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 14 Feb 2013

Picking up tips and tricks, 'new stuff'...

I've been asking lately – asking all my sailing buddies. 'Why DO you read sailing literature?' There were many answers – they liked dreaming about it when land-bound, they liked to 'know what was going on', or 'to look at beautiful boats', but the most commonly shared reason was that they liked to know about 'new stuff', to pick up tricks and tips that they wouldn't naturally get from their own sailing circle.

So in keeping with that thought, this week's edition is just packed with a wide variety of useful, up-to-date information.

One article tells what to check when the ten-year refit comes around, and John Jamieson is back with vital information about how to stop body heat loss in an overboard situation- information we all should have, but hope we'll never need.

Tech-savvy ex-Melbourne cruising sailor Neil Langford, now in Thailand, tells about a very simple way to view your boat's complete suite of instrument systems on your iPad with a $4.99 app.

Fire on board a sailing boat is not a pretty thought, so it's prudent to do all possible in advance to mitigate the danger, and there's an article offering many tips to achieve this.

Two articles revolve around learning from past incidents, both in American waters, but the message is the same. One is from a serious health incident on a two-handed boat entered in the Newport Bermuda Race last year, and the other about securing your boat during storms, lessons learned in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the worst on record as far as the USA boating community is concerned. Both make great reading.

Hurricane Sandy damage  .. .

In other news, I have to agree with Cindy and John Curby in their story about surviving ex-cyclone Oswald while anchored off Moreton Island near Brisbane. They say their Manson anchor performed brilliantly. On our boat it's not a Manson, but a similar 'new-generation' anchor which absolutely transformed our cruising life when we changed from our CQR.

Then there's the tale of one high-life business type who gave it all up to sail 3,356 miles in a 19ft boat from London to Istanbul. He's never regretted what he gave up – in fact he's now planning another adventure. The featured yacht this week is the gorgeous Turkish-built Regina that figured in James Bond's latest 'Skyfall'.

Giacomo in Istanbul  .. .

Finally, if you have to abandon your still-sound boat in order to save your own life, the tragedy of the loss of the boat probably pales into insignificance by comparison. But how lucky can you be if the Captain of the rescuing ship is a sailor himself and sets about getting that boat to sail on to Hawaii by itself? Read the incredible story that has won a ship's captain the 2012 Rod Stephens Trophy.

That's just the beginning, so roll down the headlines to find your interest, and...

...Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Cruising sailors and iPads - One tech-savvy cruising sailor tells
Neil and Ley Langford,
Long time Australian Cruising sailors Lee and Neil Langford are sailing their yacht Crystal Blues on the coast of Thailand. Here Neil talks of the difference that iPad has made to their lives, both navigational and family, and how this tech-savvy cruising couple manage their communications systems:... [more]
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How we survived ex-Cyclone Oswald on our Manson Supreme.
Cindy and John Curby,
Cindy and John Curby of the s/v Beverly Ann, a 50ft displacement yacht, describe how they were able to ride out ex-Cyclone Oswald, off Moreton Island near Brisbane on Australia's east coast: We recently had a bad experience when our old 65 lb Bruce anchor dragged and left us stranded for a day and a half. After studying the alternatives we decided to immediately upgrade to a Manson Supreme.... [more]
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Australian National Maritime Museum -Experience Rescue
Jude Timms,
The Australian National Maritime Museum in collaboration with Scitech in Perth, Western Australia is proud to announce its latest exhibition – Rescue – opening on 16 March 2013.... [more]
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Discover Sailing Day 2013 - Southport Yacht Club - paving the way
Bronwen Ince,
The Discover Sailing Day at Southport Yacht Club is aimed at increasing public awareness in sailing, especially amongst children, promoting the message: Sailing is for Everyone - it can be cheap, simple, safe and fun.... [more]
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One sailing incident and the lessons learned
Newport Bermuda Race/Sail-World Cruising,
One of the significant aspects of all sailing is the incredible cooperation and transfer of knowledge between sailors. Last year there was a serious incident during the Newport Bermuda Race, from which many lessons could be learned, by both cruising and racing sailors alike.... [more]
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Lessons all boat owners can learn from Hurricane Sandy
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Boat US are running a series of Webinars (March 5, 12, 26) on the cause and prevention of hurricane damage using lessons learned in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which caused the single-largest recreational boating industry loss ever recorded - $650 million in damage to boats alone.... [more]
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Italian sea-change sailor plans another adventure
Des Ryan,
It took him two years. From London to Istanbul he sailed, and when there was no wind, he rowed. He sailed 3,356 miles, had times of bad health, at one point his doctor told him to stop or he'd die, but he kept going. Giacomo De Stefano sailed from London to Istanbul in a 5.6m Ness Yawl. His adventure was the stuff of both dreams and nightmares, and it wasn't enough - now he's planning another.... [more]
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Marina Awards attract record entries
Colin Bransgrove MIA,
A record 58 entries have been received across 13 categories for the Marina Industries Association's (MIA) Marina of the Year Awards 2013-14, with winners to be announced at the Marine13 International Conference in Sydney, April 28th -29th, 2013.... [more]
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Sailing Tales: A yachting life in the Arctic
Nancy Knudsen/Sail-World Cruising,
There are many of us who love the sailing cruising life but are tied to a desk most of the time. Some, however, can successfully combine both, even while bringing up a family. One of those is Eric Brossier, French oceanographer, who, with his family, has been living on his yacht Vagabond in Canada's arctic for the last eight winters with their two children, recording scientific data.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: James Bond's Regina
Lisa Mylchreest,
While some of us labour to put on our own antifoul to save the cruising budget, others are doing it a lot easier. If you don't want the hassles of never-ending maintenance, chartering a yacht when you have the time is a great alternative. And then there is Regina:... [more]
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Fire onboard!
Nancy Knudsen,
'Fire' is probably the most feared word on any boat, whether sail or power. It's maybe even more frightening than taking on water with the dread of sinking. Power boats are perhaps more prone to fires - and the statistics tell us so - because of their use of petroleum as fuel. However, there are many other causes of fire. What can you do to mitigate the danger?... [more]
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Green antifouling technology - getting better every year
Steve Hopper/Sail-World Cruising,
Green antifouling technology is the chemical-free alternative to traditional messy antifouling paint - it's more effective at clearing algae and barnacles but harmless to other marine life. Ultrasonic Works have just launched a new ground-breaking ClearHull antifouling system, and now tell of their spectacular results of winter-long laboratory tests.... [more]
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Slow boat to America - 30ft Japanese boat arrives Oregon
Lee Mylchreest,
It started its journey in March 2011, a victim of the great Japanese Tsunami. No-one knows what happened to its fishermen, but the small boat has been, for the last 23 months, making its slow way across the Pacific. Now the forgotten craft has reached America, washing up on an Oregon beach this week, surviving intact all the way across the world's largest ocean.... [more]
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The ten year sailing boat refit, and what to look for...
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Birthdays for people seem more relevant when you pass a new decade and have a 'big birthday'. Sailing boats are a little the same. Every ten years or so marks a time of change and renewal. Here BoatUS offers some hints about what you should look for every ten years:... [more]
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Isn't sailing an Outdoor Sport????
Molly Winans,
Every now and then we need to step back and take a breath... Spinsheet magazine Editor Molly Winans looks at sailing from a mainstream angle in a recent magazine editorial. What if we stopped talking like Thurston Howell III and started talking like cutting-edge outdoorsmen and women who are dedicated to inviting other fit, outdoorsy, adventurous, thrill-seeking, nature-loving, competitive people... [more]
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Lancer Industries Ltd has delivered the first Transom Marina System
Jamie Lowe,
Lancer Industries has extended the Airodock range and delivered the first Super Yacht Marina System M.V. Ulysses has received a 41 square meter Airodock Transom Marina, made up of three independently deployed docks. The Airodock marina creates more than 35 extra metres of fully fendered mooring space and a huge extended bathing platform.... [more]
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Riviera launches next model - 565 SUV
Riviera's design team are putting the finishing touches on the second model in the new SUV range, the sleek, stylish and very spacious 565 SUV, which is due for release in May at the 2013 Riviera Festival of Boating, which is held to coincide with the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]
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Australian National Maritime Museum - Festive welcoming
Jude Timms,
Celebrate Chinese New Year and all the grand traditions of dragon boat racing and sailing regattas at the Museum's special family fun day, Row Row Regattas!, on Sunday 24 February 2013.... [more]
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Sea Survival Tips - How to Protect Your 'Heat-Loss' Zones!
John Jamieson,
If you or your sailing partner or crew fall overboard, will they know to protect the six major 'heat loss' zones in the body? Even in warm water, anyone will begin to lose heat. And the longer you are submerged, the faster the heat loss. Heat loss leads to hypothermia, or the cooling of the body core temperature. Protect these six body zones to conserve energy longer.... [more]
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Jon Napier joins ISAF Secretariat as Competitions Manager
Jon Napier has now joined the Secretariat of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) in the role of Competitions Manager. Jon is particularly responsible for ISAF Race Officials, ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship, ISAF World Match Racing Tour, ISAF Nations Cup, ISAF Team Racing Championship and supports the busy Competitions department.... [more]
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