Dekker-now the film, headsets for peaceful anchoring, cruising Tassy

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 07 Mar 2013

Dekker-now the film, headsets for peaceful anchoring, cruising Tassy

Dock safety - whether they are sailing or not  .. .

If your sailing club (or you as an individual sailor) has a story that others would like to hear, we're always glad to hear from you. So there's an article in this week's edition about how to make it easy for Sail-World journalists to like - and print - your story.

The Albury Wodonga Yacht Club is in the news - for the way they have gone about reinvigorating their club - maybe YOUR club could learn from them...
Albury-Wodonga Yacht Club  .. .

Not everyone is happy about the development we have learned this week, but it's always good news to hear that there's another facility for boats visiting the Whitsundays - read about Great Keppel Island's new resort and marina.

If you ever think of cruising Tasmania, there's one guide you can't afford to be without - its the Tasmanian Anchorage Guide, and there's a new edition just been released with all the latest information about where to go and why.

Tasmanian Anchorage Guide scenes  .. .

I had to laugh at the serious way Karen and Jeffrey Siegel tackled the question of shouted commands between the bow and the cockpit while anchoring. The answer, of course, is two-way headsets, but they'd better be reliable or you could be in much worse trouble than relying on arm signals.

Why was I laughing? I was identifying, of course. Before we got our headsets, anchoring was always a highly tense operation involving issues such as incomprehensible hand signals, unheard shouted commands, and occasional clapping from the sidelines from other yachts. We also went through the stage of not paying enough, only to have our Chinese-made headsets let us down just when the wind was blowing hardest and the coral was close. So Karen and Jeffrey's advice is invaluable.

How many times have I said it? Just when you thought all the 'firsts' had been achieved, a new challenge arises. How do you feel about sailing across the North Pole? Read the article...

I loved seeing the image of the Oyster World Rally in the entry stages of the Panama Canal with the water gushing into their lock. What an experience to share! While most cruising sailors dream of sailing off to deserted anchorages where there's not another boat in sight, joining up with others at the end of the voyage to discuss the experience is also one of the great joys of cruising.

Enjoy this week's news stories - browse down the headlines - but even better, here's wishing you...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

And now, the documentary: Laura Dekker's solo around-world sail.
Nancy Knudsen,
And now, the documentary. Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jillian Schlesinger is producing and directing a documentary called 'Maidentrip', the story of solo sailor Laura Dekker's record-breaking sail around the world. Its world premiere is to take place on March 10 during the 2013 SXSW Film Festival, in Austin, Texas.... [more]
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Junior sailing – Onwards and upwards on Port Stephens
Sail Port Stephens Media,
Sail Port Stephens 2013, will run for the sixth time from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st April 2013. Now the second largest regatta sailed in NSW, the event is having a strong impact on the local sailing scene.... [more]
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Stop shouting and get headsets - that work!
Karen & Jefrey Siegal, Active Captain/Sail-World,
Good communication is crucial on board, and If you've ever tried to converse with someone at the helm when there's a dodger in the way or when the wind is blowing, you'll appreciate this new headset from Eartec, the Simultalk 24G. Here Karen & Jeffrey Siegel of ActiveCaptain fame tell about their experiences with headsets and how they ended up with Eartec:... [more]
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Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo 2013 - Ready to go
Damian Devine,
Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo 2013 is set to go as all the preparations are in place and the doors are ready to open for the second staging of the sail expo to be hosted on the grounds of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Newport over the week-end of the 16-17 March between 10am and 5pm.... [more]
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Book Review: Tasmanian Anchorage Guide - new edition released
Doug Cuming/Sail-World Cruising,
Summer and early autumn, the perfect time to be sailing Tasmania, so it's good news that the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania have released the fifth edition of their Tasmanian Anchorage Guide, now with coloured maps of all their recommended anchorages around Tasmania.... [more]
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A new sailing challenge soon - over the Pole
John Vidal, Guardian/Sail-World Cruising,
Soon there is likely to be a new sailing challenge for the adventure-minded sailor. 'Soon' is, of course, relative. If calculations are correct by two university researchers, ships will be able to sail directly over the pole by the middle of the century and that means yachts as well.... [more]
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Child sailing safety: how safe is YOUR sailing club for kids?
Steve Prime, Burgee Program/Sail-World,
All yacht club officers and members want to ensure the safety of their smallest guests – children. This concern extends beyond participants of junior sailing programs and includes all young people, from the youngest toddlers up through young adults. But what is best practice and does your club have it?... [more]
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New models on display at Hillarys and Pittwater Boat Shows
Kate Elkington,
Multihull Solutions will be showcasing two new models on opposite sides of the country in March.... [more]
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Put it in your diary: 2013 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
It's going from success to success. The 25th anniversary Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) will welcome 39 first-time exhibitors to this year's event, running from May 23–26. Read on about some of the interesting range of exhibitors you'll see:... [more]
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'Discover Sailing' Case Study: Albury Wodonga Yacht Club
Michelle Kearney, YA/Sail-World Cruising,
It was a significant challenge, which they met by committing to new ideas and new sailing programs. Albury Wodonga Yacht Club, based at Lake Hume, had been through a number of years of sustained record low lake levels, which saw a dwindling membership and poor numbers of regular sailors.... [more]
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Burke answers an age-old dilemma with its all-new WP Backpack
Burke Marine,
For years yachties have hauled bulky, shoulder gearbags directly on their backs, much to the displeasure of their chiropractors. But now the design team from Burke have come up with a simple solution: the nifty, marine-grade WP Backpack.... [more]
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Put us on your Android
The Team,
Recently Sail-World provided instructions on how to add icons to our bookmarked websites onto the Iphone and Ipad home screens. Now we would like to extend this information by adding to our how to list. Here is how to add icons to Android mobiles.... [more]
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Why annoy Media, if you want their help? Don't use PDF for e-PR
Rob Kothe and the Sail-World Team,
Why annoy the Media, if you want their help? Do NOT use PDF's for Electronic Press Releases. When events, clubs and organisations send out media releases, it's presumably because they want media publications to use their content.... [more]
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10-year-old Blythe wins sail design competition
Susie NationGrainger/Sail-World Cruising,
UK's Royal Yachting Association (RYA)'s move to offer a prize to under-16-ear-olds as a way of encouraging young yacht designers is something that other countries could well copy. This week, during the RYA's annual dinghy show, a ten-year-old girl has triumphed as the winner over 70 competitors.... [more]
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New 'green' Great Keppel Island to provide marina home for sailors
Jeni Bone/Sail-World Cruising,
Described as the first new significant tourism infrastructure in Queensland for over 20 years, the Great Keppel Island Revitalisation Plan is poised for federal government approval of the $600m 'green' overhaul of the iconic North Queensland destination, to include a marina for sailing boats and other vessels.... [more]
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Oyster World Rally through the Panama Canal
Louay Habib/Sail-World Cruising,
Following the start of the Oyster World Rally from Antigua in early January, the fleet has been enjoying over a month's cruising in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean before meeting up in Panama for a rendezvous on the 15th February. A fleet of 26 Oyster yachts have now navigated through the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean.... [more]
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Blue Planet Odyssey Briefing Webinar with Jimmy Cornell
Thomas Theisen,
Thinking of joining the world rally, the Blue Planet Odyssey, from Sydney? Here is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Blue Planet Odyssey from Jimmy Cornell from the comfort of your boat or home. Jimmy Cornell will give a 60-minute webinar to report on its progress to date. The webinar will take place on Sun March 10 at 19:00 GMT, or Mon March 11 07:00 Eastern Australian Summer Time... [more]
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The voyage that went wrong and more wrong and even more wrong...
Sheldon Gardner, St Augustine/Sail-World round-up,
It's rarely when just one thing goes wrong, it's when it all happens together. What was meant to be a voyage of around 50nm in their sailing boat Tavarua, a 1976 Down East yacht, a week ago ended up with two elderly sailors and their dog washed up on a beach - seven days later!... [more]
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Two sailing superyachts in Yacht & Aviation Awards 2013 short-list
Nancy Knudsen,
Two sailing vessels have been nominated and short-listed for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards for 2013. They are the 33m sloop, Simba, and the 44m catamaran, Hemisphere. All the others on the short list are powerboats.... [more]
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When in Doubt, Anchor Out!
John Jamieson,
Imagine that you approach the harbor entrance to a major city on a calm, but black, starless night. You strain your eyes through binoculars to search for the line of buoys that mark the approach--and see nothing. No flashes. No lights. You sweep to the right and left to look for the city lights--and see nothing. No signs of life anywhere. What do you do now?... [more]
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That's a wrap! - superyacht shrink wrapping, a first in Thailand
Yacht Solutions Ltd,
Shrink wrapping is the almost perfect way of protecting your boat in winter, but in Asia it has always been done on comparatively small boats. That is changing fast. In Bangkok, Yacht Solutions has just finished erecting and shrink wrapping scaffolding over s/y Douce France - a 42m metre catamaran for the purpose of a refit.... [more]
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