Rallies galore, Capt. Calamity returns for Brits, the Catana 59, more

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 03 Oct 2013

Rallies galore, Capt. Calamity returns for Brits, the Catana 59, more

Kalekoy or Castle Cove With the Fort Overlooking the Bay - Turkey Lycian Coast Rally  Maggie Joyce

The new 'Captain Calamity' in his second yacht to be seized  .. .
There's a interesting article about the new New Zealand regulations for anti-fouling. Two yachts are featured: first of the nine metre Winner 9.00, nominated as a European Yacht of the Year in the family cruiser division and then, further up the size scale, the Catana 59 cruising catamaran. The quirkiest story of the week is of the new Captain Calamity whom the British coastguard have just told to 'Stay home!'

If you are into remote cruising you'll want to keep on file the new electronic cruising guide from Jack and Jude Binder of the Coral Sea, if you want to make your docking easier it may be worth considering our Product of the Week, SlideMoor; and do make sure you are being life-jacket-safe for Australia's coming long weekend when the Tall Ships and the Navy invade Sydney Harbour.

Many more articles too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Oyster World Rally fleet passes significant milestone
Louay Habib,
The stunning range of Oyster Yachts taking part in the inaugural Oyster World Rally have now passed a significant milestone in their round the world adventure. For the first time, since starting the rally in January the fleet is now heading back towards Antigua, the point of origin for the 16-month Oyster odyssey.... [more]
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Radical shift expected with arrival of first Catana 59
Kate Elkington,
Australia is set to experience a radical shift in cruising expectations with the recent arrival of the first Catana 59. The remarkable new cruising catamaran will have its exclusive Australasian preview on Friday 4 October from 3pm until 5pm at the Royal Motor Yacht Squadron.... [more]
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Master the Magic of Your Boat's 'Pivot Point'
John Jamieson,
Imagine one magic point located along the side of your sailboat that could help you make maneuvering decisions with more precision. Need to pivot your boat around a piling, approach a pier or seawall with pinpoint accuracy, turn your boat 'on a dime' into a tight boat slip, or maneuver in an instant to avoid collision with a million dollar yacht?... [more]
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Wear your life-jacket on board this long weekend and always
Ken McManus,
This year's boating season has started early, with the warm weather drawing many boaters back on to the water and Marine Rescue NSW volunteers rescuing a number of people from life-threatening emergencies in recent weeks.... [more]
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New Zealand leads the way on anti-fouling
Altex/Sail-World Cruising,
Over the last three years the New Zealand government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has undertaken a significant reassessment of all the antifouling paints used in New Zealand. The aim has been to ensure that both the environment and those applying the paints are properly protected, preferably without unduly compromising the effectiveness of the antifouling paints.... [more]
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Free map creator software available for Lowrance, Simrad NSS and B&G
Andrew Golden,
Navico, parent company to the Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G brands — announced today its new Map Creator software that allows cartography enthusiasts to make their own maps.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Winner 9.00, 'European Yacht of the Year' nomination
Nancy Knudsen,
With boat builders building bigger and bigger boats every year - Jeanneau, Beneteau, Hanse, Dufour, Bavaria for example - it's great to see a nine metre boat getting a gong as a nomination for European Yacht of the Year.... [more]
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French sailors rescued by Navy - sailing boat lost
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
They happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was an unlucky/lucky day for two French sailors who were trying to cross the Tasman Sea a little early, risking strong winds - and they eventuated. That was unlucky, but what was lucky was that the Australian Navy was doing sea exercises in the area in preparation for the coming International Fleet Review in Sydney.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Safer and easier docking - SlideMoor
Sail-World Cruising,
This docking system, as the manufacturers say, is not a universal solution, but brings together many of the advantages of a floating dock with the appeal of a traditional fixed dock. The system, called SlideMoor, makes docking safer and easier while mitigating the risks associated with tidal change, wind and wave activity.... [more]
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Message in a bottle - found but unread because he won't open it
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
'Messages in a bottle' have long been associated with sailors who fear their lives may be lost and wish to get a message to the world or to a loved one. Even Christopher Columbus, caught in a storm, tossed a bottle into the water to tell news of the 'new world' he had discovered. But now there's a beach comber who has found what could be the world's oldest 'message in a bottle' and won't open it.... [more]
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Auckland's Gulf Harbour Yacht Club Open Day - October 12
Gill Waite,
Gulf Harbour is a a marina near the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, towards the northern end of Auckland. They're having an Open Day on October 12 and all are welcome. All the action is happening at the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club premises situated prominently at the southern end of the Marina.... [more]
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Multihull Central: For when two or three is definitely better than one
Brendan Maxwell,
One does not have to look too far to see the impact of cats and tris. Whether you are talking about the absolute pinnacle of inshore or transoceanic racing, short-handed cruising or the ultimate seaborne entertainment vessel, the multihull is as recognisable as it is varied.... [more]
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The magic of NOAS: coming to a marina near you - but not for a while
Des Ryan,
Most inventions for the top end of the maritime market eventually trickle their way down to the cruising sailor. When AIS was first introduced it seemed unthinkable that within just a few short years most sailing boat owners were able to save just a few cents more to acquire their own version. This could be the same with NOAS.... [more]
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New Cruising Guide for Coral Sea
Jack Binder,
When you want to sail somewhere remote, it is the elusive cruising guide that might make the difference between a fantastic experience and an ordinary one. The Coral Sea is one of these. Long time sailors and authors Jack and Jude Binder on their yacht Banyandah often sail off the beaten track. They have explored most of the Coral Sea and now they bring you an informative electronic guide... [more]
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ARC Baltic sailing rally - Open for Registraion
World Cruising Club,
There has been a superb response as entries opened for World Cruising Club's new ARC Baltic sailing rally, with 15 boats registered within the first hour of launch. The rally, which will be a six-week cruise in company through the Baltic, has appealed to sailors from many places including, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and Australia... [more]
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Pirate ship to invade Ballina
Northern Star/Sail-World Cruising,
The citizens of Ballina on the New South Wales coast are bosltering their defences and getting ready for an invasion. The word from sources close to the CIA is that a very scary-looking Portuguese pirate ship is about to enter Ballina waters this weekend.... [more]
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Lycian Coast Yacht Rally - Kekova Calls
Trevor Joyce,
Trevor Joyce, inveterate rally organiser from Mariner Boating, here tells the story of the Lycian Rally cruise - with some fun day races thrown in - along the more easterly, less-travelled Lycian coastline of Turkey.... [more]
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New Captain Calamity - Two yachts seized by Coastguard
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Britain has discovered yet another 'Captain Calamity' - a sailor so incompetent that he has had to be rescued nine times in the last month. Now the Coastguard has seized his yacht and told him to 'stay on shore'.... [more]
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New speed restrictions announced for Swan and Canning Rivers
Royal Perth Yacht Club,
As of the first of October 2013 new speed restrictions and other changes will be introduced at increasingly busy parts of the Swan and Canning Rivers in order to improve safety for all water users... [more]
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