Sail-World New Zealand: July 21, 2013 - Top result in Youth Worlds

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 21 Jul 2013

Sail-World New Zealand: July 21, 2013 - Top result in Youth Worlds

New Zealand crews have won Gold and Bronze medals, and placed third in the Nations Trophy at the 2013 ISAF Youth Worlds in Cyprus.

Given that the NZL Yachting Trust sponsored team was only sailing in five of the eight events is an outstanding result, as is the fact that all New Zealand crews finished in the top six in their events.

Factor into that too, that the ISAF Youth Worlds now mirror the Olympics in terms of event type, and on the basis of this results at least, New Zealand has a promising Olympic future. There are some big names on those ISAF Youth Worlds Trophies.

The downside is that New Zealand was only represented in five of the eight events, and clearly the effort has to go into lifting the standard in both the Windsurfer (RS:X) and Girls Laser Radial singlehanded events.

The fact that New Zealand has an outstanding record in the RS:X and Windsurfing generally beginning with the 1984 Olympics, and now has some of the world's top coaches, means that there is no shortage of pedigree or ability to lift sailors to the top level.

Markus Somerville and Jack Simpson (Wakatere Boating Club) – 29er winners of the Bronze medal in the 29er event  ISAF Youth Worlds

But ultimately it has to come down to the sailors themselves, the effort that is being put in, and the progress that is being made. It all comes down to the individual sailors and how serious they are about success.

We've never been a fan of blaming the coaches for poor results in any code of sport, and sailing is even less so.

The result from the 2013 ISAF Worlds was a great result - particularly in the Nations Cup, New Zealand was only able to count scores from five of the eight events. Others could count the full eight and get a boost from the fact that even a bottom of the fleet finish in an event adds to the points total.

Ahead of New Zealand in the Nations Trophy were Italy and Australia. Great Britain was in fourth place, followed by France, Spain and USA.

We have reports from each day of the regatta from Jodie Bakewell-White, along with images of the New Zealanders in action.

Kiwis and Aussies - NZ Optimist Team Day 4 2013 World Championships  NZ Optimist Team

The Optimist Worlds are well underway in the Paradise of Sailing - Lake Garda, Italy, where the winds blow warm and fresh and on time, and from the same direction each day (almost).

It is often said that the Optimist Worlds are the hardest regatta of all to win.

The reason being that while each country is restricted to five sailors each, behind those five are probably an average of 100 sailors per country who have tried for selection in each of the countries. There are 255 entries from 55 countries represented in this event - what other event, Olympic or otherwise, can match that talent base?

Optimist World Championship 2013 - Team Racing   Elena Giolai ©

We have daily reports from the NZL Yachting Trust sponsored team in this edition of's newsletter.

Top placed New Zealand is the very experienced Leonard Takahashi-Fry, in ninth overall, with his four other team members back in the fleet.

When looking at the results for this event - just factor in the fact that a placing of 100th is well above the halfway point in the fleet.

In this edition we are featuring a world-first for sailing fans of all ages - an online video rental service.

America's Cup victory Media conference - Maritime Productions Collection  Paul Darling Photography© Maritime Productions

Over a long period of years Larry Keating of Maritime Productions has been quietly acquiring the rights to a vast range of America's Cup video. This has been a been a three pronged exercise - firstly to find and get the use of the video, second to get it salvaged and converted from a sometimes very difficult state, and then to get it online.

The new service was launched on Thursday, and features America's Cup material right back to the first staging of the regatta in 1851.

That will be the first of the videos that we will feature in Sail-World in the coming weeks. But check their website for the current offering of 20 videos available on a pay per view basis.

The videos are generally of 52 minutes in length, and feature never seen before footage and scenes from the America's Cup. There will be more added including other productions around the America's Cup, for which an enormous amount of time and effort has been put invested.

Two great America's Cup designers, now sadly no longer with us, Olin Stephens (left) and Ben Lexcen - Maritime Productions Collection  Paul Darling Photography© Maritime Productions

While there have been copious picture books produced on the America's Cup over the years, there is nothing quite like seeing history come to life in these videos, with the Legends of the sport talking, not some 30 years later - but as they were making history - how they looked and felt - and to hear words that later became immortal, being spoken for the first time.

These aren't the contemporary cut-shot videos which have been clipped together to fill a given time slot. The videos from the Maritime Productions collection, tell a story, and take you back to the different eras of the America's Cup. Yes they are pay per view. But these are something that you will never see anywhere else in your lifetime. Treat yourself.

2013 A2B Ocean Race - On Board Iemanja Steve Henry at the helm with father Lew Henry navigating  A2B Ocean Race

We have an update from the 2014 Auckland to Bluff Race which continues to attract interest, with expressions of interest now in double figures, and with a number of top boats known to be seriously considering an entry.

The event looks set to take on the double mantle of being both a race in in its own right, but also being a significant personal challenge for those who want to complete the grueling 1200nm course - about the distance to Fiji.

We feature a story about one of these in this edition.

The big difference with the Auckland to Bluff Race, compared to an ocean race is that there are a number of stop-off points along the way, if a boat has issues. Organisers also have the option of shooting the boats up the eastern side of the South Island if strong winds are imminent on the south west corner of the South Island. Of course, the return trip offers the chance to cruise in picturesque Milford Sound and Fiordland - an opportunity not possible on the return from Fiji or Noumea.

America's Cup course - Oracle Team USA - July 19, 2013  Guilain Grenier/Oracle Racing©

Not a lot has happened on the water in the America's Cup. More solo racing, but with a new twist today, with Artemis Racing being Black Flagged as a non-starter, meaning Luna Rossa is assured of the point.

Off the water, there is one interesting protest running as Emirates Team New Zealand have asked a series of questions of the International Jury as to the status of Oracle Team USA, as Defender Team and whether they are actually allowed to sail on the America's Cup Course, while the Louis Vuitton Cup is in session. And if that is the case, then when will their performance data be released, as is the case currently with the Challengers.

The latter point will be of real interest to America's Cup fans as it will give a basis of comparison on the relative performance between the Challengers and Defenders.

Three other cases are also running. Each involving America's Cup Events Authority and Italian Challenger, Luna Rossa. We cover two of them in this edition of's newsletter. The third is more commercial and involves a claim of over USD380,000 by ACEA from Luna Rossa over the construction of a pavilion intended for use as a hospitality lounge.

America's Cup course - Oracle Team USA - July 19, 2013  Guilain Grenier/Oracle Racing©

To the credit of ACEA, the detail of the claim has been spelt out in the Application killing the need to media to guess or speculate at the substance of the Application. It should also be noted that with the prohibition on recourse to the Courts, these type of commercial claims between the parties have to be resolved via the Jury system.

Tomorrow, Monday, there will be just the second contested trace in three weeks of racing in the Round Robin phase of the Louis Vuitton Cup, between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa.

We'll carry the full reports, images and video on Sail-World as soon as it comes available from our team in San Francisco.

Luna Rossa - Louis Vuitton Cup, Round Robin 3, Race 2, July 20, 2013  John Navas

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NZ Optimist Team Day 3 2013 World Champioinships  NZ Optimist Team
Stay tuned to website for all the latest news.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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RNZYS girls crew - 2013 47th Governor's Cup  Mary Longpre - Longpre Photos ©

2013 World Optimist Championship Day 3  Matias Capizzano ©

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2013 Optimist Worlds: NZL Yachting Trust team Day 3 at Lake Garda
Angus Haslett,
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ISAF Youth Worlds: Gold and Bronze medals won by New Zealand
Jodie Bakewell-White,
New Zealand has won gold and bronze and placed third in the Nations Trophy at the 2013 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships just finished in Cyprus. All five kiwi crews finished in the top six making it an excellent year for the NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team at this pinnacle youth regatta.... [more]
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Americas Cup: Emirates Team NZ want access to Oracle's speed data
Richard Gladwell,
Emirates Team New Zealand have gone to the International Jury to require the America's Cup Defenders, Oracle Team USA, to make public their performance data, now they are about to commence racing on the America's Cup course. The New Zealand team are also looking to have the Defender's access to the America's Cup Course restricted as apparently provided in the Protocol governing the Regattas.... [more]
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ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship - Golden honours decided + Video
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Gov Cup - RNZYS and RFBYC Teams tie for first
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2013 Optimist Worlds: NZL Yachting Trust team Day 2 at Lake Garda
Angus Haslett,
Day 2 of the Optimist World Champs has had a mix of highs and lows. The wind ran pretty much to forecast with a shifty and slight Ora breeze of 12 knots lasting for most of the first race of the day, it was a race where mother nature played her part and despite all of the kiwis starting well and rounding the top mark in a good position... [more]
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Multihulls to be a permanent feature
Rob Mundle,
At Australia's premier big-boat regatta, Audi Hamilton Island Race Week,Multihulls are to become a permanent feature starting with the 30th staging of the award-winning event next month.... [more]
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America's Cup: Artemis is alive and well - Bob Fisher exclusive
Bob Fisher,
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A Three M Day for Emirates Team New Zealand.
Bob Fisher,
Despite the lack of an opponent, the Kiwi team provided the spectators with a game showing on the water, and for the knowledgeable aficionados a demonstration of their seeming superiority. It was a performance in the near-limit, 18-20-knot westerly breezes that convincing displayed that the time the team has spent on the water is reaping its rewards.... [more]
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ISAF Youth Worlds: NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team win Gold on Day 4
Jodie Bakewell-White,
With one day to go New Zealand is assured of a gold medal at the 2013 Sail First ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships now drawing to a close in Cyprus with Isaac McHardie (Hamilton Yacht Club/RAYC) and Micah Wilkinson (Ngaroto Sailing Club/RAYC) now unbeatable in the SL16 multihull.... [more]
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