Salty Dawg, cruising old and older, docking boon for solo sailors...

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 15 Nov 2013

Salty Dawg, cruising old and older, docking boon for solo sailors...

However, one has to query whether inexperienced crews – and there were multiple distress signals which were reversed when the crew found they were able to cope – nevertheless take more comfort from their participation in a rally than they should.

As usual, some of the stories leave more questions unanswered than are answered, and interviewers are traditionally gentle with those who have just been through a traumatic experience, especially if they have lost their boat, sometimes the only home they have. Read the stories below while the drama was unfolding.

Talking of rallies, a new version of the ARC Rally across the Atlantic has set out ahead of the main fleet – they've gone south to Cape Verde before heading west to the Caribbean. The rest of the fleet – over 200 yachts will start next week.

ARC+ sets off  .. .

There's no doubt about New Zealanders, they are great sailors, but now there are two at the other end of the age scale, in their seventies, who are on quests to circumnavigate the world solo – next it'll be 100-year-olds!

Our product of the week is a very snazzy aid for solo sailors – 'One Sailor' helps you berth without assistance, easy, every time. Well, that's what they are promising, and while I haven't tried it, it looks so simple it would have to work. If you love sailing on your own and have to berth often, it's worth considering.

One sailor - for solo sailors  .. .

Cowes is getting a new look so if you sail in those waters expect an exclusion zone while a breakwater is built; a marvellous Oceans Watch Essay this week about swimming with manatees; and Beneteau, the benchmark for how the boating industry is doing, is this week reporting a loss for the financial year.

I have just received my copy of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) rigging handbook – what a wonderful production!

If you are lucky enough to be out there, sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Salty Dawg Rally update
Salty Dawg Rally/Sail-World,
The Salty Dawg Rally organisers have reported on the status of the rally after the challenging conditions which some boats encountered, offered their thanks to the rescue authorities and expressed their appreciation of the fine efficient work done by all to help those in distress. Here is their report:... [more]
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Mystery surrounds Washington couple held in Nicaragua
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Reports are in that a Washington couple, long range cruising sailors David and Leiann Scee, are being held in Nicaragua against their will.... [more]
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ARC and the challenge of an Atlantic crossing
World Cruising Club,
The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) has always been about the challenge of an Atlantic crossing, whether for first timers in a family cruising boat, or experienced sailors pushing for a personal best crossing time on a racing yacht.... [more]
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Pick up a copy of the RYA Rigging Handbook by Alan Barwell
Emma Slater,
There is still time to pick up a copy of the RYA Rigging Handbook by Alan Barwell and be in with a chance of winning a fantastic one week flotilla holiday courtesy of Sailing Holidays Ltd.... [more]
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When 'winterizing' means going sailing!
Glenn McCarthy/Sail-World Cruising,
When the weather gets too cold many winterize their boats, others (the lucky ones) head for warmer climes, but there's another category of sailors that just start to get excited as the world ices in - it's the ice boaters. Here we tell of the Renegades of Lake Michigan, and of the people who sail in them.... [more]
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Product of the week: One Sailor MBS for single-handed docking
Sailing single-handed poses its own challenges, and one of the principle of these is docking without assistance. While at sea with plenty of room, aiming the boat in the direction you want is done with a lot of flexibility. However when it comes to docking the boat, wind, currents and the characteristics of the boat can make it tricky. Now there's a neat aide to make it easier.... [more]
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First ARC+ sets sail from Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Sarah Collins, World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
The first ARC+ has set sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, bound for Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands on Sunday 10 November. A brisk north Easterly wind provided great sailing conditions. 43 yachts carrying 183 crew members crossed the start line at 1300 and headed south, providing a stunning sight from ashore.... [more]
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Inaugural ARC+ sets sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
World Cruising Club,
The inaugural ARC+ set sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, bound for Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands on Sunday 10 November. A brisk north Easterly wind provided great sailing conditions for a downwind start and a swift departure for the first part of their Atlantic crossing. 43 yachts carrying 183 crews crossed start line at 1300 headed South providing a stunning sight from ashore.... [more]
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Beneteau in financial loss, but things are looking up
Beneteau Group/Des Ryan,
When the Beneteau Group records a financial loss for the year, you know things have been tight. Arguably the most successful boat builder in the world reported an operating loss of -€1.3m in the Boat division for the year. However this was a better than forecast and it's not all bad news, with the 2014 season expected to mark the global boat market's first growth in 5 years, around 3-5 percent... [more]
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Salty Dawg Rally: aftermath of Gulf Stream storm havoc
Mike Hixenbaugh,PilotOnLine/Sail-World round-up,
The woes of some of the boats in the Salty Dawg Rally in crossing the Gulf Stream during stormy weather have drawn critics and defenders alike. In any rally there is no doubt that each skipper is required to make his or her own call as to their departure and all other decisions during a rally.... [more]
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Classic yacht Ingomar reproduction seeks buyer to finish
Des Ryan/Sail-World Cruising round-up,
If you have a few dollars lying around this could be the buy of the century. Replica of 1903 classic yacht Ingomar is seeking a buyer to finish construction at Front Street Shipyard in the USA. The two-masted topsail gaff-rigged schooner was scheduled to be launched in 2013, but unless a buyer can be found that promise will certainly not be met.... [more]
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One yacht's account of Salty Dawg Rally crossing
Andrew and Clare Payne/Sail-World,
Andrew and Clare Payne, long time live-aboard cruising sailors on their boat Eye Candy, this year joined the Salty Dawg Rally to make their way south to the Caribbean. Here is their graphic description of how they crossed the Gulf Stream and dodged the fronts successfully while others ran into trouble:... [more]
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Construction of new Cowes Breakwater to start in February 2014
An exclusion zone will be put in place at the mouth of Cowes Harbour while construction of the new Cowes Breakwater, due to start in February 2014, takes place. A clear route will be defined for traffic to and from the site, and the small craft event moorings will be newly re-configured.... [more]
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Sailing and swimming with manatees - Oceans Watch Essay
Roger Reep Professor, Uni of Florida/Sail-World,
As a fourth generation Floridian in my seventh decade of living, I am interested in preserving the health of the natural environment for my children and grandchildren. This includes the coastal estuaries that link marine and freshwater environments. Manatees in Florida deal with motorized boat traffic throughout much of their range. Florida has about 2000 miles of complex coastline... [more]
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Caribbean-bound yachts head south - five rescues in 24 hours
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Are they going unprepared for the conditions? As rally boats make their way south down the American east coast to the Caribbean to escape the winter, the US Coast Guard is stretching to assist boats who get into trouble and call an emergency. On Friday the Coast Guard rescued a fifth boat after four boats off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina were reported in distress Thursday.... [more]
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Two solo sailor Septuagenarians doing oldest/fastest circumnavigations
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
There must be something in the cow's milk in New Zealand the way they breed sailors. Now there is not one, but there are two Kiwi-born septuagenarian solo sailors off to try to break records to see who is the oldest, or the oldest/fastest solo sailor to do a circumnavigation.... [more]
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AMVER and the Liberians rescue solo sailor 700nm offshore
US Coast Guard/Sail-World,
AMVER has done it again. Thanks to the Automated Mutual-Assistant Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) and a Liberian ship, a solo sailor has been rescued 700nm west of Cape Cod in Massachussetts USA. The Liberian-flagged Athena L has been enrolled in the global system of AMVER since October, 2011 and came swiftly to the aid of the dismasted yacht.... [more]
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