Triumph to tragedy, duffers to dreams... all in Sail-World Cruising

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 11 Jul 2013

Triumph to tragedy, duffers to dreams... all in Sail-World Cruising

As the sailing world mourns the loss of seven American and British cruising sailors in the Tasman Sea, the fate of whom may never be known, that same sailing world is celebrating the triumph of British sailor Jeanne Socrates, 70-year-old of indomitable will and superb seamanship skills who has just become the oldest female in the world to circumnavigate the planet, non-stop and unassisted. She arrived in Victoria in Canada this week and our story brings you the latest photos.

Biggest duffers of the week go to a couple of Brits who should have started their career with sailing lessons instead of wasting the time of the RNLI, and Fiji is becoming more and more of a dream sailing destination as Fiji makes big moves to cut red tape and improve facilities to make it easier for international cruising sailors. One dream dashed this week was the ambitious dream of sailing the world in an 8ft boat – what a story!

French sailor rescued  .. .

French sailor Marc Guillemot has just sailed across the Atlantic in eight days in a monohull. Congratulations, Marc, but my question is: Why would you want to go so fast, Marc? – you will have missed all those extra starry, moonlit or scud-filled nights...

In other news there are cruising sailors off to help the South Pacific Islanders affected by ocean pollution and global warming and stories about land sailors who are getting cleverer by the minute.

OceansWatch in preparation mode  .. .

We keep you up to date with the latest news about gizmos as well as skills you'll want to have – some new Apps, some old tried and true tools, some ways to save money this summer and some lessons learnt about protecting your boat during storm and hurricane.

It's all below, just by scrolling down the page.

Sweet summer sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailor Jeanne Socrates, world's oldest non-stop female circumnavigator
Nancy Knudsen,
After many days of frustrating drifting, 70-year-old British sailor Jeanne Socrates has made it home to Victoria in triumph, becoming the oldest woman to single-handedly sail non-stop around the world without outside assistance.... [more]
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Update: Nina's new text message gives hope but search abandoned
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Update: Search abandoned. The families of the six Americans and one British sailor thought lost on a vintage schooner trying to cross the Tasman Sea are adamant that they may still be alive, now that an undelivered text message has been revealed - that it was NOT sent on the day it was received, and reveals that the yacht was under bare poles but proceeding satisfactorily.... [more]
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New: Rail Pod allows easy retrofit of instruments in cockpit
Sail-World Cruising,
Current sailing boat designs often have very open cockpits with few options for installing retro-fit instruments. But the ingenuity of the commercial sailing world knows no bounds, and UK Company Scanstrut Ltd has extended their successful Scanpod range with the launch of the new Rail Pod.... [more]
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North American sailors: Lessons from Sandy on fighting hurricanes
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
North American Sailors: With the NOAA Climate Prediction Center forecasting an 'active or extremely active season this year,' sailors and other recreational boaters will have to make storm preparations for a likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms.... [more]
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Cruising sailors off on new round of South Pacific Islands assistance
Lee Mylchreest,
OceansWatch is an international organisation started in New Zealand who seek to help South Pacific Island communities deal with growing pollution and climate change. They have just started their new round of voyages for 2013, and there's room for you to help. Here is the first report:... [more]
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Mariner Boating Holidays announces 2014 Multihull events
Chris MacLeod,
When it comes to overall cruising comfort, it's hard to beat the advantages of a catamaran and that's why Mariner Boating is using them for some of their 2014 events. Even devoted monohull purists can admit that, for coastal cruising and island hopping, it's nice to have that extra bit of space and ventilation, the low angle of heel is easier to handle and lunches stay on the table.... [more]
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Nine money-saving tips for boating this summer - BoatUS
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Like many other Americans, American boat owners have to watch their budget. Like many other Americans, American boat owners have to watch their budget. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has nine tips on ways boaters can save this summer. What's the catch?... [more]
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British sailors: Southampton Boat Show cheaper for RYA members
Emma Slater, RNLI/Sail-World,
It's not until September, but the UK's most famous boat show, the PSP Southampton Boat Show, is going cheaper for those Brits who have joined the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) - one more reason to join, and saving a whopping £9.00 a ticket!... [more]
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Nv Charts releases a new app for mobile device navigation
Mike Martel,
Motor boaters, sailors, and cruisers who want to ride the cutting-edge crest of navigation with mobile devices can now take advantage of nv charts App, a new, simple-to-use free app now available from nv charts, a global leader in highly accurate, detailed maritime chart products.... [more]
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Circumnavigating French sailor in 8ft boat rescued in Torres Strait
Des Ryan,
He set out from French Polynesia to circumnavigate the world in the smallest sailing boat ever, but he only got as far as Torres Strait between New Guinea and Australia's Cape York.... [more]
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Canadian sailors get new safety iPhone App
Sail-World Cruising,
It was the Canadian Search and Rescue crews who came up with the idea. Obviously they are trying to do themselves out of more rescues than they need - an iPhone App that they hope will keep down the number of sailors who get into trouble.... [more]
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Dirtboats and iceboats - Sailing a solid wing with a slotted flap
John Eisenlohr,
I've been designing sailing and building dirtboats and iceboats powered by solid wings since the early 90's. I believe in keeping things simple with my wings. I use an external slotted flap. It pivots near the trailing edge of the main wing or as some say first element. We have found positive control is the best and safest way to control our wings at high speeds.... [more]
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Marc Guillemot smashes the solo North Atlantic record
Mathilde Mermod,
Marc Guillemot smashed the solo North Atlantic record for a monohull with a time of eight days, five hours, 20 minutes and 20 seconds – or 15 hours, 48 minutes and 11 seconds less than the previous record set by the British skipper Alex Thomson in July 2012.... [more]
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Cruising boats from nine countries rally/race in Borneo
Borneo Times,
Even the organisers admit it's more a rally than a race, but they have modelled it after the Sydney to Hobart in that it sets off from a city(Miri) and goes to an island (Labuan), but that's as far as the comparison holds. Nevertheless, it is becoming an extremely popular event with short-handed cruising boats on long-range cruises.... [more]
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Fiji - a dream sail and getting better...
Tevita Vuibau/Sail-World Cruising,
Fiji is one of the 'must see' stops in the South Pacific, and the locals want it even more enticing. To find out what cruising sailors thought of Fiji, Tevita Vuibau has asked the cruising boats who pass by to tell their reactions. Here she tells of the joy of the seafarers, their discovery of Fiji, their worries and the negative perception of yachties to these magic isles.... [more]
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Carry this sailing navigation super tool for safety!
John Jamieson,
In my mind, nothing beats simple and fast when it comes to plotting when cruising on a sailing boat. After all, you are short handed, on a heel, and want to spend minimum time in the cabin (if that's where you are plotting). Enter the tool I use and have used for over two decades. And it comes not from the marine world--but that of the aviation world.... [more]
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Seven Seas Cruising Association announces 23rd Annual Downeast Gam
Barbara Theisen,
Cruisers heading to Maine this summer should mark their calendars for the 23rd Annual SSCA Downeast Gam at Gilkey's Harbor, Islesboro, Maine.... [more]
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Duffers of the week: Thames maiden voyage goes awry
Sail-World Cruising,
Whoops! doesn't look good. Rocks on one side and a rather large ship on the other. What about a few sailing lessons? Or even some good advice on seamanship? Three would-be sailors had to be rescued last week on their maiden voyage in the Thames by an RNLI lifeboat, whose crew could have been occupied with better things, like having a cup of coffee back at headquarters.... [more]
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