PLB rescue success...tall ship lost...86 yachts for Indonesia...more

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 01 Aug 2013

PLB rescue success...tall ship lost...86 yachts for Indonesia...more

tragic end to a grand old ship - Astrid  .. .

Plenty happening around the world too. In the Timor Sea there are 86 yachts of all nationalities heading for the wonderful islands of the archipelago which is Indonesia – there's three months of fun and adventure ahead of them.

Sail Indonesia - some of the welcoming dancers  .. .

Up in St Petersburg they are celebrating another successful 'Classic Yacht Week', and over in Toronto in Canada, they're getting ready for another celebration of summer sailing – the Sail-in Cinema later this month (see picture above).

On a more practical level, UK sailors will be glad to hear that the continuing use of 'red diesel' by sailors is being supported by the government, there are some tips for boating with dogs during the 'Dog Days of Summer', and our Product of the Week is a new but serious 'cleaner for the cleaner'.

That's just, as they say, the tip of the iceberg, so run your eye down the headline to find your interest.

Sweet summer sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

UK challenges EU over yachts ability to find diesel
Louise Nicholls,
Red Diesel is available up and down the remote corners of the coast of Britain, where 'white' diesel can't be found. To enable boaters continued access to travelling freely, the UK is supporting her leisure sailors against the EU.... [more]
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'Perfect preparation' with PLB saves life of solo MOB
If you ever doubted that you should wear a personal locator beacon (PLB) while sailing and prepare adequately when solo, here is the latest evidence, in the form of a sailor's life that would surely have been lost without perfect preparation. It might have happened in the Irish Sea, but no matter where we sail the lesson is there to remind us that 'it could have been me'. .... [more]
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eLoran - the alternative to GPS - inches towards reality
Des Ryan,
Worried about your GPS failing? In a move that will make Britain - and finally the world - independent of GPS technology and accidental or intentional jamming, the British Government's Department of Transport has given approval for seven different eLoran stations to be installed along the south and east coast of the UK, to start operations in summer 2014.... [more]
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Toronto's Sail-in Cinema a great hit with sailors
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
For three summer nights, Canada's Sugar Beach is transformed into Toronto's largest outdoor theatre. Movies are shown under the open skies on a two-sided screen set atop a barge in Toronto Harbour. You can watch movies for free from Sugar Beach or from the deck of your sailing boat in Lake Ontario.... [more]
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Cleaning the cleaner: the Serious Pad Cleaner
Martin Flory/Sail-World Cruising,
This week's Product of the Week is the cleaner that cleans the cleaner. Cleaning tools deserve their own special washing to keep them in the best possible condition. This new Serious Pad Cleaner is a scientifically formulated powdered cleaner for rejuvenating buffing pads. Better still the product is environmentally friendly, being biodegradable.... [more]
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Classic Yacht Week - Russia's Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg
Emma Upton,
The Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg, Russia has triumphantly overseen the second Classic Yacht Week Russia; bringing maritime heritage back to the shores of the historic city.... [more]
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The Dog Days of Summer - tips on boating with dogs
Boat US/Sail-World Cruising,
Whether your canine is very used to the water or you've never ventured to go sailing with the dog before, BoatUS suggests that you take it slow and make safety the No. 1. Here are eight tips you won't want to ignore:... [more]
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Sail to Glory: The dramatised story of the first America's Cup - Video
Maritime Productions presents the first of the trailers for its video library of America's Cup and other sailing video, available on a rent to view basis. It features an ambitious docu-drama, which is the only film ever produced of the original race around the Isle of Wight in 1851. In 1968 Gerald Schnitzer, a noted Hollywood Producer/Director wrote and directed this epic story.... [more]
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86 yachts depart Darwin for the Sail Indonesia Rally
Lee Mylchreest,
86 yachts from many countries of the world have just left Darwin on the annual Sail Indonesia yacht rally. This is the beginning of a three months adventure linking destinations across Indonesia.... [more]
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Seven new members for RYA Sailability
Susie Nation-Grainger,
Britain's Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Sailability is capitalising on their post-Paralympic buzz and has appointed seven new members of the Sailability team who will encourage people with disabilities to take the water.... [more]
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Elan 400 wins European Yacht of the Year nomination
Des Ryan,
The Elan 400, just announced as a nomination for the European Yacht of the Year in the Performance Cruiser category, is the newest yacht in the range, featuring dynamic lines and a great balance between comfort and performance.... [more]
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Relative claims missing schooner crew 'could still be surviving'
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Families of the lost crew of the schooner Nina, missing since June 04 in the Tasman Sea have long thought there was a possibility that they were still surviving, somewhere out there on the sea. Now one relative is quoting a 1989 incident to demonstrate how clearly possible it is that they are still on the boat and alive.... [more]
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Royal Yachting Association pushes for more members
The Royal Yachting Association is urging British sailors to 'join up' and listing the benefits: The RYA is the British boating association with a global presence. Here are just six reasons why joining the RYA can help you get more out of the sailing you do.... [more]
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From good ship Banyandah - a Coral Sea sailing tale
Jack Binder,
Banyandah is an 11m 12 ton cutter-rigged sailing boat which Australian sailors Jack and Jude Binder seem to have been sailing for most of their lives, admittedly with a couple of breaks for issues like educating kids. Here they tell of their latest exploits, an exploration of the reefs of the Coral Sea off the east coast of Australia. Read the story, but marvel at their amazing pictures:... [more]
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DAME Awards for innovation: Call for entries
Sail-World Cruising,
Do you have an innovative marine design that might wow the sailing world? The publicity you could gain by winning a design award at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) could be beyond your wildest dreams - and they are calling now for entrants.... [more]
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'Gathering Cruise' Tall ship hits rocks and sinks - all crew rescued
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
The Tall Ship Astrid, a 42m Dutch training vessel taking part in Ireland's Gathering Cruise, has hit rocks inside the Sovereign Islands at Ballymacus Point, near Kinsale in Ireland with 30 people on board. Thanks to those standing by and the RNLI, all on board were rescued.... [more]
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