Fremantle Bali Rally off and away,Lagoon gathering in Melbourne,more..

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 09 May 2013

Fremantle Bali Rally off and away,Lagoon gathering in Melbourne,more..

Pete Goss and Andy Warrender go adventuring again  .. .

Down in Melbourne read how the Lagoons gathered for the inaugural Lagoon Escapade. What a time they had at Martha Cove. Generosity was the name of the game, with one solitary Beneteau being made very welcome.

Up on the Gold Coast Hope Island Marina has berths being sold at ever cheaper prices, and 23 have been sold in one week – if ever you wanted to own a marina berth at a reasonable cost, this is your chance.

What are they putting in Atlantic Ocean water to attract so many cruising sailors? Not only is the 2013 'Atlantic Rally for Cruisers' (ARC) already at capacity with an added departure announced, new organisers Sailing Rallies are running the 'Christmas Caribbean Rally' later in December, and Jimmy Cornell has this week announced not one but two new rallies, Atlantic Odyssey I and II, straddling the dates nicely. This doesn't even take into account Stokey Woodall's more ambitious Atlantic Circuit, scheduled for 2014.

What are they putting in the water?  .. .

It's always sad when gorgeous sailing waters become plagued with security issues, so I hope the armed robberies and attacks on cruising sailors in Phuket will be short-lived. One citizen hero and the police have acted quickly in one incident reported this week.

Chalong Bay - normally a peaceful haven for sailing boats  .. .

In the USA the Coast Guard are complimenting the crew of a recent rescue; over in the Philippines a boat crew has been killed by lightning – so we take the chance to remind sailors of how to deal with lightning on a boat; the boat of the week is the NEEL 60 trimaran, an extraordinary vessel which writer Des Ryan describes as a 'sleek alien'.

Browse the headlines to find your interest, and...

...sweet autumn sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Fremantle to Bali Rally 2013 sets off in fine weather style
Marina Valmadre/Sail-World Cruising,
Saturday was a beautiful autumn day in Fremantle when the 2013 Fremantle to Bali Race & Rally got underway in front of hundreds of spectator craft and watched by thousands of people lining the North Mole and the beaches from Leighton to Cottesloe. The event attracted a total fleet of 33 boats with 21 of the yachts involved in the rally and 12 involved in the racing division.... [more]
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Boats insure against collision with Loch Ness Monster
Lee Mylchreest,
Prudent cruising sailors might insure against collision with a whale in the ocean, but the owner of some boats that sail on Loch Ness is so worried about the reappearance of 'Nessie', the Loch Ness Monster, that she's taken out insurance against their boats being damaged by Nessie next time she surfaces.... [more]
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Hope Island Marina sells 23 berths in one week
Sheree De Bono,
Australia's first group buying campaign for marina berths has yielded an unprecedented result, anchoring 23 sales in the first week.... [more]
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Herding cats for the Vicsail Lagoon Escapade.
John Curnow,
It was easy to think of sunny, warm climes with gentle breezes, benign waves and tranquil anchorages. At the inaugural Lagoon Escapade, Melbourne had provided you with the perfect contrast medium to conjure up such pleasant thoughts. Not that it was an unpleasant affair, far from it, but for the preceding 24 hours one had been seeing peaks of 40 knots, significant waves and rain squalls with bite.... [more]
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Kayakers to sail and paddle across the North Sea
Stuart Elford/Sail-World Cruising,
Pete Goss MBE is nothing if not an adventure-seeker, but the former marine and racing sailor became a world-wide hero when he overcame hurricane odds to save a fellow competitor in the Southern Ocean. And it wasn't all about racing. Next he sailed a wooden lugger to Australia, then rounded Tasmania in a sailing kayak. Now he is about to tackle the North Sea in the same style sailing kayak.... [more]
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Two new patrol vessels for Sydney region
Roads and Maritime Services,
RMS has taken delivery of two new patrol vessels for the Sydney region, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting Director Maritime Michael Wright announced today.... [more]
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Cornell's new twin Atlantic Odyssey takes Transat rallies to four
Sail-World Cruising,
While it is a long way from Australia, crossing the north Atlantic, devoid of mid-ocean islands and a distance of almost 3000nm, is a challenge that many cruising sailors love to take on. Now, with the addition of two new departures, there are four cruising rallies to choose from if you find yourself fortunate enough to be there.... [more]
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Thailand: Armed robberies on sailing boats leave cruisers shaken
Chris Husted, Phuket Gazette/Sail-World Cruising,
Recent armed attacks against yachties by thieves in Chalong Bay, Phuket, Thailand, is the first violence that the local cruising community can remember here towards yachts in a very long time. A French yachtsman suffered severe knife wounds during an attack aboard his boat last week, and in another incident shots were fired when thieves were surprised during an attempted burglary on a vacant boat... [more]
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An ARC Rally second departure now takes Transat rallies to six
World Cruising Club,
Demand from sailors world-wide for spaces in the 2013 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC 2013) has been exceptional and forged a new rally departure via Cape Verde. The 30 extra boat slips recently installed by the Las Palmas Port Authority has enabled the ARC to grow to a maximum of 245 yachts for 2013. Despite this, the ARC was full by the end of January, with the waiting list closed a month later... [more]
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Coastguards pay tribute to yacht crew after copybook rescue
RNLI/Sail-World Cruising,
British Coastguards have paid tribute to the preparedness of a yacht crew in an MOB(COB) situation, which possibly saved the life of the overboard crew member who was wearing a life jacket and tethered to the yacht. While the crew could not retrieve her, they pressed the registered DSC radio distress button and the crew member was speedily airlifted to hospital... [more]
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James Frecheville: A passion for building wooden boats
Lee Mylchreest,
James Frecheville learnt to sail at the age of 8. I don't know when he developed his passion for wooden boats and the creation of a boat an owner will 'not own, but have stewardship over' but it must have developed during his long career of sailing everything from skiff to cruising keelboat.... [more]
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Phoenicia seeks sponsorship to sail the Atlantic
Nancy Knudsen,
In 1492 Columbus might have crossed the Ocean Blue and 'discovered' America in his three sailing ships, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, but it is just possible that the Phoenicians sailed the Atlantic 2,000 years earlier. Money is needed to prove it.... [more]
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Latest NEEL 60 trimaran - certainly something to talk about
Des Ryan,
Just new and looking like a sleek alien which has just landed, the latest NEEL trimaran is certain something to talk about. The company calls it 'Sport Chic' navigation style and you certainly won't be missed on the water if you invest in one of these boats.... [more]
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Lightning kills one crewman on Philippines boat
Nancy Knudsen,
Lightning has killed one crewman in a boat off the waters of Tabina in the Philippines. It was a fishing boat, not a sailing boat, but just as tragic and serves to remind all leisure sailors that lightning is dangerous on any boat if the crew is not prepared and knowledgeable... [more]
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First-timers' yachting lifestyle magazine app wins Award
Lee Mylchreest,
You don't have to be an organisation as large as National Geographic or Time to make big waves in the App world. A yachting lifestyle magazine app which was co-founded two first-timers in App creation has won a Webby Award.... [more]
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Hamilton Island - Social media initiative
Sophie Baker,
Hamilton Island has secured a lineup of the country's top talent to be ambassadors for its social media initiative the Ultimate Instameet: Return2Paradise.... [more]
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Choosing a chartplotter for ActiveCaptain users
Tom Lochhaas/Sail-World Cruising,
Tom Lochhaas has sailed all kinds of sailing boats - 14-foot Sunfish to a 50-foot ocean cruiser - in all kinds of waters for three decades. He has written widely about many different aspects of the sailing life. Here Tom offers some valuable tips about choosing a combination of chartplotter and the brilliant resource for cruisers, Active Captain, which comes in many modes:... [more]
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Millions invested by the GME into local manufacturing in Australia
GME Marketing,
Local Manufacturing industries in Australia should blossom after radio communication company GME invested millions. True business success isn't simply about growth, excellence and market prominence. It's about all of these and something more: an investment in the people and the country who built its success. GME, one of Australia's oldest radio communications companies, understands this.... [more]
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