solo sailors: tragedy to triumph, paper charts or not, Go Go six fish!

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 11 Apr 2013

solo sailors: tragedy to triumph, paper charts or not, Go Go six fish!

The carrying of paper charts continues to be a vexed question for sailors, not only in Australia, but world-wide. With the roll out of alternatives, even if the GPS system fails or is locked down there might be the possibility of changing seamlessly to a Russian or European system. But what about lightning? Do you permanently keep a GPS in the microwave? Have an extra microwave just for a spare GPS?

We air views and information from two well-informed sailors this week on this subject, Simon Jinks and Daria Blackwell.

Wonderful to see Adelaide's graceful tall ship in action again. She's taking hundreds of the youth of South Australia on adventurous sailing voyages. Read of her history and the long search for a permanent operator.

One and All, back taking youthful would-be sailors for great adventures, but still searching for an operator  .. .

Solo sailors on circumnavigations are certainly in the news in the last few days. India and China were both suitably proud of their sailors who completed the first every solo non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the earth for their country. It's a bit curious as to when Abilash Tomy completed his circumnavigation for India. The official news was that it was day AFTER China's Guo Chuan, but he seems to have reached home a few days before that according to his blog. What was he waiting for – the President of India to be available? No-one's telling. But anyway, it wasn't a race, or was it?

Abilash - walking with the President of India after his triumphant return after his 150-156 day solo voyage around the earth  .. .

Two other adventure seekers in the news. One can't help sympathising with the Danish sailor who was nearly home after 260 non-stop solitary days at sea and lost his mast off England.

There'll be many cheering sailors if 70-year-old British solo sailor Jeanne Socrates manages to reach 'home' in Vancouver on her third attempt to circumnavigate non-stop. The news this week is that she's just passed the south east cape of Tasmania and has been talking to lots of Australians as she has passed under us. Now she is on the home run, north across the Pacific. Hold your breath...

Much other news too, but the quirkiest story of the week was how six fish sailed/drifted the Pacific, alone, in a fish bait box, inside an open boat for two years, and arrived, happy and healthy, on the other side. How? Read the story...

Browse down the headlines below to find more valuable articles for the cruising sailor, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jeanne Socrates is out of the Southern Ocean, heading north
Lee Mylchreest,
She's turn the corner towards warm water! It might have been a small adjustment to the helm but it was a momentous change for the septuagenarian sailor. Jeanne Socrates, 70-year-old solo sailor has turned her boat north to cross the Pacific in her quest for a solo non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the earth. While there are many miles to go, the dreaded Southern Ocean is behind her.... [more]
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The importance of wearing lifejackets
Roads and Maritime Services,
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting General Manager Boating Operations Scott Kidd today reminded boaters of the importance of wearing lifejackets after three men were rescued unharmed after their boat was hit by a rogue wave off Crowdy Head near Taree.... [more]
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Jeanneau updates with two new sailing boat models
Des Ryan,
After three years of hard work and much innovation, Jeanneau is enlarging its product offer and offering two new sailing boat models in the coming year. The two new major new models are both in the Sun Odyssey range: the Sun Odyssey 469 and the Sun Odyssey 41 DS.... [more]
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Paper charts - vital for the prudent cruising sailor
Daria Blackwell, Ocean Cruising Club/Sail-World,
Recently we published in informative article by Neil Langford, tech-savvy cruising sailor, about whether in today's high-tech world paper charts are really necessary, and about how he changed his mind. Here, Daria Blackwell, veteran cruising sailor and sailing author (Happy Hooking, the Art of Anchoring), replies with a contrary argument:... [more]
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No operator yet, but tall ship sails again in Adelaide waters.
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Good news for Adelaide youth. In spite of her 'orphan' status - no operator to take over her management - Adelaide's graceful tall ship, the One and All, has resumed some youth trips after an 18 month pause.... [more]
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Tall tale but true: Six fish survive two year Pacific drift in bucket
Lee Mylchreest,
Tall tale but true. Surviving for long periods drifting at sea after a mid-ocean incident is something that sailing legends are made of. However the tale of six fish drifting in a bucket from Japan across the Pacific Ocean for two years and arriving alive and well in Washington State has to be a first!... [more]
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Sailor completes first ever Indian solo non-stop circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
Abhilash Tomy, his day job being as a Lieutenant Commander in the Indian Navy, on Saturday became the first Indian sailor to circumnavigate the earth in a sailing boat, solo, non-stop and unassisted. It wasn't meant to be a race, but he officially finished just 24 hours after Chinese sailor Gau Chuan completed his own similar solo world journey to become the first Chinese to achieve such a feat.... [more]
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Heart-breaking end to solo round-world sail.
This is South Devon/Sail-World Cruising,
He was almost home. A Danish solo sailor who had his heart set on a solo round-world sail has ended up in Britain instead of Denmark, after his yacht was dismasted close to South Devon. He had to be rescued after 260 days without setting foot on land.... [more]
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Remote reefs can be tougher than they look
AIMS/ARC Centre of Excellence,
Isolated coral reefs can recover from catastrophic damage as effectively as those with nearby undisturbed neighbours, a long-term study by marine biologists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS) has shown.... [more]
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Shazzam! World's longest ever yacht launched: Azzam
Lee Mylchreest,
Shazzam! She's launched. The newest outsized yacht, the largest ever built in the world, is a staggering 590 ft (180m) - that's nearly two football fields long. It's longer than some cruise ships, and no less than 54ft longer than the next largest yacht - Roman Abramovich's Elipse. She's called Azzam.... [more]
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Something to ponder - Is your GPS system 100% safe?
Simon Jinks, RYA/Sail-World Cruising,
Is your GPS system 100% safe? Even if you have multiple redundancies on board your sailing boat, what happens if the signal actually fails? How could that happen and what about the alternatives to GPS now being rolled out? Would they be a solution? - or if not, now that fewer and fewer sailors are carrying complete paper charts, what IS the solution?... [more]
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Guo Chuan completes first Chinese non-stop solo world sail
Nancy Knudsen,
Circumnavigation, 18 Nov 2013-5 Apr,2014, lasts 137day20hour1min57sec. With this briefest possible entry in his Twitter account, Chinese sailor Guo Chuan announced that he had become the first Chinese sailor in history to complete a non-stop unassisted solo circumnavigation of the earth.... [more]
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World's tiniest PLB now certified for use
Alan Wrigley/Sail-World Cruising,
The tiniest PLB in the world, introduced to the sailing world in January, has now been fully certified for use throughout Europe and the USA after being awarded relevant COSPAS-SARSAT and product approvals. The product will be available in Australia after launching in the next couple of weeks.... [more]
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The seven vital sailing boat diesel checks
John Jamieson,
You turn the key, push the diesel engine starter button and your engine starts just as you expect. But did you realize that you still have 7 quick checks to make that could spell the difference between a trouble free day on the water or the challenge of sailing into your marina dock without an engine? Follow these seven vital tips from marine diesel guru Peter Compton.... [more]
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