Carbon monoxide warning...sailing rockets in helm

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 25 Jul 2013

Carbon monoxide warning...sailing rockets in helm

Tragic boat - found running aground without crew  .. .
As a long time user of a dinghy as a tender for our sailing boat, I was unaware that you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the open air, just by spending too much time near the exhaust of your dinghy's engine. Read this week's quite alarming account of an open air carbon monoxide death.

Two new incidents have British coastguards venting their frustration about sailors who continue to die or risk their lives - simply because they didn't carry lifejackets, didn't take a radio or phone, or weren't tied on.

Everywhere in the world the pastime of sailing is undergoing a blossoming. This week we tell of Croatia, trying to attract some of the growing number of cruising sailors in the Med and over in Muscat the kids are going wild about sailing lessons. The Cruising Association is increasing its coverage – this week they announced a 'Celtic Seas' expansion, and there are opportunities over in Canada to sail with the Spirit of Canada, a Volvo 60, to increase your ocean sailing skills.

Oman's kids take to the water  .. .

This edition's Product of the Week is the Hulltimo Smart Brush, great for cleaning your own hull so you don't need that expensive annual haul-out, or, maybe, just to make your boat go faster during the year.

Do you have a problem with weather helm? Love the thrill of sailing with the toe rail in the water? John Jamieson is back with some sound advice on why neither should apply to your boat if you want to sail faster.

Many more articles and stories too, so browse the headlines to find what interests you.

Sweet summer sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

A unique opportunity from Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges
Spirit of Canada Sailing Team,
From Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges comes quite a unique opportunity for individuals with varying levels of sailing ability to go offshore with Derek Hatfield who has represented Canada in three races around the world (solo) and has over 200,000nm of offshore sailboat racing.... [more]
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Open air death found to be from carbon monoxide
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
If you thought that carbon monoxide poisoning could only occur in enclosed spaces, think again. It's colourless and odourless and deadly, and the death of a boater in Utah, United States, last month has been found to have been caused by carbon monoxide poisononing, even though he was in the continually in the open air on the day of the incident.... [more]
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What does it take? Coastguard frustrated by irresponsible sailors
This is South Wales/Sail-World Cruising,
What does it take to get the message across? The latest rescue, of two British sailors who went to sea without life jackets and without communication facilities of any kind, has frustrated Coastguard officers, who have again pleaded for some common sense on the water. A previous incident saw the hypothermic death of another unprepared sailor.... [more]
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Rather clean your own hull - or sailing remotely? here's a solution
Sail-World Cruising,
If you'd rather clean your own hull, or need to because of where you intend to be sailing, here's a new product that you should consider when making a decision. Its initial selling price maybe high, but in a year or two, by avoiding that expensive yearly haul-out, you'll be way ahead.... [more]
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Yacht design students for three year B.A. Degrees via partnership
The Landing School - Sail-World,
The Landing School of Arundel, Maine is one of the most renowned schools in the USA for its curriculum established to provide the highest quality hands-on training in boat building. But more than that - it affords potential yacht designers excellent advantages, including a three year Bachelor's Degree.... [more]
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Bavaria Cruiser 37 nominated for European Yacht of the Year Award 2014
It's only just been launched and yet the Cruiser 37 has already been nominated for the most prestigious award in the yachting and water sports industry.... [more]
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Docks with faulty wiring continue to prove deadly
D. Scott Croft,
This past year over Fourth of July weekend, Alexandra Anderson, 13, and her brother, Brayden Anderson, eight, were swimming near a homeowner's dock on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri when they started to scream. By the time the siblings were pulled from the lake, they were unresponsive and a short while later were pronounced dead.... [more]
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Newport Int'l Boat Show - Welcome to the Water program revealed
Andrew Golden,
Rhode Island's Newport Exhibition Group revealed today its 2013 Welcome To The Water (WTTW) program at this year's Newport International Boat Show – scheduled to take place September 12th through 15th in Newport, Rhode Island.... [more]
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Five rough weather sailing tips for balance and control
John Jamieson,
Learn to sail with ease by maintaining just the right amount of weather helm on your boat. Too much and you will fight the helm with 'white fisted' effort that will wear you down and slow the boat. Too little weather helm makes the boat feel lifeless. Put the following advice into play for more speed, power and performance.... [more]
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Sail Maine - spreading the good news about sailing
Lee Mylchreest,
The US state of Maine, with its rocky coastline and picturesque waterways, is a sailing gem when it's warm enough. So one of the best things about summer in Maine is the chance to get out on the water, and there's a non-profit group in Portland is helping people do just that.... [more]
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Croatia wants you to sail there - dramatic increase in berths planned
SAil-World Cruising,
Croatia wants to welcome you! Europe's youngest state might have 14,000 berths to offer those who decide to go sailing along its charismatic shores, but it's not enough. They have plans to double the number of marina berths by 2018 to an incredible 28,000 berths, and that doesn't include the anchoring possibilities.... [more]
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Cruising Association Launches New ‘Celtic Seas' Section
Martin Hull,
The Cruising Association, Britain's leading organisation for cruising sailors, will launch a new cruising section in October to cover activity on the western coasts of Britain and the whole of Ireland. The Cruising Association may be Britain-based, but these days it can truly be called global, maintaining close contact with more than 4,300 members worldwide.... [more]
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Muscat's kids sign up in droves for sailing
Muscat Daily/Sail-World Cruising,
Everywhere the sailing fraternity attempts to interest a new generation of kids in the wonders of the sailing life. In Oman, a country with little modern sailing history, the kids are taking up sailing as though it's just been discovered - and it has, for them...... [more]
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Unique collection of America's Cup films now online in HD Video
Florida-based media company Maritime Productions LLC announced today the launch of a new website that will provide on-line access to the world's largest library of America's Cup historical films and documentaries. The site is dual purpose, with a rent-and-screen section for the general public and a password-secure library that will be a one-stop-shop for broadcast... [more]
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British Virgins beckons - and offers summer specials
Sail-World Cruising,
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are comprised of more than 25 beautiful jewels set amid the sheltered, turquoise waters of the central Caribbean Sea and Moorings are offering some last minute specials. Throw caution to the winds and go!... [more]
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Dinghy sail England to Ireland ends in rescue
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Was he crazy? Trying to commit a bizarre suicide? Or just hopelessly in love with an Irish girl? An American 'sailor' has been rescued, somewhat unwillingly, after attempting the 300-mile journey from the south of England to Ireland in a 6ft inflatable dinghy.... [more]
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Decision to withdraw plans for 10 Marine Conservation Zones announced
Louise Nicholls,
The highly controversial plans to introduce 10 Highly Protected Marine Conservation Zones (HPMCZs) off the coast of Wales by the Welsh Government has been withdrawn.... [more]
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Hanson Rescue Medal to be awarded for Bay minivan rescue attempt
John Rousmaniere,
US Sailing will award a Hanson Rescue Medal to six sailors who risked their lives in an effort to rescue a woman from a minivan that drove into San Francisco Bay on June 21, 2013.The six sailors being recognized are members of the American Youth Sailing Force, the Bay Area's entry in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup that will be raced in San Francisco this September.... [more]
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