Adventure sailing, new gizmos, Hutchwilco great, Sanctuary Cove on now

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 24 May 2013

Adventure sailing, new gizmos, Hutchwilco great, Sanctuary Cove on now

Sailors on the New South Wales coast should be aware of wild conditions combined with the fact that the Norah Head Lighthouse has been turned off. Trouble never comes singly, so sail safely.

The adventure sailors are making news again. French sailor Francis Joyon, probably the world's fastest and best known solo speed sailor, is making news in New York even before he begins his latest challenge, to beat the Trans-Atlantic record in his giant trimaran, IDEC. Then there's British solo sailor Jeanne Socrates, who after more than 200 continuous days at sea has passed her last big milestone on her quest to be the oldest female to circumnavigate solo, non-stop and unassisted. Just a few thousand miles to go in warm waters riddled with obstacles and the record will be hers!

It's hard for the modern non-tech-savvy sailor to keep up with all the new aids available. But at Sail-World Cruising we're trying! This week there is a really interesting invention, the yacht track library. This shows you the previous tracks of other yachts, so that, if the chart is 'wrong', the yacht track across the middle of an island or a reef will alert you to the issue – brilliant, see example below.

PIC 2  .. .

Featured this week is Digital Media Locker with Blue Tooth. It is a great way to keep your iPhone or iPad secure while you use the myriad Apps available for sailing.

If you are concerned, like many sailors, about the effects of overpopulation and climate change on our oceans, now there is a vital way you can help, by tracking the water purity in your region. The call is out to all leisure sailors – read the details and volunteer, please!

Many other interesting articles as well, a great guide to how to install your own inverter, a wonderful sailing tale about a voyage to one of the most remote islands in the world, Maug in the Marianas, the story of how a kayaker almost didn't hire the life jacket that saved his life - not a sailor, but the lesson is the same - and news of the 10th Tahiti Pearl Regatta.

Maug as seen from a satellite  .. .

It's getting cooler, but still beautiful sailing!

Read on, enjoy, and

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Huchwilco New Zealand Boat Show goes close to all time record
Mike Rose,
Well over 35,000 keen Kiwis flocked to the 2013 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland in mid-May, proving that boating is still a key attraction and pastime for many Kiwis. Attendance at the 2013 show was within just a few hundred of last year's record-breaking crowd, despite a nasty weather bomb knocking back the numbers on one of the show's four days (the Friday).... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2013 - Video interview with Brent Vaughan Media,
Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2013 - Video interview with Brent Vaughan, the 15 year multihull industry veteran who is the principal of Multihull Central, the exclusive Australian distributor for Seawind and Outremer Yachting´s catamarans.... [more]
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Yacht Track Library - an ingenious new tool for cruising sailors
Daria Blackwell/Sail-World Cruising,
At Sail-World Cruising we're always on the lookout for extra navigation aids to assist the cruising sailor, and we have found a beauty this week - and it needs your help to make it even better!... [more]
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Norah head lighthouse turned off for repair
AAP Medianet,
Norah head lighthouse turned off for repair today.... [more]
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Leisure sailors wanted to help track effects of climate change
Daria Blackwell, Ocean Cruising Club/Sail-World,
This is your chance to do something valuable while you sail. As a leisure sailor you and other seafarers are being encouraged to take part in a unique global study to record the effects of climate change, using a simple piece of equipment you can make yourself at home and an iPhone or Android app.... [more]
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Dangerous surf conditions for mid NSW coast
Roads and Maritime Services,
An alert has been issued by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) after a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning about dangerous surf conditions from Seal Rocks to Coffs Harbour from Friday.... [more]
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Inverter Installation: Troublshooting 101
Don Wilson,
So you want to install an inverter, but with all the features and complexity of today's more sophisticated units, you're hesitant to take the plunge? Or, perhaps you've had some problems with your inverter, and you're not sure if it's a faulty unit ... or a simple installation problem?... [more]
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Incredible Jeanne crosses equator - one more leg to victory
Lee Mylchreest,
The incredible Jeanne Socrates has crossed the equator! In her third attempt to circumnavigate the world non-stop the indomitable 70-year-old sailor has crossed the equator for the last time and 'merely' has to make it back to her starting point in Victoria, Canada, to become the oldest female to have circumnavigated the world solo, non-stop and unassisted.... [more]
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Navionc´s SonarCharts a watch-keeper's dream
Garry Linacre,
SonarCharts exposes incredible seabed detail not available on existing cartography. Using its proprietary process developed over many years.... [more]
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Revolution in Interior-Exterior Design
Boat Style,
Boat Style introduces the brand new wave of performance fabrics from the US at the 2013 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]
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Guam sailors cruise to the remote Maug Islands
Lacee A.C. Martinez, GuamPDN/Sail-World,
To most of us Guam is a remote island in the Marianas somewhere in the western Pacific Ocean, best known as a US military base. But Guam, naturally, is not remote to the leisure sailors who live there. It's Maug that is remote - so remote that few sailors had ever ventured there, until Jim, Wayne and Bill, Guam sailors, set off recently in a 38ft Galaxie and told their story to Pacific Daily News.... [more]
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FLIR cross Princess Leia with an Imperial Stormtrooper + Video
John Curnow,
Yes. You do need to see this to believe it. FLIR Systems has recently launched their new maritime products and heading up the show, is the truly spectacular MU Series, which with its buns on the side of its head and shiny, white plastic cover, certainly does look like something from Star Wars.... [more]
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10th Tahiti Pearl Regatta - see the images by Morgan Rogers
Morgan Rogers/Sail-World Cruising,
The Tahiti Pearl Regatta (TPR), from 8-12 May, offered a festive and fun meeting, within preserved and enchanting islands. This year the TPR sailed from Raiatea to Bora Bora, Taha'a and Huahine, from 8 to 12 May 2013. They even pretended sometimes they were racing... [more]
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Another 'couldn't cope' rescue - sailor 'too tired' to continue
Lee Mylchreest,
Joshua Slocum had no autopilot but slept during his circumnavigation in 1895 by lashing the wheel and setting the sails. In 2006 some friends of ours lost steering altogether then sailed 1400nm by setting the sails. More and more rescues are occurring because many a modern sailor can't cope with the challenges, witness this appalling story, flashed across the sailing world this week:... [more]
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Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show: Images from the the Show - Saturday - 2
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World is at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boatshow in the Sailing Hall. We've a big screen running showing all the best we can find of sailing - from Youtube to Video and some material we have shot ourselves. On Saturday we took our camera for a quick run around the Show, this is the second gallery mainly from the other halls... [more]
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Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show: Images from the the Show - Saturday - 1
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World is at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boatshow in the Sailing Hall. We've a big screen running showing all the best we can find of sailing - from Youtube to Video and some material we have shot ourselves On Saturday we took our camera for a quick run around the Show... [more]
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New NEEL 60 shatters convention with impressive results
Multihull Solutions,
NEEL Trimarans continues to set the benchmark in innovation with the launch of the new NEEL 60.... [more]
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'The greatest mismatch of vessel and peril of the sea': Bounty suit
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Even though the official investigations into the sinking of the HMS Bounty last October have not yet produced reports, the tragic death of one of the crew, Claudene Christian, is already the subject of a law suit against the current owner of the Bounty, businessman Robert Hansen, and the Bounty Organisation itself, for $90million.... [more]
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PlanetSolar - four days faster across the Atlantic
Planetsolar/Sail-World Cruising,
PlanetSolar, the huge alien-looking vessel powered completely by solar power, reached St. Martin and beat its own record for a trans-Atlantic crossing! Because there aren't any other vessels remotely resembling PlanetSolar, the record was a closed-shop affair. Still, they were four days more skillful, technologically superior - or lucky - since the last time they crossed the Atlantic.... [more]
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Digital Media Locker plus Blue Tooth connection for a dry iPhone
Sail-World Cruising,
Using an iPhone on board sailing boats is becoming more and more common as the marine Apps increase, but this product of the week does much more than protect your iPhone in a hazardous environment. We thought it was worth featuring, with its new Blue Tooth connection.... [more]
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Kayaker credits lifejacket for saving his life
AAP Medianet,
He may not have been a sailor, but the message is clear. A kayaker who survived more than six hours in the ocean off Port Stephens on Sunday night had hired a lifejacket just minutes before setting out.... [more]
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'Memoirs of a Cruising Dog', sailing on South Islander
Amanda Spottiswoode,
In the maze of islands straddling the border between Vancouver and USA, doggie boaters have had to rely on perfunctory walks ashore with their boating owners. Now there's a travel guide for four-legged cruisers in 'South Islander, Memoirs of a Cruising Dog'. The book is as charming and readable as it is useful and cruising sailors everywhere in the world will wish they had the same.... [more]
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