test - 7 lost at sea...tax on charters...pyrotechnics...16-year-old hero...

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 06 Jul 2013

7 lost at sea...tax on charters...pyrotechnics...16-year-old hero...

One of the most critical issues when you go on that longer cruise is making sure your rigging is right and your sails will last the distance. John Hearne, profiled this week, will offer a vital seminar on the issue in the Cruising Masterclass at this year's Sydney International Boat Show.

If you haven't checked out the Cruising Masterclass yet, all the details are in John Hearne's article below. Registration is free in this inaugural year, but essential, as places will be limited. Don't miss out, as the Masterclass, with a large spread of seminars on the issues that concern us most, is filling fast.

It's not many editions where we have to report on not one, but two, missing yachts. One was last seen in the Indian Ocean with a solo sailor on board, and the other has a crew of seven, now believed lost at sea after their schooner disappeared from the Tasman Sea without a trace. This joins a long list of sailors over the decades who simply disappeared, leaving families to mourn without ever knowing the last moments of these lost sailors.

In the first case, Eddie Anker, longtime cruiser, is simply very overdue for his destination Perth. In the case of the schooner heading from New Zealand to Australia, as the EPIRB was not set off and their satphones were not used, it must have been a catastrophic event – a rogue wave, a collision with a ship or maybe a whale – which sank their boat in seconds, too quickly even to hit the EPIRB button or dial a number.

Skipper David Dyche, 58; his wife, Rosemary, 60; and their son David, 17 on board Nina, missing presumed sunk,during their dream circumnavigation  .. .

Often, though the use of a registered 406MHz EPIRB can mean the difference between a sweet rescue and a possible loss of life - as the rescuers noted after a successful call-out by the Auckland Rescue helicopter and coastguard.

Things are always changing in the world of the cruising sailor. Those keen on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean have a mountain of changes to work out as governments change their taxation laws. The other issue starting to make waves is that of regulations covering pyrotechnics and the escalation of the use – not yet approved – of laser technology.

The most inspiring story of the week is that of cerebral palsy sufferer, the 16-year-old British sailor Natasha who can't walk but has just sailed the English Channel solo.

Natasha Lambert in the boat she used to cross the English Channel  .. .

Finally, John Jamieson is back with some interesting observations about which side of the boat you should use for recovery of an MOB victim. It makes a difference? Read the story.

Much more to read about, so browse down the screen to find what takes your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

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Update: Nina's new text message gives hope but search abandoned
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Update: Search abandoned. The families of the six Americans and one British sailor thought lost on a vintage schooner trying to cross the Tasman Sea are adamant that they may still be alive, now that an undelivered text message has been revealed - that it was NOT sent on the day it was received, and reveals that the yacht was under bare poles but proceeding satisfactorily.... [more]
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