Northwest Passage tally,new-born baby sails the Southern Ocean,more...

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 28 Feb 2013

Northwest Passage tally,new-born baby sails the Southern Ocean,more...

This week those interested in our ocean environment will gladly welcome the fastest ever electric boat, at an astonishing 86 knots. Maybe our crowded waterways might become silent one day soon!

There's a story about the dramatic increase in the number of yachts that are including the Northwest Passage in their cruising itinerary, and about how the first ever Indian solo sailor to circumnavigate non-stop is on the final leg to success – into his home ocean. Then there's the truly astonishing story about the sailing family taking three small children, including a new-born, sailing through the Southern Ocean. Finally, a cruising couple tells a tale of their sailing visit to Cuba.

Is it towing or salvage? Where does one end and the next begin?  .. .

If you ever need towing sometime in the future, you'll be smart to have read the article on the American-view difference between salvage and towing – not as simple as it sounds. Read some useful tips on what NOT to miss when checking your rigging, and John Jamieson goes through the 'back and fill' routine to turn your boat inside its own length, using the boat's propeller.

That's just the beginning, so run your mouse down the headlines to find what catches your interest, and...

...sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

India's first solo sailing circumnavigator on the home run
Nancy Knudsen,
There's almost nothing that can stop him now. Lt Commander Abilhash Tomy, Indian Navy, in his 56 foot sloop Mhadei, has passed south of the Cape of Good Hope and entered his home ocean. So all the perilous southerly capes have been passed and the way home is clear.... [more]
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Was it a hoax or have a sailing family perished at sea?
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Was it an expensive hoax or has a Californian family including two young children been lost at sea? The Coast Guard this week called off the search for a boat that may have sunk in turbulent seas far off the California coast, saying nothing more could be done and that the family's distress calls might have been a hoax.... [more]
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Is it 'towing' or 'salvage'? The USA distinction
D. Scott Croft/Sail-World Cruising,
Broken gear, engine problems or other mishaps can force you to call a towboat - but is it 'towing' or 'salvage'? If you're ever in doubt, the safest bet is to ask the towboat crew.... [more]
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High Latitude family cruising in a Class 40
Paul Stock,
James Burwick and Somira Sao are in New Zealand while they prepare to head into the Southern Pacific Ocean for what James calls High Latitude Adventure. That's not particularly unusual in itself but what is astonishing is that they will have three very young children (all under 5) including a new baby... [more]
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Fiji booming on its welcome to cruising sailors
Fiji Times/Sail-World Cruising,
With the steady growth in the number of cruising sailors choosing to stop in Fiji, Fiji is becoming a yacht and super yacht hub of the South Pacific.... [more]
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Alluring Northwest Passage - the transit tally so far
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The most adventurous challenge for the cruising sailor is the Northwest Passage. Not so impossible as to be foolhardy, not so easy as to be a cinch, and the most alluring in terms of the rarely seen natural world - the ice floes, the life at the floe edge, the polar bears, the seals, the life of the Inuit. It has still only been negotiated by 135 vessels since recorded transits began... [more]
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Cruising Club of America hails Connecticut man for meritorious service
Kirsten Ferguson,
The Cruising Club of America (CCA) has selected Brin R. Ford (New Haven, Conn.) to receive its 2012 Richard S. Nye Trophy for his contributions to the Club in the form of meritorious service. The trophy will be awarded by Commodore Daniel P. Dyer, III at the annual Awards Dinner on March 1, 2013 at New York Yacht Club in Manhattan.... [more]
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An Antipodean experience - Louisiades Rally in September 2013
Nancy Knudsen,
Charter a yacht and experience one of the most exciting rally experiences in the world. Now in its sixth year, the Louisiades Yacht rally is being held in September 2013 and going from strength to strength. So where on earth is the Louisiades? It is actually the 'tail' of New Guinea The Louisiades Archipelago is 520 nautical miles north-east of Cairns and 100 nautical miles east of 'mainland' Papu... [more]
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Product of the Week: Removable sailing pouches
Des Ryan,
Sitting with you in the cockpit there are always a range of small items that you need to keep safe, dry or at least in a place where you can reliably find them. It could be anything from your spectacles to a knife or a mobile phone, from a screw driver to your wallet to your glass of champagne. .... [more]
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Missing Ghost Cruise Ship found - the strange tale of MV Lyubov Orlova
Lee Mylchreest,
MV Lyubov Orlova has had an adventurous life as a cruise ship, but in her latest voyage her salons are empty, there's no band playing and no Captain on the bridge. Since she was let loose by Canadian authorities in International waters last month she has made her slow way across the Atlantic towards Europe, alone, obviously determined to escape the scrapyard where she was headed.... [more]
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At 86 knots, enter the Cigarette - the world's fastest electric boat
Gizmodo/Sail-World Cruising,
What do you do if you just love speed and the water, but would like to be environmentally friendly? A sailing boat is obviously out of the question, and so is your normal power boat. Enter the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive.... [more]
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Sailing Tale: A first week in Cuba
Andrew and Clare Payne/Sail-World Cruising,
Cuba, lying strategically in the middle of the Caribbean, has not been visited by cruising sailors in droves, mostly for political reasons. So what is it like? Here cruising sailors Andrew and Clare Payne, sailing their yacht Eye Candy in the Caribbean, describe their land and sea adventures with fellow cruisers Angela and Tony on Tana Vika in Cuba:... [more]
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Checking your rigging
Des Ryan,
Just as they say the best fertiliser on a farm is the footsteps of the Farmer, so the best insurance for your mast is the eye of the skipper. This means regular checks before any major voyage. However, when it comes to a thorough check, the only way of ensuring you have found every fault is to remove the rig.... [more]
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Sailing boat handling: 'Back and fill' using prop-walk
John Jamieson,
This one is for the first-time owner of a sailing boat: You enter a narrow canal that leads to a marina when all of a sudden, you need to turn around 90° or more inside a space just a bit longer than the length of your sailing boat! How can you do this?... [more]
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