Botched rescues...the Swan that wouldn't sink...caring for your belts

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 18 Apr 2013

Botched rescues...the Swan that wouldn't sink...caring for your belts

Fortunately in the Australian story all survived, unlike in the Portuguese one, where both a sailor and a rescuer lost their lives. The moral of the story is, of course, 'When in doubt, go to sea – and head for the deepest water you can find!'

In another extraordinary tale, a 48ft Swan has been found drifting at sea two months after she was abandoned by her crew in stormy weather. In the photo taken this week her mast is still standing, the main is still attached, flattened down onto the deck. Even the life ring is still attached to the stern. It says much for the manufacturer.

One of the last sights of 48ft Swan Wolfhound - until now  .. .

In rally news, one has been cancelled for this year and another has finished in triumph – the World ARC Rally. Want to sail to the Antarctic? - why not do it in a tall ship?... and we suggest just the boat to do it in.

Europa from the top spreaders  .. .

Des Ryan has written a useful article full of hints about taking care of the belts on your boat; there's a new (very expensive) book on piracy the world over and how to protect your own vessel; and the most touching story of the week is that Classic Boat Magazine has made Giacomo de Stefano, who sailed a 5.6m Ness Yawl from Istanbul to London, overcoming seemingly impossible difficulties, their 'Person of the Year'.

Many other articles from around the world too, so browse down the headlines...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

High hurricane activity predicted for the Atlantic in 2013
William Gray and Phil Klotzbach/Sail-World,
As the hurricane season approaches for the North Atlantic leisure sailors, marinas and yacht clubs, already left bruised by the last season's hurricanes, will be watching the forecasts closely. Colorado State University, in their 30th year of forecasts, has no good news for them, this week predicting 18 named storms, nine hurricanes and no less than four major (more than 95kt winds) hurricanes.... [more]
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Australian River Bar yacht drama: five beached including rescuers
Northern Star/Sail-World Cruising,
Australian River Bar drama: Five people plucked from high seas off the coast of Ballina on the eastern Australian coastline early in the morning this week, including the crew of the town's Marine Rescue boat, were lucky to have been found at all. This is according to the rescuing Jet Boat spokesman Elton Cummings... [more]
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Maritime Anti-Piracy: The Captain's Guidebook
Nancy Knudsen,
If there is anything you ever wanted to know about piracy and protecting your vessel, whether it be a sailing boat or a super tanker, for a small donation of around $333, this up-to-date and definitive handbook will tell all.... [more]
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Love your sailing boat's belts and they will love you in return
Des Ryan/ Sail-World Cruising round-up,
When did you last replace the belts in your sailing boat's diesel engine? You didn't? Then you are waiting for the belt to snap just when you need it least. Let's face it, belts are not so expensive, and changing them regularly, rather than waiting until they snap, is the smart road to trouble free sailing. .... [more]
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Ness yawl sailor wins Classic Boat Person of the Year Award
Nancy Knudsen,
In February we wrote of an inspirational sailor who sailed a wooden 5.6m Ness Yawl from Istanbul to London. (See Sail-World_story). Now that sailor has won 'Person of the Year' in the Classic Boat Awards, and honoured in the awards ceremony this week. Here, we reproduce his acceptance speech, read by his friend Alireza Iravani, which explains, in part why this sailor deserved his award:... [more]
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World ARC Rally - Adventure of a lifetime ends in Saint Lucia
Sarah Collins,
Fifteen months ago, the World ARC 2012-13 fleet set out from Saint Lucia to sail around the world. Amongst the crews were many nationalities, backgrounds and reasons for taking part. Since then, they have sailed well over 26,000 nautical miles, crossed three oceans and visited over 17 countries.... [more]
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Abandoned Wolfhound found drifting, mast intact, two months later
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
The winds were fifty knots, the seas were 20ft and the visibility was almost nil. It took a brave crew in a HC-130 Hercules to find the yacht. After a gruelling six hours, two merchant vessels who had been diverted from their courses reached the distressed sailing boat and rescued the four crew. But the crew were only frightened - their yacht was the safest place they could have been that night.... [more]
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New insight into accelerating summer Antarctic Peninsula ice melt
British Antarctic Survey/Australian National Univ,
The latest 1000-year Antarctic Peninsula climate reconstruction confirms that summer ice melt has intensified almost ten-fold, and mostly since the mid-20th Century. Summer ice melt affects the stability of Antarctic ice shelves and glaciers.... [more]
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Curious stone shown to be mythical navigation tool - the sunstone
Nancy Knudsen,
The milky white stone found in the remains of a ship dispatched to France in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, which foundered off the Island of Alderney in the English Channel, IS a sunstone, researchers say, a near-mythical navigation tool used by Viking sailors.... [more]
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Barque Europa sails to the Antarctic - and you can go with her!
Nancy Knudsen,
There's many an intrepid cruising sailor who has braved all sorts of sailing conditions who would still blanch a little at the idea of sailing to Antarctica. Neither would they, after the freedom of a sailing boat, do it on a cruise ship. However, there's another way to do it - on a tall ship - and the idea is growing in popularity every day.... [more]
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Dufour 335 - spacious, cost effective, simple to sail
Peter Franki/Sail-World Cruising,
The Dufour 335 Grand Large gathers all the successful advantages of a much bigger boat. Even thought this boat has been on the market since the end of 2011, it's worth a look as a cost effective solution to the dreams of many a cruising sailor looking for space in a shorter length of boat.... [more]
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Cruisers University - get your degree in cruising!
Nancy Knudsen,
If you are within reach of Annapolis, Maryland, USA and have ambitions to go long range cruising - or even just improve your sailing and cruising skills - you'll want to be at the Cruisers University, an 'all you need to know' event at the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, April 25-28.... [more]
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Sailor and his rescuer dead in breaking river bar tragedy
Des Ryan,
A rescuer and a sailing crew member have lost their lives when the 10m German yacht Meri Tuuli tried unsuccessfully to enter Portugal's Figueira da Foz river bar late afternoon, and broached in 5m breaking waves. The boat was dismasted and both the yacht and the rescue RIB ended up on the beach. The rescuer who died was a member of Policia Maritima - Portugal's Maritime Police.... [more]
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Historic photos of first solo circumnavigation saved for posterity
PPL Media,
A 3,000-strong archive of pictures, taken during Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's pioneering solo non-stop round the world voyage in 1968/9, has been discovered and saved for posterity by specialist photo library PPL. The pictures cover Knox-Johnston's entry in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in1968/9 when Robin was one of nine starters attempting to become the first to sail alone non stop around... [more]
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California's sea lion invasion - just too heavy for the marinas!
Catherine French, The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
Different yacht clubs and marinas round the world have a range of problems - pollution, storm damage, the cost of renewal - but in California, the biggest issue could be - sea lions. Not because everyone doesn't love watching them, but because they are so heavy they can cause tilting and major damage to the docks. Catherine French, writing for The Log, here writes about the sea lion invasion:... [more]
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Rallye Des Iles Du Soleil delayed until 2014
Veronique Largeau,
The Grand Pavois Organisation (GPO) took over the helm of the Rallye des Iles du Soleil (RIDS) in December 2012; subscriptions opened following the official signature at Nautic de Paris, where GPO hosted a stand in the event colours.... [more]
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