Zebra coloured winches, carbon monoxide tragedy, paper charts extinct?

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 04 Apr 2013

Zebra coloured winches, carbon monoxide tragedy, paper charts extinct?

Zebra-coloured winches? Did the moonlight get to Harken? And then if you become bored with black and white stripes you can have Leopard-coloured winches next week, Glitter the following week. Read the story below!

In more serious news, there were two more tragic deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning on a berthed boat this week. Apparently they had the generator running and it pumped carbon monoxide, instead of outboard, into the boat while they were sleeping. Authorities are conducting an official investigation, but that's the probability according to rescuers.

While global warming is making it easier to sail above the Arctic Circle, it is causing just the opposite in the Antarctic – read why in a fascinating scientific article. Sailing in cold waters has a continual allure for some, and, recognising that, the World ARC Rally is offering the 'cold water option' of sailing through the Beagle Channel and spending time cruising in the Patagonian Waterways in their next rally – sounds really idyllic if you don't mind the cold.

Bounty cover  .. .

This week's book feature is on the 'Sinking of the Bounty'; the Ocean Cruising Club is offering two young sailors – of any nationality – a bursary to start getting experience in ocean sailing; John Jamieson (Captain John) has some salient advice about wreck symbols on a nautical chart; and Neil Langford is back asking whether we REALLY need paper charts any more.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Paper charts essential for the prudent sailor - or are they?
Neil Langford, SV Crystal Blues/Sail-World,
Ocean Cruising Club Award winners Neil & Ley Langford are longtime, tech-savvy cruising sailors who install and manage most of the systems and technology onboard their New Zealand-designed Crystal Blues. They are currently in South East Asia. Recently Neil set about reviewing their collection of paper charts and disposing of some. What he discovered was surprising.... [more]
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Carbon monoxide suspected in British yacht deaths
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
It is almost certain that two female crew of a yacht berthed at a jetty near Bowness in Lake Windermere in Britain were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. The skipper and partner of one of the crew also suffered breathing difficulties but he survived. The third crew member was a ten-year-old girl, the daughter of the dead woman.... [more]
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Ocean Cruising Club offers 2013 youth bursary for Blue Water sailing
Daria Blackwell, Ocean Cruising Club,
The Ocean Cruising Club has introduced a bursary (scholarship or grant) programme, the aim of which is to foster the development of ocean cruising by enabling young people to gain experience of long distance sailing. The bursary will facilitate the introduction of youngsters to experienced sailors and contribute towards the costs of the voyage.... [more]
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Harken, putting the 'jazzle' on board your sailing boat
Nancy Knudsen,
Who could have thought? Zebra coloured winches, or Leopard if you prefer. For evening parties, perhaps, you could choose Glitter to go with the lurex in your sailing shorts. 'Well,' said well known winch manufacturer Harken, 'if Apple can do it, why can't we?'... [more]
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The new Italian Vismara v34ds - go fast or go easy.
You're environmentally conscious, you have a charging system where your sailing boat is kept, you're a day sailor who loves to go cruising for the day with friends and family, but you want great performance in a small package.... [more]
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Planning a sail to the Antarctic any time soon? - check this out!
Media Services,
While global warming may be making it easier to sail the Northwest Passage and in Arctic regions generally, the same global warming might, paradoxically, make it more difficult to sail in Antarctic regions. In an apparent polar paradox, global warming has led to more ice in the sea around Antarctica and could help insulate the southern hemisphere from atmospheric warming.... [more]
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Rescued sailor steps up to repay his rescuers
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Whether you sail in Europe, America or Australia, volunteers are the life blood of the rescue system and many a cruising sailor owes their life and/or their boat's survival to them. Many of us take volunteer rescuers for granted, but here's the story of one sailor who was so moved by the actions of his rescuers that he decided to actively repay them.... [more]
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Book feature: 'The Sinking of the Bounty'
Sail-World Cruising,
And now, the book - well, eBook. The tragic sinking of the sailing ship HMS Bounty in October last year, which caused the death of one crew member and the ship's captain Robin Wallbridge, made instant world news. This was followed by many analyses by 'experts' and a well-reported formal investigation. The book was bound to follow.... [more]
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Solar sailer PlanetSolar heads to sea again.
Sail-World Cruising,
One of the world's most imaginative environmental projects was the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered vessel in the world. Shaped like an alien invader, slipping across oceans silently, PlanetSolar circumnavigated the world, thus proving that, as the technology gets cheaper, a pollution-free ocean will be possible. Now PlanetSolar is heading to sea again.... [more]
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New 'cold water route' for World ARC 2015
Nancy Knudsen,
If you have ever wanted to sail 'the Horn' but the challenge was daunting, the World ARC, the round-world version of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) run by the World Cruising Club, is planning an east-west route, via the spectacular Beagle Channel.... [more]
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Sail clear of these three dangerous wreck symbols!
John Jamieson,
Look at most any nautical chart and you will find symbols that signify dangerous wrecks. Here are three wreck symbols to get you started on the road to navigation safety wherever you sail.... [more]
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