is a 'close encounter' with a rogue wave by British yacht Great Britain. It occurred this week in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in the South Indian Ocean:... [more]
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Gigantic iceberg sails north from the Antarctic
Live Science/Sail-World Cruising,
If you are contemplating ever sailing into the Southern Ocean, there's a new hazard that you might need to look out for. Live Science has reported that, after lingering in its birthing bay for nearly six months, an Antarctic iceberg measuring about 270 square miles, or the size of Singapore, is finally heading out to sea.... [more]
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Quantum Sails – Keep your $100 notes in your pocket (Pt II)
John Curnow,
We're back with Quantum Australasia's Carl Crafoord, who is keen to show all sailors how to avoid spending too much time in the cold shower, tearing up $100 notes. In this second instalment of Quantum Sails – Keep your $100 notes in your pocket, we get to hear about some of his pet loves and hates.... [more]
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Seahawk arrives, first of Perini Navi 60m sailing yachts
Lee Mylchreest,
The Perini Navi Group, known for their 40-60m sailing yachts, but probably best known among cruising sailors for their iconic yacht the Maltese Falcon, have delivered the first of their new generation of 60m yachts, Seahawk. It is designed in collaboration with New Zealander Ron Holland... [more]
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ARC and the challenge of an Atlantic crossing
World Cruising Club,
The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) has always been about the challenge of an Atlantic crossing, whether for first timers in a family cruising boat, or experienced sailors pushing for a personal best crossing time on a racing yacht.... [more]
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