Adventure, dangers, threats and an incredible amount of joy

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 23 Oct 2013

Adventure, dangers, threats and an incredible amount of joy

This week's most inspiring story is of the extravagant dreams of a young Indian sailor who wants to circumnavigate in the smallest boat ever. The saddest story comes from a sailor who found no birds when he recently sailed between Australia and Japan.

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The threat this week comes from research which suggests that our valued AIS systems on our boats might be seriously vulnerable to hacking – and there's oceans of joy in the cruising tale from an Alaskan family who sailed the Pacific, and learned on the way.

John Martin of the Island Cruising Association give us his best advice on how to stay securely anchored when the wind is high and the seas turbulent.

It's when the chips are down you'll know if your anchoring skills will save you  .. .

Is there no end to the extraordinary designs that superyacht designers come up with? See the latest; West Marine have announced a prize for the 'Green Product of the Year'; and there are some cruising classes you might want to know about if you are anywhere within reach of Maryland.

Read on, enjoy, and, for the hardy souls who are still out there or for those near the equator somewhere...

Here's wishing you sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

'The Ocean is Broken' - without fish, there can be no birds
Nancy Knudsen,
I first noticed the lack of birds sailing Turkey's coastline.We were so used to birds when close to any coastline- coming up the Red Sea was a delight. We dropped a line when we needed another fish, found one within minutes. But it was the Pacific that really shocked us, its lack of fish - and, no fish meant no birds. Now a sailor who has just sailed from Australia to Japan tells a similar story... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Hallberg Rassy 55
Lee Mylchreest,
Hallberg Rassy have long been known as quality manufacturers of excellently designed cruising boats - to be relied on not to let you down in the middle of an ocean. So it's fitting that the newest of the new - the Hallberg Rassy 55 - should be nominated for the European Yacht of the Year in the Luxury Cruiser category, to be announced in January 2014.... [more]
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No radio, no EPIRB, coastguard rescues worrying crew
Joanne Rawlings/Sail-World Cruising,
What does it take? Concerned coastguard officers have carried out yet another difficult rescue of a boat whose crew didn't know where they were... The vessel that first reported suffering steering problems off the south west of Scotland was found before darkness and deteriorating conditions put it into a much more dangerous situation. Four rescue teams and a helicopter were involved... [more]
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Ocean cruising classes from Maryland - a great way to start
Sail-World Cruising,
If you are within reach of the Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship near Annapolis, and want to start ocean cruising, there could be no better way of making sure your skills are up to it before you go than taking one of their ocean courses. You'll even get a certificate to show your level of competency - great if you are volunteering to crew on others' boats.... [more]
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Ten Thousand Bucks for the Best Idea for Safe, Clean Boating
Boat US,
Ten Thousand Bucks: Boat US says 'It's Yours If Your Group Has the Best Idea for Safe and Clean Boating Outreach. Apply for a BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grant.'... [more]
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Fall boating safety tips from BoatUS Foundation
D. Scott Croft,
All around the country, fall is in full swing and recreational boaters and anglers are trying to squeeze in their last good day on the water. But when they do, boaters need to follow a safety playbook appropriate for this time of year. That's because boaters often let their guard down when safety becomes an even greater challenge.... [more]
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How to stay put in a blow - the good oil.
John Martin, Island Cruising Association,
Throwing down an anchor for lunch is something most people can master sufficiently to outlast the food (although I have seen situations where that wasn't true) but when the chips are down and there's nothing between you an a catastrophe but your anchoring skills, that's when Island Cruising Association organiser John Martin's advice could save your boat, even your life.... [more]
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No sail skills, but family has two-and-a-half year Pacific adventure
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Two-and-a-half years ago Alaskan couple Daren and Robin Traxinger left the life they knew and sailed across the Pacific from Alaska to New Zealand with their two children, Dharma, 7 and Rhett, 11, in a 43ft Hans Christian canoe stern sloop called Solara.... [more]
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Cruising sailor dead, but all they got was nine years jail.
Newswire/Sail-World Cruising,
A cruising sailor died, leaving a widow and tiny son, but all they got was nine years. A French court has just sentenced three Somalis to nine years in prison for the 2009 hijacking of a French yacht. The defendants' request for leniency on the grounds that they were forced into piracy by abject poverty was rejected by prosecutors.... [more]
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AIS concern - serious vulnerability to hacking
Tom Simonite, Technology Review/Sail-World,
That AIS system you have such faith in may not be so secure after all. Hundreds of thousands of vessels, including many sailing boats worldwide, rely on the Automatic Identification System (AIS) for sharing vessel movements. Now the system has shown to be easily vulnerable to hacking.... [more]
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Dream building - young Indian sailor in smallest boat circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
25-year-old Indian sailor Gaurav Shinde has a dream, a dream to build and sail around the world in the smallest boat ever. He is planning, like other young people before him like Zac Sunderland, Jessica Watson and Laura Dekker, to circumnavigate the globe in (perhaps) 200 days.... [more]
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Scottish sailor missing - police appeal for sightings
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
He was a plumber, originally from the Czech Republic, but had lived for a long time with his girlfriend in Gardenstown in the north east of Scotland. His boat had been moored in Gardenstown harbour for many months. But in the early hours of Friday morning, just over a week ago, he sailed out of the harbour - and hasn't been seen since despite a serious search.... [more]
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Is it a bird? Is it a fish? No, it's superyacht JAZZ.
Is it a bird? Is it a fish? No, it's just the latest superyacht design, JAZZ. Pritzker prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid has collaborated with Hamburg-based shipbuilders Blohm+Voss to design this new superyacht. The design concept was launched at the latest exhibition of Zaha Hadid's work at the David Gill Gallery in London..... [more]
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West Marine announces prize for 'Green Product of the Year Award'
West Marine,
West Marine, the USA's largest specialty retailer of boating supplies and accessories, has announced it is accepting nominations for its fifth annual 'Green Product of the Year Award.' The contest is accepting entries from the U.S. and Canada, excluding the province of Quebec.... [more]
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United States Sailboat Show - Weather didn't dampen sales or spirits
Paul Jacobs,
There were some that said that the inclement weather might have actually buoyed sales at this year's United States Sailboat Show; because the harder it rained the more boats were sold. Show officials suggested that although overall attendance dipped slightly, the quality of buyers soared as many consumers seemed intent on leaving the show with a new boat.... [more]
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Team Australia: Damaged foil and flying fish on record run
Lisa Ratcliff,
Team Australia's skipper Sean Langman this morning revealed they have a damaged starboard foil after hitting something on the first afternoon of their Sydney to Auckland world sailing speed record crack. The damage may extend to the rudder; when they finally gybe and the other hull is out of the water the extent should be revealed.... [more]
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Piracy attacks spark further warning to avoid the High Risk Area
Louise Nicholls, Royal Yachting Association,
Naval forces have renewed warnings that the Somali piracy threat persists and that yachts should avoid the High Risk Area (Southern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Western Indian Ocean). This comes in the wake of an attack on a fully laden super tanker by eight armed pirates on Friday 11 October, 230 miles off the Somali coast.... [more]
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