Inaugural Cruising Masterclass...the ultimate for seasickness...more

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 31 May 2013

Inaugural Cruising Masterclass...the ultimate for seasickness...more

It will be brought to you as a side benefit from attendance at the Sydney International Boat Show, and while in this inaugural year attendance is free, registration for the seminars is essential to secure your place in the private classroom. More about the subjects to be covered in the story below.

Talking of boat shows, there's an avalanche of stories come in from the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show from Sail-World's range of journalists attending. If you read all those articles you'll feel as though you've been there - kinda.

It must be one of the greatest inventions ever for the cruising sailor - the new App that can banish seasickness. It seemed unbelievable to me when I first heard about it, but as seasickness has something to do with the ears and this App plays you music which disguises a noise which is meant to undo the effects of seasickness, it just could sound logical. The story is fascinating – I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried it and found that is works for them.

Could a mere App cure this?  .. .

The indomitable Jeanne Socrates just keeps sailing on, aiming for the third time for a solo, non-stop, unassisted voyage around the world. Almost everything on her boat has broken – she only has half a main, the autopilot has packed it in, she is having to rely on ham radio buffs for her communications – and that's just the beginning. Undaunted, Jeanne is heading for Victoria - and Victory - in Canada. Read the story...

If you love sailing and the environment too, there's something very practical you can do - join the 22m ketch Yukon on her sail up the east coast of Australia, skippered by well-known sailor David Pryce, collecting data from the sea for a Monash University-supported study. Drop the day job, get adventurous and go!

Yukon showing what she can do  .. .

John Jamieson is back with some safety advice about the 'bight line' and how not to be hurt when a sheet or fitting breaks; Swan have announced a new 'pure' range of cruising boats; and there's a humorous story from Britain's Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI) about the extraordinary convolutions of some rescues.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet autumn sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jellyfish population surge to blame for drop in fish stocks?
UN News Centre,
Swells in jellyfish populations due to overfishing may be one of the causes behind the drop in fish stocks observed in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, according to a new United Nations report which argues for including jellyfish in fisheries management.... [more]
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Inaugural Cruising Masterclass...the ultimate for seasickness...more
Nancy Knudsen, Editor,
.... [more]
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Inaugural Cruising Masterclass at the Sydney International Boat Show
Nancy Knudsen,
Do you know everything you need to know for cruising? Are you up to date with the latest sailing aids? safety systems? Technology? In two full days, Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th August, at the Sydney International Boat Show, the inaugural Cruising Masterclass will be held. It is free on entry, but you MUST register as participation is limited.... [more]
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Rob Starkey, cruising sailor, brings high skills to the sailing world
Nancy Knudsen,
When many of us begin sailing we take the skills we learned in 'other lives', and these often benefit the sailing community in general. With no-one is this truer than with Sydney cruising sailor Rob Starkey.... [more]
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Seasick sailors: New App to banish seasickness
Sail-World Cruising,
If you ever feel like the guys in this clever cartoon by Phillip Martin when you go sailing, you may want to know about what seems also very clever - an App that can cure your seasickness. Don't believe it? Read on.... [more]
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East Coast Odyssey - Setting sail to catch the ‘colourful killers'
Roger Dickeson,
East Coast Odyssey is looking for people with a sense of adventure and a passion for preventing our oceans from becoming a ‘plastic soup'. The nature tourism, scientific research and conservation project, East Coast Odyssey, will be the first expedition of its kind to tackle insidious micro-plastics in Australian waters.... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Int'l Boat Show - Day 4 marina views (part 2), Anna Parker,
More images of the marina action on day four of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show by photographer Mark Burgin.... [more]
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Who am I? Solo sailor lists the breakages
Lee Mylchreest,
Who am I? I have been sailing solo for quite a while now without touching land, over five months in fact. An amazing number of pieces of equipment have already failed or are beginning to fail. I've made do. I have passed the famed capes of the Southern Ocean and am now in the Pacific. Here is what has broken so far, as I remember:... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Int'l Boat Show - Day 4 marina views (part 1), Anna Parker,
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show - Images of the action in the marina on day four captured on site by photographer Mark Burgin.... [more]
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Alternative energy - being embraced by the sailing world
Hilary Wiech, Sailors for the Sea/Sail-World,
Renewable energy is a hot and sometimes controversial topic on land, but within the sailing world wind generators are old news, and being 'independent of the grid' is taken for granted.... [more]
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Boat Show presence is crucial, but . . .
Jeni Bone,
As the sponsor of the main hall, the MarineBusiness-World Pavilion at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2013, with easily the largest marine media presence there and similarly we will have the largest marine media presence at the upcoming Sydney International Boat Show, we are obviously heavily committed to boat shows and promoting your businesses.... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Int'l Boat Show - The boats on day 3, Anna Parker,
Images of the boats from day three at the Sanctuary Cove Int'l Boat Show, captured on site by photographer Mark Burgin.... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Int'l Boat Show: Pictorial - Faces and places of day 3, Anna Parker,
Images of the faces and places on day three of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show by photogrpaher Mark Burgin.... [more]
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Swan announces new 'pure' cruising range of sailing boats
Des Ryan,
Last year the famed Finnish boat builder Nautor's Swan built its 2000th yacht. This week, staying loyal to their naval architect German Frers, they have announced a new range of yachts by Frers, meant just for the cruising sailor.... [more]
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