Sailing with pigs..circumnavigating the North Pole..HMS Bounty Award

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 18 Jul 2013

Sailing with pigs..circumnavigating the North Pole..HMS Bounty Award

Piracy, successful foiling has driven down piracy in Somali waters  

In rally news the Stokey Woodall Atlantic Circuit is having early popularity, up in St Petersburg in Russia they're celebrating classic boats, and Beneteau's own 'Classic', the Oceanis 38, is taking on a new look!

Over in Turkmenistan, they are opening their first yacht club. Yes I knew that Turkmenistan was on the Caspian Sea, but somehow I never imaged there would be a yachting scene vibrant enough to have a yacht club.

The news is not all good, of course. One grieving Dad won't accept his daughter, missing now for over a month from the schooner Nina, thought sunk in the Tasman Sea, is lost. He is beginning to start his own search.

Enough time has passed since the sinking of the HMS Bounty for the brave souls who rescued 14 crew during of Hurricane Sandy to receive their due honours and accolades.

As summer approaches, a new raft of sailors set out to sail the North West Passage. This week we feature a Polish boat which will circle the North Pole – and incidentally the North West Passage as well.

Not a lot about maintenance or practical subjects this week – full summer is a time for sailing, not maintaining!

Lots of other news too, so scroll down the headlines to find your own interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen.

Docks with faulty wiring continue to prove deadly
D. Scott Croft,
This past year over Fourth of July weekend, Alexandra Anderson, 13, and her brother, Brayden Anderson, eight, were swimming near a homeowner's dock on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri when they started to scream. By the time the siblings were pulled from the lake, they were unresponsive and a short while later were pronounced dead.... [more]
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Somali Piracy lowest since 2006, but stay away from West Africa
IMB/Sail-World Cruising,
While cruising sailors are now, finally, staying away from the Gulf of Aden and the waters around Somalia, the annual IMB Piracy report this year highlights violence in West, as opposed to East, Africa. This is fair warning for long range cruising sailors to take the prevailing winds after rounding the Cape of Good Hope and head for South America or the Caribbean.... [more]
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Polish crew to circumnavigate the North Pole in Lady Dana
Sail-World Cruising,
The 19 ton steel yacht is called Lady Dana, and the Polish team who will sail around the North Pole with her in 2013 - including the North West Passage - know she will be the only female on board. The seven crew are all male and all have an impressive sailing CV.... [more]
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Classic Yacht Week set for Saint Petersburg
Cailah Leask,
For the second year in a row, the Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg will welcome a fleet of stunning Classic Yachts to the historic and former capital city of Russia for Classic Yacht Week 2013. Saint-Petersburg Classic Yacht Week forms part of the Baltic Classic Circuit which consists of three major regattas for classic boats on the Baltic; the Stockholm, Saint-Petersburg and Helsinki Classic Weeks.... [more]
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From North West England? Young? like to go adventure sailing?
Sail-World Cruising,
Ocean Youth Trust (OYT) North, a charity specialising in the personal development of young people and adults through the unique medium of ocean sailing, has launched a competition to find ten young people from the North West of England and Cumbria to take part in an adventure sailing challenge in the Irish Sea.... [more]
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Pigs and sailors - the unlikely combination of the Bahamas
Des Ryan,
Pigs are known to be very smart, but are most frequently pictured in mud and thought of as unclean. Not these pigs! They are rumored to have been left by sailors of a bygone era who wanted to return to cook them, but now they are great entertainment for visiting sailors cruising the Bahamas.... [more]
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Annual Cayman Stingray Census shows general improvements
Guy Harvey PhD.,
The 2013 census of the North Sound stingray population was just completed this past week and the news is generally good. On day two of the census, I had a late start as I was able to meet with the new Chief Officer in the Ministry of the Environment Dr. Dax Basdeo and MLA Roy McTaggart in the Government administration building.... [more]
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Good etiquette at the ramp for happy launching
D. Scott Croft,
Impolite, self-centered behavior could properly describe a kindergarten sandbox at recess, but it also fits the description of the mayhem that some boat launch ramps experience on a busy summer weekend. If America's famed etiquette expert, Miss Manners, were to visit a launch ramp, what lack of courtesy would she find?... [more]
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Boat Shows everywhere get interactive - now the All Wales Boat Show
Lee Mylchreest,
Interactivity and skill building are becoming a growing part of boat shows all over the world. From Annapolis to Sydney to Southampton, boat shows are responding to the popularity of participation and education on the part of boat show attendees. The latest boat show to pick up the baton is the All Wales Boat Show, 24 - 28 July being held at Conwy and Deganwy Quay Marinas in the County of Conwy.... [more]
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HMS Bounty rescue swimmers honoured, tell the story
Antonieta Rico, Navy Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Along with most other leisure sailors, we at Sail-World are always happy to see the brave exploits of those who go to rescue sailors in trouble recognised. Here the heroes of the rescue of the crew of HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy are honoured, and have their story told:... [more]
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Stokey Woodall Rally a hit with early joiners
Nancy Knudsen,
Now that the news is out and about, the schedule and route of the Stokey Woodall Atlantic Circuit Rally(SWAC), which begins in October 2014, has been met on both sides of the Atlantic with a good reaction and lots of enthusiasm. The SWAC rally is basically made up of two legs - east and westbound, with various highly recommended optional cruises interlinking the whole event.... [more]
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Beneteau and their new, flexible, Oceanis 38
Sail-World Cruising,
Beneteau has a new model about to come out, the Oceanis 38, and claims more flexibility than seen before on this size of boat before, and a new way of looking at below decks, claiming the boat more resembles an airy loft than a traditional cabin arrangement.... [more]
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Dad won't accept his sailing daughter lost at sea
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
One American Dad won't give up on his sailor daughter, thought lost at sea between New Zealand and Australia. The family is from southern American state of Louisiana, and Danielle Wright's father, Ricky Wright, is preparing to mount his own search.... [more]
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Turkmenistan opens its first ever yacht club
Sail-World Cruising,
You won't be able to sail there any time soon, but the central Asian state of Turkmenistan has just joined the ranks of boating nations with the opening of its first yacht club.... [more]
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