So much happening in the world of sailing!

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 29 Jun 2013

So much happening in the world of sailing!

Changing our banks of servers to cope with the growth has caused frustrations and some unreliable news magazine deliveries. If your weekly news magazine did not arrive last week, please accept our apologies.

But news from the world of the cruising sailor is forever fascinating and relevant wherever you sail, even though life on the water can be a little brisk at this time of year.

This week's profile is of David Champtaloup (see photo above), well known member of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) and speaker at this year's inaugural Cruising Masterclass at the Sydney International Boat Show.

We're staying in touch with 70-year-old Jeanne Socrates, still some 700nm from Victoria and her quest to become the oldest female to circumnavigate the globe, solo, non-stop and unassisted. A lot can happen in 700nm, so watch this space.

There are important notices to mariners, great new products, tales about kids' passion for sailing and scholarships for young potential rescuers; you can sail the Northwest Passage on your iPad or ponder the irresponsibility of sailors who activate an EPIRB because they're frightened, and (something to keep you awake at night) the potential inaccuracies of your GPS

New Northwest Passage on iPad  .. .

There are stories to raise your sailing skills and opportunities to join others to sail a tall ship from Europe back to Australia and New Zealand, or maybe just within Australia, or just across the Tasman.

How much fun would this be! Berths available from Europe or within Australia and to New Zealand  .. .

South Pacific Islanders are taking action about how global warming affects their life already, and it's happening with the help of, yes, Kiwi and Australian cruising sailors!

So run your eye down the headlines to see what tempts you, and here's wishing you good weather and fine sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Grave concerns for missing schooner - Six US crew, one Brit aboard
Maritime NZ,
Grave concerns are held for the crew of the historic American 21m (70ft) schooner Nina missing en route from Opua in the Bay of Islands to Newcastle, Australia. The vessel, built in 1928, left Opua on 29 May and has not been heard from since 4 June, when the vessel was about 370 nautical miles west-north west of Cape Reinga).... [more]
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Hear John Hearne master sailmaker at SIBS Cruising Masterclass 3/4 Aug
Nancy Knudsen,
John Hearne, of Doyles Sailmakers, is to deliver the seminar on sails and rigging for the cruising sailor at the Cruising Masterclass at the Sydney International Boat Show, 3/4 August.... [more]
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ARC sailors plant trees to offset yachting carbon
World Cruising Club,
Sailing allows us to travel long distances with relatively low carbon emissions, but the reality is that all yachts burn diesel for motive power and to generate electricity.... [more]
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SIBS - Racing to cruising to Messing Around - Andrew Phippen
Nancy Knudsen,
Andrew Phippen, one of the speakers in the Sydney International Boat Show Cruising Masterclass, 3/4 August, is the Commodore of the Coastal Cruising Club of Australia.... [more]
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Solo sailor's mast fall death leads to £20 million drug find
Lee Mylchreest,
Last week we published a story of the death of a sailor who fell from his mast after Customs had boarded his yacht, Windrose, which had been towed into port in the Scilly Isles after calling for help. At the time what had occurred on the yacht was a mystery, and the authorities weren't talking. Now the mystery appears to have been solved.... [more]
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Beneteau invites: Design your OWN Oceanis, just as you want it...
Nancy Knudsen,
The most successful sailing boat manufacturer in the world - Beneteau - probably knows that to stay ahead of the game they will always have to been seen as inventing something new, something so innovative that it will take the rest of the boating manufacturers of the world at least a season to catch up. So now they are suggesting that you can design your OWN boat.... [more]
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One of the best for race one in the Croatia One Design Yacht Rally
Trevor Joyce,
After a briefing on the steps of the baroque cathedral in Milna on the island of Brac in Croatia, the crews on eleven Benetau First 45's cruised to the rendezvous in Salines Bay for race 1 in the 2013 Croatia One Design Yacht Rally.... [more]
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Hear David Champtaloup in Cruising Masterclass at SIBS 3/4 August
Nancy Knudsen,
The CYCA's David Champtaloup has a long career in sailing. He learned to sail in Manly Juniors from Clontarf beach and as he grew in age and experience moved on through skiffs to open keel boats. David is to be one of the speakers at the Cruising Masterclass (3/4 August) at this year's Sydney International Boat Show, speaking on a subject he knows well, 'Cruising to Tasmania'.... [more]
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Croatia, sailing magnet now, but what after she joins the EU in July?
Ayuk Ntuiabane/Sail-World Cruising,
Croatia is a drawcard for cruising sailors from everywhere. They sail from other European ports, circumnavigators arrive with Croatia one of their 'must sees', or they fly from America and Australia to charter around Croatia's charismatic and sailor-friendly coastline.But on July 01 she will become a member of the EU. That may mean a lot for Croatia, but what will it mean for the cruising sailor?... [more]
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Beneteau First 35 - a first-hand account
Creating Demand,
The Beneteau First 35 is collaboration with Farr Yacht Designs and has been very successful achieving the 2010 'Best Yacht' Award at the Helsinki International Boat Show, amongst many other accolades.... [more]
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Vathi Kalymnos - 'Don't blink, you'll miss it' - Aegean Yacht Rally
Trevor Joyce,
Currently a group of mostly Australians are enjoying sailing the Aegean Sea with a yacht rally led by by Trevor and Maggie Joyce, those very experienced rally organisers from Mariner Boating. This year, again, they visited the tiny island of Kalymnia. Here Trevor reports on their progress:... [more]
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Blind Japanese sailor's hopes dashed, rescued from liferaft
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It was a sad end to the voyage for a highly experienced blind sailor when he and his crewmate had to be rescued from their life raft after abandoning their sinking yacht in the Pacific on Friday. While it is not known what caused their 13m yacht Aeolus to be taking on water, sea conditions were very rough at the time of the abandonment.... [more]
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Celebrate the summer solstice with great chart deals
Sail-World Cruising,
Some people will find any reason to celebrate, but passing through the summer solstice is as good as any for Sailtimer Inc to offer some great deals to sailors in the UK and in the USA, and Sail-World Cruising is happy to pass them on to our readers:... [more]
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Coming soon - the latest MOB location gizmo
Des Ryan,
There are many who say that no sailor SHOULD ever fall overboard if he or she complies with all correct safety procedures. If a cruising sailors does end up overboard, given that most cruising sailors sail short-handed, history says there is almost no chance of their recovery. Having said that, the latest gizmos might defy that statistic in the future - and here's a cracker:... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates - near to victory in Victoria
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
The picture above says it all. 70-year-old Jeanne Socrates, the British sailor who never says 'die', whose boat Nereida has had almost everything aboard broken during her solo sail, is nearing her quest to become, on her third attempt, the oldest woman on earth to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe.... [more]
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Help sail Spirit of New Zealand from Australia to New Zealand -October
Spirit of Adventure Trust,
The Spirit of Adventure Trust is offering 40, 17-25 year olds the chance to sail from Sydney to Auckland on the iconic tall ship, Spirit of New Zealand.... [more]
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Sailing Sardinia and Corsica- An enticing mix of French and Italian
Trevor Joyce,
An enticing mix of French and Italian culture and cuisine but with a mysterious third dimension that sets them apart from each other and from their mother countries. My first day-time vision of Sardinia was when I opened the shutters of my hotel room in Portisco, having arrived the previous evening.... [more]
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Sailing to Tahiti at Sydney's Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
Dennis Doyle,
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in Sydney's Rushcutters Bay, is to hold another of their great 'information evenings' on July 2 - this time on sailing to Tahiti - and all are welcome. You don't have to be a member.... [more]
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Profile of a cruising couple: John and Lyn Martin
Nancy Knudsen,
After over 60,000nm, John and Lyn Martin, speakers at SIBS Cruising Masterclass 3/4 August are inveterate cruising sailors, but more than that, they are rally organisers and know the extra skills that a racing sailor need to go cruising - the skills to confidently set off independently to cross oceans knowing that the boat and the crew are well-prepared for whatever you might encounter.... [more]
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Survival story of the week: Rescue after two days in air bubble
K P Waran,
Survival story of the week: Truth, as we know, can be stranger than fiction, but some stories told as true, almost defy belief. As a cruising sailor, going to the bottom of the ocean in your boat is every mariner's nightmare, but here, from Africa, comes the story of amazing survival by a crew member on a tug boat, sent to the bottom by a giant wave.... [more]
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Inaugural Cruising Masterclass at the Sydney International Boat Show
Nancy Knudsen,
Maybe you know a lot about sailing, but do you know all you need to know for cruising? Are you up to date with the latest sailing aids? safety systems? Technology? Do you know all about snubbers, sentinels, Med Hooks? If the answer is no or maybe, then attend the Cruising Masterclass at the Sydney Boat Show, 3/4 August. You'll never regret it. It's free in the inaugural year but must be reserved... [more]
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Multi-talented Craig Margetts to be Cruising Masterclass speaker
Nancy Knudsen,
After a long career since childhood of sailing and racing monohulls, Craig Margetts, a speaker at Sydney International Boat Show Cruising Masterclass, finally 'saw the light' and changed over to multihulls.... [more]
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Book Review: 'Suddenly Overboard' by Tom Lochhaas
Doug Cuming, Boat Books,
Gripping true stories of contemporary sailing disasters that will make you think twice about not wearing a lifejacket or harness when out at sea. In Suddenly Overboard, Tom Lochhaas tells a number of stories about sailors who experienced catastrophes when least expecting them and who were rescued, or who died, or who lived to tell the tale simply by good luck.... [more]
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Irresponsible activation of EPIRBs - bush walkers and sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
In a case that, to my knowledge has not been replicated in the sailing world, the Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) launched an investigation into claims that a bush walker had activated the beacon because he was running late. It is an interesting case for the sailor because of multiple opinions among sailors that often sailors activate their beacon because they are frightened.... [more]
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