Sail-World New Zealand: August 10, 2013 - On Crunch Point

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 10 Aug 2013

Sail-World New Zealand: August 10, 2013 - On Crunch Point

Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for August 10, 2013

The Louis Vuitton Cup, is nearing the end of its second phase, with Luna Rossa on Match Point and her opponent Artemis Racing playing a game of diminishing margins, and has one last chance to reverse the tables on the Italians.

To date their rate of progress has been impressive with foiling gybes today reducing the margin to just 78 seconds - the closest race of the regatta. However in AC72's travelling at speeds just short of 40kts, that is still a long way, on a course which has little in the way of passing once they have cleared the first gybe.

We have full coverage of the first three days of racing in this edition of's New Zealand newsletter.

As the two Semi-Finalists battle it out for second place in the Final, the two top teams are training in their own way.

Emirates Team NZ sailing on San Francisco Bay  Chuck Lantz ©

Videographer, John Navas, has been following the action from ashore, and we have a gallery of seven of his fine videos in this edition to give an up-close view on the action that doesn't make the television screen.

Ashore the investigation by theInternational Jury into the measurement issue relating to three AC45's serviced by Oracle Team USA.

The accusation of cheating has been widely bandied around in the media. It is a easy shot, and those who have sat on an International Jury will know that all is often not quite what it seems, and often there is an explanation which is accepted by the Jury. At that point all the hot-headed words sound very hollow.

People are entitled do to stupid things, and often do. Sometimes they get pinged for that, other times just being picked up is punishment enough and their embarrassment is palpable.

Lantz-2-SF3 (13) - Louis Vuitton Cup, Semi-Final 3, August 10, 2013  Chuck Lantz ©

The issue here is not what was done with fitting weight outside the specified correction weight location, but what happened next.

What did their masters do, when the error was picked up - were they completely open with the Measurement Committee and the other authorities involved? Or was some attempt at a cover-up attempted.

The actions by the International Jury would tend to indicate that they have some concerns, and the report by the Measurement Committee on Oracle Team USA would indicate that there is more to this than a stupid error by the shore crew.

The strict one -design AC45's lined up ahead of the Red Bull Youth America's Cup. Oracle Team USA's illegal alterations took their boat out of class  Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup¬©

The difficulty for Oracle Team USA is that the Protocol for this America's cup Regatta embraces the completed America's Cup World Series events, as well as the America's Cup Regatta, currently underway. Therefore infringements in the ACWS can be carried onto the current Regatta, and into the Cup itself.

The other issue is that sailing, as a sport, is hinged on the principles of Integrity, Honesty and Trust. Competitors have to have the integrity to ensure that their boat complies with the class rules at all times. Inadvertently shifting something out of position is one thing. But in single manufacturer one designs, as the AC45's are, altering a labeled part that is assumed by the presence of that label to be in compliance, and would not be checked by the measurers.

Competitors have to have the Honesty, if they do infringe a Measurement rule to be completely open - even if that is to their significant disadvantage. It is not their place to determine or manipulate the outcome. That is the Jury's function. Be anything less than honest and transparent, and the Jury will find out, and then you are seriously for the high-jump.

Oracle Team USA America's Cup World Series San Francisco 2012 october - Race Day 4.   Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup¬©

Finally other competitors have to Trust their fellow competitors not to cheat, particularly in areas that cannot be seen. That is why open dinghy parks are so effective in a self-policing sport in the dinghy classes at World Championship and Olympic level. There is nothing quite like the disinfectant of transparency. However that is not the case with the America's Cup where team bases are secure, closed areas. The scope for doing something illegal is much higher. But even so the other teams and measurers have to be able to Trust that their Competitor will not do something illegal, as the chances of them being caught are very slim indeed.

Without these three principles being in place, we simply don't have a sport, or an America's Cup.

Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie lead in the 2013 470 World Championships at La Rochelle, France  470 Internationale ©

On a brighter note, New Zealand is on the cusp of winning a World Championship in an Olympic class with 2012 Olympic Gold medalists, Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie enjoying an 11 point margin going into the final medal race, in the 2013 470 World Championships being sailed in La Rochelle, France.

Good news too, for the top Mens crew of Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox making the cut for the Medal race. That guarantees them a place in the top ten in the World Championship and will get this talented young crew that much higher up the funding ladder with three years left to the 2016 Olympics.

Ironically back into the mid-1980's New Zealand completely dominated the 470 class but could never cut the mustard at the Olympic Games in terms of winning Medals. That mould was broken in 2012 with the Gold medal win in the Womens 470. The New Zealand sailing team have two extremely good coaches involved in the 470 program, with Nathan Handley the 2012 Gold Medal winning coach, and Hamish Willcox a former World Champion in the class who was with the highly successful British team for several years.

Start Womens 470 Day 4, Championnat du Monde 2013 de 470 a La Rochelle  470 Internationale ©

We have daily reports on the racing from La Rochelle, and don't forget to check on Sunday to find the final result.

We are still in the process of upgrading and enhancing our systems. If you do have issues with the newsletter, or the website, please drop us a line to your feedback to date has been invaluable. (Apologies to those who have received multiple copies of this newsletter, we're working in the cause of the problem.)

LVC Semi-Finals Race 3; Artemis Racing  ACEA/Photo Abner Kingman©
Stay tuned to website for all the latest news.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Final - Race 3
  Carlo Borlenghi/Luna Rossa©

Lantz-2-SF3 (7) - Louis Vuitton Cup, Semi-Final 3, August 10, 2013  Chuck Lantz ©

Louis Vuitton Cup: Artemis closer, but still no cigar for Outteridge
Bob Fisher,
Just one slip, but a crucial one, by Nathan Outteridge in the two-minute pre-start sequence, and Luna Rossa was ahead and never to be caught in the third race of the semi-final of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Outteridge was late in 'pulling the trigger' and allowed Chris Draper to pull out from under his lee and nail a perfectly timed start to have an eleven second lead around the first mark.... [more]
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What to do with a Weta in the Winter? Go solo surfing - Video,
Weta Marine's Miranda Powrie and Chris Kitchen must have gotten a little bored at 'work' the other day and decided to start a new sport - singlehanding a weta in the surf off Takapuna Beach on Auckland's North Shore. For some reason Miranda drew the short straw and got to run the camera while standinng in the surf in the middle of the Kiwi winter (about 10degrees C).... [more]
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Collinson FX Market Commentary: August 10, 2013 - AUD shoots high
Collinson FX,
Collinson FX Market Commentary: August 10, 2013 - More strong economic news brought further falls in equities as fears of tapering grew. Chinese Industrial Production rose and improvements across Europe and the US have moved the question on tapering from 'not if but by how much?'. The AUD shot to 0.9200 although the KIWI treads water around 0.8050 still feeling the effects of the Fonterra scare... [more]
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Rolex Fastnet Race - Record fleet for international classic,
At the 45th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race, a diverse and quality fleet of international yachts are braced for the event. 347 race starters, hailing from 20 countries, are expected. This represents a race record and confirms the event's enduring appeal.... [more]
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America's Cup: How hydrofoiling works in the AC72's - Video
The AC72 is a speedster unlike any seen in previous America's Cups. Powered by a 130-foot tall wing sail and with the ability to hydrofoil. Foiling reduces drag and lift the boat out of the water. We are regularly seeing the AC72s hit 40 knots, but the sky is the limit on the speeds we could see this summer. Watch the AC72's foiling secrets explained by the experts... [more]
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America's Cup: Am-Cam video Emirates Team NZ and Oracle training
John Navas,
While the attention has been on the two challengers sailing for a place in the Semi-Finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the first finalist and the Defender have been going through their paces on San Francisco Bay. The ever present videographer John Navas, caught the action from beside the Bay. Features seven videos from the past week, including sailing with the Code Zeroes.... [more]
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Now more news on the foiling Laser
PSA Media,
Last weekend there was a brief report from Chris Caldecoat, the 96 kg Finn and F18 sailor and General Manager of Performance Sailcraft Australia,(PSA) a company that's been building Lasers since 1973, of his first ever foiling experience.... [more]
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NZL Sailing Team: Aleh and Powrie lead 470 Worlds with one race to go
Jodie Bakewell-White,
o Aleh and Polly Powrie are one step closer to claiming their first world title in the Olympic 470 class with just one day and one race remaining at the 2013 470 World Championships now coming to its conclusion in La Rochelle, France. Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox have scraped into the Men's top eight and will be back on the race course tomorrow too.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Luna Rossa goes onto Match Point in Semi-Final
America's Cup Media,
Luna Rossa Challenge skipper Max Sirena has been saying for the past six weeks that his team always planned to use the Louis Vuitton Cup round robin to develop its crew work and increase its performance potential. Luna Rossa entered the competition late, nearly a year after the two other challengers, and has been playing catch up since.... [more]
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America's Cup: Emirates Team NZ head incredulous on measurement issue
Warren Douglas,
Emirates Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton says he is stunned by revelations that Oracle Team USA AC45 yachts competing in the four America's Cup World Series regattas were illegal. Dalton said today: 'I find it difficult to believe that what we learned last night actually happened at the top level of our sport.'... [more]
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America's Cup World Series: Oracle Team USA to be investigated by Jury
Richard Gladwell,
The International Jury for the 34th America's Cup has launched an inquiry under Rule 69 of the racing Rules, following a report from the Regatta Director that Oracle Team USA's AC45's and one Ben Ainslie Racing, appeared to have deliberately have breached the class measurement rules in the America's Cup World Series.... [more]
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NZL Sailing Team: Roller-coaster Day 4 at 470 Worlds for Kiwis
Jodie Bakewell-White,
The tables have turned after Day 4 at the 2013 470 World Championships on now in La Rochelle, France with NZL Sailing Team's Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie regaining the lead in the Women's fleet, while Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox didn't fare so well and have dropped to 11th in the Men's Championship.... [more]
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America's Cup - Insider's view: Close enough to touch
Ken Read,
North Sails President and TV Commentary Team member, Ken Read gives his insider's view of the Louis Vuitton Cup: Can Artemis make this an event? Does Luna Rossa need to worry about more close calls like the wing skin tearing? Just two of the many questions surrounding the Louis Vuitton Semi finals. The two boats are right outside my office window waiting for the dock out presentation.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Two Nil and the Semi's have an air of inevitability
Bob Fisher,
Already there appears to be an inevitability surrounding the semi-final of the Louis Vuitton Cup. This match between Luna Rossa and Artemis Racing is heavily one-sided in favour of the Italians – the extra time Luna Rossa has spent on the water, compared to the Swedish team, is reflected in superior performance.... [more]
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Images of Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Finals - Luna Rossa vs Artemis Day 2
Carlo Borlenghi,
Second day racing images of the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Finals Luna Rossa vs Artemis by Carlo Borlenghi... [more]
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NZL Sailing Team: Kiwis in second place in 470 Worlds after Day 3
Jodie Bakewell-White,
Finals rounds got underway today at the 2013 470 World Championships with the La Rochelle venue testing sailors with more challenging conditions on day three of the six day long regatta. Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox are now in second place in the Men's fleet; Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie are lying sixth in Women's. Racing was in 8-14 knots of unstable breeze with strong tidal currents and a cho... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Semi-Finals Day 2 action from San Francisco Bay
Videographer, John Navas and photographer, Chuck Lantz were out and about in San Francisco today for the second day of racing in the Semi-Final of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Ahead of the Challengers, Oracle Team USA again had access to the course and tried using a Code Zero in the lighter conditions, said to be on a new furling system... [more]
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America's Cup: Is it Fair? Unprecedented bias towards the Defender
Bob Fisher,
Fairness has never been a serious consideration in the 162-year history of the America's Cup, but what is currently in operation in San Francisco shows an unprecedented bias in favour of the defender that puts to shame the often one-sidedness that was handed out prior to 1983.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Ugly race gets Luna Rossa halfway to the Final
Richard Gladwell,
Italian Challenger Luna Rossa scored their second point today in a best of seven Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Final in San Francisco. After Artemis gained a very small advantage at the start, the Italians had got themselves away to an equal position at the first reaching mark.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Semi-Final, Race 1 images by Carlo Borlenghi
Carlo Borlenghi images,
34th America's Cup, San Francisco - Louis Vuitton Cup semi-final race 1 images of Luna Rossa Challenge and Artemis Racing in action shot on location by photographer Carlo Borlenghi.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Am-Cam video of Semi-Final 1
John Navas,
Videographer, John Navas was in his favorite position just to the east of the St Francis Yacht Club, today as Artemis Racing and Luna Rossa met for the first Semi-Final in the Louis Vuitton Cup. Here's his view and commentary on the day.... [more]
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NZL Sailing Team: Both 470 crews well placed after Day 2 of Worlds
Jodie Bakewell-White,
Day 2 of the 2013 470 World Championships has drawn to a close with the qualifying rounds complete and both NZL Sailing Team crews are well placed as they carry forward their ranking to the finals rounds which begin in La Rochelle, France tomorrow.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Artemis big surprise in first Semi-Final race
Bob Fisher,
The first semi-final of the Louis Vuitton Cup was marked by a surprisingly good performance by Artemis Racing with ‘Big Blue'. The Swedish team was beaten by Luna Rossa, but considering the relatively different amount of sailing of the two teams – 80 days for Luna Rossa to 80 hours for Artemis Racing – the two minute difference at the finish was a great deal closer than might have been expected.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Luna Rossa prevails in close first race of Semis
Richard Gladwell,
The Italian Challenger, Luna Rossa proved once again the value of time on the water in the America's Cup, when she beat the Challenger of Record, Artemis Racing, today in San Francisco. After a closely contested start and first run, where Artemis got the initial jump, only really conceded time on the foiling gybes, Swedish hopes were raised... [more]
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