7 lost at sea...tax on charters...pyrotechnics...16-year-old hero...

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 05 Jul 2013

7 lost at sea...tax on charters...pyrotechnics...16-year-old hero...

In this case, as the EPIRB was not set off and their satphones were not used, it must have been a catastrophic event – a rogue wave, a collision with a ship or maybe a whale – which sank their boat in seconds, too quickly even to hit the EPIRB button or dial a number.

Things are always changing in the world of the cruising sailor. Those keen on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean have a mountain of changes to work out as governments change their taxation laws. The other issue starting to make waves is that of regulations covering pyrotechnics and the escalation of the use – not yet approved – of laser technology.

The most inspiring story of the week is that of cerebral palsy sufferer, the 16-year-old Natasha who can't walk but has just sailed the English Channel solo. The most whimsical story is that of one of the Old Gaffers currently circumnavigating Britain, and their confrontation with a lobster pot.

Natasha Lambert in the boat she used to cross the English Channel  .. .

Finally, John Jamieson is back with some interesting observations about which side of the boat you should use for recovery of an MOB victim. It makes a difference? Read the story.

Much more to read about, so browse down the screen to find what takes your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Family plead for missing schooner search to continue
Des Ryan,
In spite of fading hopes for the seven crew members of the vintage yacht Nina, missing in the Tasman Sea since June 04 and thought to have sunk, the family of one of the crew, British man Matthew Wootton, still hopes he will be found alive.... [more]
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Natasha can't walk, but just sailed the English Channel solo at 16
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
She can't walk across a room unaided, but, at 16 she's just sailed the English Channel solo. This brave British sailing enthusiast celebrated her 16th birthday with a solo sail across The Channel in just four and a half hours— using just her mouth to control her 21ft yacht.... [more]
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Caribbean yacht charter brokers act to cut plastic water bottles
Des Ryan,
How would you measure up? Do you still take plastic water bottles when sailing instead of depending on your watermaker? The Caribbean based Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) has launched the second year of its 'Going Green to Save the Blue' campaign in which it encourages charter yachts around the world to use fewer plastic water bottles.... [more]
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Europe moves on pyrotechnics regulations - non-SOLAS
Important new European pyrotechnics regulations are being introduced on July 4 2013, to ensure the highest quality and safety of non-SOLAS pyrotechnics products. This includes illuminating rockets, handflares and handsmoke signals.... [more]
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The confusion over yacht charter taxes in the EU
Lee Mylchreest,
It's very hard to keep up with what you'll be paying to charter a yacht in Europe these days. It's all about taxes. Croatia's charges have been altered by her entry into the EU on 1st July, yachts have been fleeing from Italy to places like Montenegro because of the high Italian charges, France has just agreed to levy VAT on yacht charters and now Spain has made a change of their own... [more]
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Old Gaffers Round Britain: Witch and her nemesis lobster pot
Alistair Randall/Sail-World Cruising,
To celebrate their 50th year anniversary, some Old Gaffers are making their stately way around Britain, but don't be under the impression that it's all easy going. One of the boats, Witch, a 1898 Gaff Cutter, originally a ferry boat for the Isle of Gigha, has proved victim to one of the cruising sailor's most dreaded minor nightmares - the lobster pot.... [more]
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New cruising eBook: Best stories from Caribbean Compass
Sally Erdle,
If you love reading sailing tales you're going to love this new eBook, 'Best Stories from Caribbean Compass' compiled by Sally Erdle and Rona Beame. It's full of outstanding stories by cruisers, of cruisers and for cruisers!... [more]
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Indonesia goes yachting friendly as first ever Yacht Show staged
Sail-World Cruising/Linda Cartlidge,
It's good news for roving cruising sailors, no matter the size of your boat. Indonesia is the latest country to show a major interest in the value of yachting and sailing to the economy, as well as an outlet for the new millionaires who are looking for somewhere to spend their money.... [more]
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Missing schooner Nina presumed sunk
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
After several days of searching, the 21m American schooner Nina, with seven crew on board, is presumed to have sunk, according to Australian and New Zealand rescuers. The fact that satellite phones were not used and the EPIRB was not set off points to the fact that the historic schooner sank so suddenly in some catastrophic event that none of the crew had time to activate the EPIRB, or phone.... [more]
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Montenegro's hotspot marina doubles its berths
SAil-World Cruising/Superyacht News,
Capitalising on the increasing popularity of Montenegro for sailors, Porto Montenegro, one of Europe's most up-and-coming yachting hotspots, is to double its marina capacity to 490 berths by next summer – giving it one of the biggest yacht capacities in the world, with an emphasis on the larger end of the spectrum.... [more]
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VAT on chartering a yacht in France to begin July 15
Nancy Knudsen,
The French have taken their time to make the announcement, but now it's official. If you charter a yacht in France from now on you will have to be VAT on the charter.... [more]
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Which overboard emergency recovery side should you choose?
John Jamieson,
Not many sailing safety issues chill the blood like the thought of falling overboard. But, even more dangerous could be the recovery itself. Why is that? You may have read and practiced different overboard approaches. But there's still a lot of controversy about the final approach to bring the person alongside, close to your small sailboat.... [more]
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Provision of flare disposal services by Ramora UK
Aberdeen Asset Management,
One of the UK's leading Bomb Disposal companies,Ramora UK is repeating its distress flare disposal service for sailors taking part in this year's Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.... [more]
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RNLI Sea Safety Guide - now interactive
RNLI/Sail-World Cruising,
Nothing, it seems, is paper-only these days. (Then there's those, like Sail-World, who are digital only). The latest nautical aid, the Sea Safety Guide from the Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI), has gone digital and interactive as well.... [more]
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Boating tops list of lightning deaths, go inside says NWS
In the U.S., June 23-29 is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week and NOAA's National Weather Service has a stark message for fishermen and boaters: You are not safe outside during a thunderstorm. A new data review of deaths caused by lightning between 2006 and 2012 reveals that water-related activities (fishing, boating, beach, and swimming) make up 36 percent of all leisure-related deaths.... [more]
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