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 13 Sep 2013

World and Local Cruising News

Apologies if you have had trouble accessing Sail-World in the last week, it has been a case of being cursed with too much success – America's Cup in the millions swamped our best efforts at increasing capacity, and there'll be some new viewing records made I'll wager.

While the American and New Zealand racing world might be distracted by the America's Cup races on at the moment (even though there are hardly any Americans on the American boat – they're mostly Australian) there's plenty going on in the rest of the sailing world.

Australia and New Zealand are being treated to some spectacular sights as a flotilla of tall ships make their way around the Australian coastline and then on to Auckland. Check the story and the website for where to see them.

Tall ships - on their way through Australia to New Zealand  .. .

In this week's edition there's everything from the real story about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to a destination piece from inveterate rally-lover Trevor Joyce on the lovely coastline of Croatia, to some more excellent advice from John Jamieson on one piece of sailing gear you'll never want to forget.

I interviewed Jeanne Socrates about what life is like when you have just become the oldest female circumnavigating solo sailor the world has ever seen. Ready to retire now? Read the story!

Jeanne just after her arrival in Victoria  .. .

Family and friends of the lost crew from the schooner Nina in the Tasman Sea have found yet another satellite image they think could be a life raft. They are privately raising the hundreds of thousands of dollars to continue chartering private search aircraft from New Zealand. One can only hope against hope that the faintest chance they are alive turns out to be true.

Nina - new satellite image  .. .

The most amusing story of the week is how a French skipper (a fisherman, you'll be pleased to note, not a sailor) fell asleep at the wheel and hit England. They've fined him of course, and told him to keep better watches in the future, but it took five unamusing days to get the boat off the beach.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Middle Harbour Yacht Club Celebrating 75 Years!
Pip Lodder,
Sydney's premier sailing and recreation centre is abuzz with excitement as Middle Harbour Yacht Club enters its 75th season. The club is planning another year of events, both on and off the water, with its Diamond Jubilee celebrations taking centre stage... [more]
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Auckland On Water Boat Show - See the newest boats
Kate Gordon-Smith/Sail-World Cruising,
The 15th edition of the annual event formerly called the Auckland International Boat Show – features a number of brand-new sail and motor yachts and will be running from the 26 to 29 September as the Auckland On Water Boat Show.... [more]
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Dragon boat races - Keep off Tweed River this Sunday
Medianet Operations,
The Roads and Maritime Services has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of dragon boat races so boaters should keep clear of an area on the Tweed River this Sunday. The exclusive use area applies on the river next to Murwillumbah Rowing Club near Mayal Creek from 8am to 5:00pm on Sunday 15 September.... [more]
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'All is Lost' - new solo sailor movie from Robert Redford
Sail-World Cruising,
If, as a leisure sailor, you have seen 'A Perfect Storm' and identified, and/or seen 'The Life of Pi' and identified, you will not want to miss Robert Redford's new sailing movie, 'All is Lost'. In the movie he is a solo sailor, and as an actor, he is not only a solo performance, there is hardly any dialogue.... [more]
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Melbourne Tall Ships Festival - Lord Nelson takes centre stage
Heather Ewing,
The unique 55-metre square rigger sailed through the Rip this morning to make her way up through Port Phillip Bay and is now at anchor off Williamstown. Tomorrow morning she will come alongside at Seaworks to take centre stage at the festival and the ship will be open to the public on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... [more]
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Wear This Essential Sailing Gear for Sailing Safety!
John Jamieson,
Step aboard any sailing boat, and there's one tool you will want to wear on your belt. Fall over the side and this super tool could save your life. Wrap a leg in a Genoa sheet and this handy tool could bail you out--smooth and easy. A good sailing knife can do this and a whole lot more! Check out these top five benefits that a sailing knife will provide for you and your sailing partner.... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates, solo circumnavigator, looks back on her journey
Nancy Knudsen,
Jeanne Socrates pulled into Victoria Harbor at just before 3 a.m. on Monday, July 8, aboard her Najad 380, Nereida, to become, at 70 years old, the oldest female sailor to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation. In this article Jeanne tells the inside story of her amazing achievement... [more]
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Boat Show 'in the heart of town' boosts numbers.
Lee Mylchreest,
Reports of an increase in boat show number at Oslo's recent boat show for the second year in a row, faster than the world trend, have been attributed to some observers to be because of the central location of the show, in the heart of Norway's capital.... [more]
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Never-say-die searchers for Nina find a new satellite image
Des Ryan,
Never-say-die family and friends searching for the crew of the missing schooner Nina want New Zealand Search and Rescue to investigate a new satellite image, which they claim looks like a life raft, seen by searchers just this week and pictured here.... [more]
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Sleepy French skipper fined for hitting England
Lee Mylchreest,
If you have ever felt sleepy at the wheel of your boat, remembering this story might help keep you awake a little longer. It was a fishing boat, not a sailing boat, and he was French, ending up on an English shore. (Lucky it's today not a couple of hundred years ago, or it might have been much worse for him.) There's also a lesson about good watch-keeping here.... [more]
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Great Pacific Garbage Patch - the real story
Sailors for the Sea - Ocean Watch Essay,
No doubt you have heard of the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and thought goodness, that's terrible, someone should clean up that island of trash.... [more]
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North Sails NZ seasonal discounts are back with 25% off,
North Sails NZ seasonal discounts are back with 25% off retail prices for a strictly limited time. Whether you are after a new cruising jib or a full wardrobe of our groundbreaking 3Di sails, you'll get the same unsurpassed levels of design, quality, and after-sales service.... [more]
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Kornati in Croatia, idyllic cruising ground
Trevor Joyce,
Kornati is sure to be the next hugely popular Croatian cruising ground, to the north of Split, and it is changing rapidly as the Europeans have already discovered the spectacular alternative to the better known islands between Split and Dubrovnik... [more]
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