Island mystery solved,shallow water rescues, sailing with others, more

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 26 Apr 2013

Island mystery solved,shallow water rescues, sailing with others, more

An island mystery perhaps solved, some amazing rescue tales and the lessons learned, and two extraordinary environment-friendly vessels make their mark in the fight against ocean pollution. These are the highlights of this week's news magazine, as it brings you news from our own coastlines and all the world's oceans.

The mystery of the 'disappearance' of Sandy Island in the Coral Sea may be solved, but the supposed solution turns out to be as fascinating as the original mystery. It's a must read.

It's an ancient mariner truism that where deep water gives way to shallow water, particularly with following seas, it's a place you don't want to be if a weather system approaches. Two of this week's rescues, at opposite ends of the globe, are testament to this. The first was in our own Bass Strait, whereas the other was in the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic French coastline. While very different environments, both sailors rescued were in shallow water areas in a storm. The Russian sailor, being a long way from home, had maybe simply not heard about the dangers of Bass Strait. Even though it is much longer, most circumnavigating sailors choose to go through the Southern Ocean rather than risk Bass Strait when passing south of Australia.

Location of rescue of Russian circumnavigating solo sailor - caught in the cauldron caused by a storm in the shallow Bass Strait   .. .

Two environmental experimental vessels are in the news this week again – PlanetSolar, the circumnavigating solar powered vessel that looks as though the Aliens have landed, is off to conduct scientific measurements of the ocean, and Plastiki, the catamaran constructed of empty plastic water bottles, is now a book recording David de Rothchild's extraordinary journey across the Pacific.

There's also a variety of other interesting articles. How often do you sail on other people's boats? John Jamieson has a great list of stuff you're wise to take. Read how British Coastguard adopted a novel approach to an MOB situation which is worth remembering.

MOB(COB): Being tethered at all times is half the battle, but getting back on board can be a significant challenge  .. .

If you like inspiring stories, go no further than the story of the Man OverBoard who spent 27 hours treading water (no life jacket) before being rescued by Australians John and Belinda McGroder on their ketch Barrenjoey. Talking of inspiration, there's also an update on Jeanne Socrates progress in her third attempt to circumnavigate solo and non-stop. Enjoy these and many more articles, and...

...sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dismasted Russian solo sailor rescued in Bass Strait
Des Ryan,
It was a quest that many dream of, but few see to fruition. 47-year-old Sergey Zjukov built his own 24ft boat and sailed it across the Atlantic twice before setting off from Portugal on a solo round-world journey. He had successfully sailed past two of the Great Capes - Cape of Good Hope and Cape Leeuwin, but made one big mistake.... [more]
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Ten personal 'sailing essentials' for cruising on someone else's boat
John Jamieson/Sail-World,
Cast off on a cruise on someone else's boat and you'll want to remember to pack those basic essentials that form the foundation of your personal 'sailing ditty bag'. Each sailor will have their own ideas of the best gear to bring aboard. But here are some pieces of gear I've found to come in handy time and again, day after day.... [more]
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Going boating? Make sure you have a break – not a break down
Ken McManus,
With the weather forecasts looking optimistic for Anzac Day and the weekend, Marine Rescue NSW urges all boaters planning on taking to the water to make safety their priority. Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos said boaters should take four simple safety precautions to help increase their chances of trouble-free boating – and of being rescued in the event of an emergency.... [more]
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Search prompts call for boaters to log on with MRNSW
Ken McManus,
A weekend search for a yacht feared lost in rough conditions has prompted a call for skippers in the Broken Bay region to take advantage of Marine Rescue NSW's free vessel tracking service. Volunteers from Marine Rescue Cottage Point, Hawkesbury, Broken Bay and Central Coast took part in the search on Saturday evening and throughout Sunday before the missing sailor was located.... [more]
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Repairing rudder upside-down in the Southern Ocean
Sail-World Cruising,
It's all in a day's sailing: 'I used two safety lines to tie myself to the boat while I turned upside down off the stern to fix the rudder.' These are the words of 70-year-old solo circumnavigating sailor Jeanne Socrates, describing how she repaired her rudder in the Southern Ocean.... [more]
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Exclusive use aquatic licence for Wallis Lake this Sunday
Roads and Maritime Services,
An exclusive use aquatic licence has been granted by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for the safe staging of a swimming race on Wallis Lake this Sunday (28 Apr).... [more]
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Sail Port Stephens - Splash of cash buoys Port economy
Mark Rothfield,
At any yacht club on twilight racing night, there's a throng of eligible lads and gorgeous ladies draped on each other's arm, talking tacking duels and share trends until finally they get married, buy a house, have two kids and get a yacht of their own.... [more]
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Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally - Tokolosh VI to join race fleet
Yachting WA,
Fremantle to Bali Race gets underway on Saturday 4 May 2013. A fleet of 33 boats is ready and set to fill their sails with the winds which will take them 1440 nautical miles north to the Benoa Harbour in Bali.... [more]
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Marine Insurer Pantaenius supports Sail Port Stephens
Sail Port Stephens Media,
Sail Port Stephens is seen by the Marine Insurance giant Pantaenius as an exciting event with a great future. The event media team took the opportunity of catching up with James MacPhail, MD of Pantaenius Insurance Australia at Sail Port Stephens 2013.... [more]
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Overboard surfer rescued by yacht after 27hours treading water
IOL/Sail-World Cruising,
In a bizarre incident, a holidaying surfer on a chartered surfing boat, who merely went on deck during the night to relieve himself and fell overboard, has been rescued 27 hours later in Indonesian waters by an Australian sailing yacht who joined the search after he was reported missing.... [more]
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Elandra Yachts - a vision for supreme qualilty
Imprint Media,
Boating industry identities Luke Durman and Grant Senior have announced the launch of a new brand of luxury cruiser in Australia - Elandra Yachts.... [more]
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The disappearing Sandy Island - Scientist may have the answer.
Nancy Knudsen,
Where did the Coral Sea's Sandy Island go? This was the question posed by us in an article last November (see Sail-World_story in link below) when some Australian scientists aboard the RV Southern Surveyor went to where Sandy Island was meant to be and found only 1400m of water. Now, the mystery of the disappearing island may be solved.... [more]
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The Prince amongst a King of Yacht Clubs.
John Curnow,
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) has very recently appointed David Ritchard as their new Sailing Manager. As part of RPAYC's continuing efforts to ensure the very best of yachting is available to all areas of its membership, this assignment brings a person of not only wonderful stature to the office, but also great humanity.... [more]
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The Gathering Cruise in Ireland July 2013
Nancy Knudsen,
If you are anywhere within a short sail of Ireland (or even if you have to fly there), there's a gathering for sailors you won't want to miss. In fact, that's the name - The Gathering Cruise in July 2013. It is a cruise consisting of sailors from around the world, gathering together for fun, mutual support, and some grand cruising between Dublin and Kerry. Around 100 yachts are expected to join... [more]
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Plastiki - the book of a very Green adventure
Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World Cruising followed their first crossing of the Pacific to Sydney. They weren't fast, in fact Plastiki sailed like a dog, but she was made of recycled material and David de Rothchild, sailor and global green leader was not out to go fast, he was out to make a point - to draw attention to ocean pollution, and in this he succeeded brilliantly - now there is the book... [more]
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Bay of Biscay rescue prompts plea from Coastguard
Joanne Rawling/Sail-World Cruising,
The classic schooner that won Britain's 2012 Pendessnis Cup has had to come to the aid of a lone Norwegian sailor in the Bay of Biscay, an incident which has prompt the British Coastguard to make yet another plea for sailors to be equipped with communication equipment when they leave port.... [more]
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No-VAT French charter yachts until EU decides
Superyacht News/Sail-World Cruising,
If you are thinking of chartering a sailing boat in French waters any time soon, this could be your year. At the moment, French charter companies are not having to add VAT to their charter prices owing to some indecision on the part of the EU... [more]
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DEPI Fisheries Officers seek culprits in Gellibrand River opening
Melanie Curtis, DPI Victoria,
DEPI Fisheries Officers are looking for anyone with information to assist them in the identification of the person responsible for making an illegal opening in the mouth of the Gellibrand River on the afternoon of Saturday 13 April, 2013.... [more]
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Planetsolar - crossing oceans again for science and education.
Planetsolar/Sail-World Cruising,
Having proved her point, that 'sailing' around the world with solar power is possible, Turanor PlanetSolar is off on another adventure, this time to take a series of ongoing physical and biological measurements will be taken of the water and of the air in the Gulf Stream. As she is powered by solar energy, the vessel will not emit any pollutant that might skew the data collected.... [more]
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British MOB rescue cleverly uses the boat's liferaft
Lee Mylchreest,
This week's MOB (or COB to use recent vernacular) incident in British waters took an interesting turn. The crew member, who happened to be the skipper, fell overboard but was wearing a life jacket and remained tethered by his harness. So far, so good. But he couldn't get back on board and the remaining two crew couldn't achieve it either.... [more]
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Reef water quality report card unveils encouraging results
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has applauded the efforts of thousands of farmers and graziers who are working to boost the health of the Great Barrier Reef, after a report card showed progress is being made in improving water quality.... [more]
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