Cruising sailors and the growing popularity of rallies

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 21 Mar 2013

Cruising sailors and the growing popularity of rallies

Nereid's Rally  .. .

An amazing variety of news from our oceans and coastlines again this week. A young sailor has circumnavigated Bermuda in an Optimist, Oceanswatch sailors are reporting on some of their successes in the South Pacific, the Manhattan Sailing Club are ecstatic about their new fast floating clubhouse, and teen round-world sailor Laura Dekker isn't too happy about the documentary on her life.

Some wonderfully practical articles too, on products and skills we all need – how to whip your lines, how to make your fibreglass shine in all weathers. Finally read how the Manson Boss anchor tests show that the 'New-Generation' anchor technology might see such old-timers as the CQR extinct within not too many years.

Browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Calling Caribbean sailors: New Rally to the Amazon Basin from Trinidad
Nancy Knudsen,
So you've finished your sailing season in the Caribbean and now you have to either fly home (whether home is in Sussex, Ohio or Australia) or hunker down for the season and do some maintenance. No, it's not true - there's another option – there's the new Nereid's Rally to some exotic destinations of Guyana and French Guiana.... [more]
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The question of Turtles
Jennifer Nolan/Sail-World Cruising,
There are probably few groups of people who come into contact with turtles more than cruising sailors. Whether we dive with them, shout a call when we sight them off the bow, or trek the beaches searching for their footprints, most cruising sailors are fascinated by turtles. And they need help. Read this fascinating article by Jennifer Nolan, a Sailors for the Sea Essay:... [more]
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Protect Your Sailing Line with This Easy Whipping!
John Jamieson,
If you are anything like me, nothing looks worse in marine rope than frayed strands. With prices soaring, you will want to protect the bitter end of all of your lines. Boost your marine knots knowledge with this fast, easy whipping that you can make in less than 60 seconds!... [more]
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Another cruising sailor sets off - then another and another...
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Almost every day, somewhere in the world, a new round world sailing adventure begins. They rarely make the local papers, let alone the international ones. We hardly write about them on Sail-World - simply because there are so many, but to each cruising sailor who lets go the docklines and leaves their workaday world to cross oceans, it's the adventure of a lifetime... and so it is for Ken Barton... [more]
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Circumnavigation of Bermuda in an Optimist - a first!
Colin Thompson, Royal Gazette/Sail-World,
The sailor was Welsh, the island was British, the location was off the coast of North America. Tom Herbert-Evans carved his name in local sailing history this week when he became the first sailor to circumnavigate the Island of Bermuda in a 7'6' dinghy. It might have been only local historians who are interested, but you can't help admiring his pluck and fortitude when you read the story.... [more]
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He wasn't clipped on. Another sailor washed overboard drowns
Des Ryan,
He just wasn't clipped on. It happened in Australia, but it could have been anywhere. The two sailors were more than half way through their journey. They called in at the coastal town of Port Campbell on the south coast, docking for only a short time to refuel. The weather was nothing out of the ordinary and nothing suggested the tragedy that was only moments away.... [more]
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Solo sailor Laura Dekker denies support to the documentary about her
Nancy Knudsen,
It's just another typically small shred of evidence to show how much Laura Dekker, the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world, is a true sailor, not a willing media star. After world-wide publicity attached to the documentary on her achievement which is just launched at a media festival in Austin, Texas, Laura has, with a one-liner in her blog, distanced herself from any involvement.... [more]
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OceansWatch training pays off for sustainability in the Solomons.
Chris Bone/Sail-World Cruising,
Chris Bone, inspirational leader of OceansWatch, an organisation of sailors who help islanders of the Pacific where they sail to cope with their changing environment and climate change, speaks here about the challenges of 'making a difference'... [more]
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Behind the scenes - the story of one rescue
Nancy Knudsen,
What happens behind the scenes during a rescue of a sailing boat mostly remains unknown - the difficulties of the rescuers are considered hardly newsworthy compared with the real and present danger of those in trouble. That maybe true, but the efforts and bravery of the rescuers need acknowledging, such as in this story recorded by a spokesman for the rescuers - on the south coast of Britain.... [more]
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New Manson Boss proves to be a shackle bender on test
Richard Gladwell,
Manson Anchors completed seabed testing on their new Boss model with a 15.7kg (35lb) anchor bending two sets of shackles, and causing the test to be stopped at almost ten tonnes of load being exerted on the anchor by the powerful tug being used for live seabed testing.... [more]
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Getting your boat to shine in all weathers
Shurhold/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you end up with 'swipe marks' on your boat after cleaning? Do your zippers jam with salt? Do you find that even rain dirties your boat? Apart from moving to somewhere pristine and unpolluted, what can you do about these challenges? Here the cleaning experts at Shurhold give their Top Seven Tips for effective and easy washing:... [more]
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A sailing clubhouse with a difference
Nancy Knudsen,
The Arabella is the new 150ft clubhouse for the Manhattan Sailing Club in New York. Not content with using their clubhouse as an earthbound springboard for going sailing, the Manhattan Sailing Club has taken their passion for sailing to the next level - not one, but two, floating clubhouses. The Arabella is the latest.... [more]
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Heading for the Southern Ocean? Solo? Take a TPS
Nancy Knudsen,
So you want to go sailing alone? Solo? Even worse for your family you want to sail in the Southern Ocean? Tell them you'll invest in a Guy Cotten Thermal Protective Survival (TPS) suit and this might be of some comfort to them.... [more]
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Glaciers contribute essential nutrient to North Atlantic Ocean
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
All living organisms depend on iron as an essential nutrient. A new study by biogeochemists and glaciologists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) identifies a unexpectedly large source of iron to the North Atlantic – meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets, which may stimulate plankton growth during spring and summer.... [more]
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Scientists get more in depth view of Antarctica's landmass
British Antarctic Survey,
Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have been working with a host of international collaborators to offer the most detailed map yet of Antarctica's landmass. Bedmap2 uncovers a landscape of mountain ranges and plains cut by gorges and valleys much deeper than previously seen.... [more]
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Wandering albatrosses' final push for successful parenting
British Antarctic Survey,
Idealized in poetry, the wandering albatross is famed for its vast wing-span and long life. The bird can often live to fifty years and beyond. But now a group of scientists from the University of Edinburgh and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have identified another feature. The birds, which often mate for life, are more likely to successfully raise a chick when they breed for the last time.... [more]
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